How to Run in Bare Feet


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  • @ 0:24 LOLcat

  • …wtf…why not just run with shoes on?…

  • Kitty!

  • well i think the first thing you have to do is… take your socks and shoes off….

  • What the hell… HOW DONT YOU KNOW HOW TO RUN BARE FOOT?!?!?!?!

  • Five Fingers could help…..too…

  • Hm wounder what happents if theres glass on the ground.

  • I don't want to step on shit with my bare feet

  • or buy a pair of FiveFingers
    I use em my self and they a rly GREAT!!!!

  • "How to Breath."

  • during the whole video, i was thinking about glass and splinters…ouch

  • @rivenadeshizzle you wouldn't. More force is put on your body and you have a greater risk of injury. You should wear proper running shoes while running.

  • i walk bare feet inside my home in my entire life..and it really helps me a lot if i step on something pointy that can pierce through my flip-flops. 🙂

  • what is that cat doing?

  • what could be more natural than running in bare feet? How about running bare naked? Do they have a how to use a urinal video yet? I keep missing

  • u know u can just tell us how to run with shoes and thats it

  • howcast should make 'how to breath'

  • get 5 finger shoes 😀
    they are awesome for running

  • @ashleymarieanneclark Very insightful.

  • bare feet? I believe you mean how to run bare foot. FAIL

  • running barefeet? just one question, WHY? o.O

  • i wana see him step on some broken glass lol

  • It's like Forrest Gump barefoot.

  • Lol Is there really any point? You could step on glass and other dangerous things… I definitely wouldn't do that in the city

  • 1 question: WHY???

  • How exactly is this beneficial?
    Is this a secret message saying that the shoe industry is going under?

  • i dont understand why you would want to do this…?

  • @HandiAce why not running on reg shoes or sneakers or who knows? imagine running into a store for some water and they wont provide service cause no shoes. D:

  • dont do this. i used to play outside barefoot all the time now my feet are all fucked up.

  • hes hot

  • Running barefoot on concrete is not good, go run on some grass or earth.

  • sooooo i hv to train to run outside? pshhhh plzzz

  • yeah.. cause shoes were a terrible idea..?

  • At first, I thought the idea was ridiculous and why would I ever want to do that? But now, I WANT TO try it!

  • move to hawaii

  • How to run with bare feet.

    You will need:

  • press F5 to get rid of commercials it is a handy thing to know

  • Your going to have fucked up ugly feet if you do this.

  • What if you step in poop.

  • @ghostsshAdow234 And the courage to risk stepping in poop.

  • @NoPiracy666 nu nu nu ninja cat xD

  • while your runningtry to avoid stepping on syringes, crack viles and hocked loogies….

  • pointless video.. actually i didnt even know how to run

  • come to the caribbean & well show u!!!

  • @antxcore25
    Hahahaha. Yes indeed

  • @DJGuineaPigz what law?

  • What's the point?!

  • This video is so stupid. If you want to walk barefoot , walk barefoot! Y does it take u three months????

  • @DJGuineaPigz thats shit

  • um sorry but your in a city and theres a lot more smoother places to step

  • i run on the balls of my feet…kind of like a dog…its more comfortable for me

  • @Simgeozmen1 same, accually i was 'voted' that i was the best baseball,football, vollyball, and basketball bare foot player at my school. lol im pretty sure no on cared to know that info

  • step 1: get a pair of vibrams
    step 2: run

  • Why would you run barefoot, what if theres glass on the sidewalk you can't see? Then your fucked.

  • Bears whil tink that we are there frends if we run in bears feet and infections

  • @XdJetSc What does being American have to do with consulting a physician?? People in your country don't talk to your doctors??

  • why should I run barefoot??

  • If i run barefoot and step on broken glass. I'm sueing

  • Wooooo I'm running bare footed!! ….Yayy this is soo cool! (run, run run and runs some more **SPLAT**) …eww I just step in poo

  • 0:24, suicidal kitty!

  • Hah, if someone sees my in my country, they all are like 'Why the fuck is he walking barefoot? Is he so poor he can't afford shoes?' …retards

  • I only walk/run barefoot! I run on trails in the woods ( gravel/dirt).

    My feet are hella strong now. I can walk on sharp rocks without even feeling it! It's awesome. It feels sooo natural and my feet aren't sore anymore like with shoes.

  • why is there a cat jumping off of the fridge lol 0:20

  • The cat is committing suicide 0:20

  • @DJGuineaPigz i agree and i live in oregon but you cant have bare feet in a store. stupid law…

  • @EyeHeartAra running barefoot is good for the mechanics of your body and legs and with out shoes on it allows you to forefoot run as opposed to heel strikeing in a shoe. Its a hobby/sport and fun to do i like doing it on my treadmill.

  • This guy has horrible barefoot running form. Doesn't look lightfooted at all.

  • Step 1: Take off your shoes
    Step 2: Take off your socks
    Step 3: Run

    Did you know: Humans usually have two feet

  • @EyeHeartAra cuz if your being chased by a killer like in the movies then u wont be a big noob and trip over nothing

  • @EyeHeartAra Well, there's always a chance you'll get stranded somewhere without shoes for some reason

  • how to run barefoot :
    step 1: take of your shoes
    step 2: run

  • People are gonna do this untill some news report says that "Bare foot running can give you cancer"

  • 1:48 NOOB he got locked out of his own car. Lmao

  • Zola was really 17 when she ran 15:01.83.

  • 1:41 wtf?

  • I dont see you using BearFeet

  • Genius! Who would have thought.

  • anybody notice the cat on the fridge?

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