How To Repair the Sole of Shoe

OK, so, my shoe, a pretty new shoe, ah, the heel, the rubber on the bottom of
the heel has started to come off so I’m going to try to glue it back into place. First I’m going to just put down some paper
towels so that any glue that I drip doesn’t get on the table. OK And I’m going to be using this two part quick set epoxy. Um I kind of like it when it comes in 2 separate tubes like this. You can also get it in a convenient syringe where the resin and the hardener are in 2 separate sides and you just push the plunger and it dispenses equal amounts of both. Um That is a little more convenient Ah but you get a little less of the product for the same price. I’m also going to put on some gloves to protect my hands. It’s not that big a deal but it’s a good safety precaution. OK And you need a little cup and something to
stir. And you are going to take the resin and squeeze out a small amount. I don’t need that much for this project so, that’s probably pretty good. And then, take an equal amount of the hardener and squeeze it in the cup. [pause] OK That’s pretty good. And then, this is quick set so it’ll start
setting up pretty quickly, 5 minutes or so. You want to stir the resin and the hardener really well. Get them really well mixed. So, I’m going to stir them for about a minute. [pause] OK, so it looks pretty well stirred. And then, I’m going to apply some of this onto the shoe. [pause] This, this epoxy as it starts to cure, harden, it does put off a little bit of heat. The reaction that hardens it, releases heat. Not much though, really. OK, so I’ve got it pretty well covered. If you can see that. A good amount of epoxy but not too much. I’m just going to squeeze it on there. Start to clean off some of the excess. Because this stuff will harden, set, in about
5 minutes. A full cure, I think, doesn’t occur for another 24 hours or so but will create a bond in 5 minutes. So, I’m just going to let this cure for 5 minutes and come back and check it out. [pause] OK, so it’s been about 5 minutes. Ah, the epoxy that was in the stirring cup has set up. I usually like to keep this out so I can tell when it, it has cured. At least the initial cure. OK Let’s see the shoe. It seems to be on there pretty well. Uh, it will continue to cure, and like I said, a full cure won’t occur for about 24 hours or so. But it gets pretty darn hard after just 5
minutes. So I can go ahead and put this on and walk around with it. I think the 5 minute epoxy they claim, uh, will hold like something ridiculous like 1200 pounds or something. Ah, if you want a stronger epoxy you can go with like a 20 minute epoxy or
1 hour epoxy. Those would be stronger but they do take longer
to cure. I like the 5 minute stuff because it cures very fast and it’s very strong in my experience. So, I’ll walk around on this for a while and
then see how it holds up and post another video.

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