How To Repair Sole of Shoe – Follow-up

So I’m here just to do an update. It’s been two months about since I first fixed the sole of my shoe using some 5 minute
epoxy. And, as you can see, it has held up quite well. I’ll get a close-up here in a second. Um It has held up in the snow, rain, walking on pavement, dirt. Ah I wear these shoes everyday, most of the day and the epoxy has held up very well. [knocking sound] We’ll get a close-up here so you can get a better look at it. So, here is a close-up. Um And, you can see Do you remember before from the first video this was alomst completely off. Um I glued it back down and now you know, I can’t even move it at all. It has held up very well. So, 5 minute epoxy works great for fixing the rubber sole of your shoe.

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