How to Remove Stains from Suede Shoes | Saphir Suede Eraser

Hi, I’m Kirby Allison, founder of The Hanger Project. The purpose of this video is to discuss how to use the Saphir Gommadin Suede Eraser and to demonstrate its use. The Saphir Gommadin Suede Eraser is meant to remove dry stains to really supplement the suede cleaning brush. And you’re going to use it whenever you have any type of, you know superficial dry stains on top of the suede that you normally just wouldn’t be able to use with the suede cleaning brush and that you don’t want to shampoo the entire shoes with the Saphir Omni Nettoyant Suede Shampoo. It’s meant to be used occasionally as needed, and that it’s just one important note is that you’re not going to be able to remove any type of oil based or color based stains. For that you have to use either Omni Nettoyant Suede Shampoo or the Saphir Hussard Oil Stain Remover. Using the Saphir Gommadin Suede Eraser is incredibly easy. It’s really a lot like you would expect, just like using a pencil eraser. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to identify the dry stain that you’re trying to remove and then simply take the suede eraser and rub it into that. So you’re using a moderate to firm pressure, and just rub it a little bit. Right, now you’re not going to see how effective that is without then taking a suede cleaning brush and brushing that off. Right. But you can see after just a little bit of rubbing using the suede eraser we’ve almost completely removed that dry stain. Now to further help cure this stain you could come on top of it using the Saphir Omni Nettoyant Suede Shampoo. But that’s a much more involved process, you’re going to have to shampoo the entire shoe. So the suede eraser really is just great for spot cleaning any type of difficult spots that accumulate during normal wear. Again after you’re done using that you need to brush it with a suede cleaning brush to remove all of those kind of residual particles. As you can see it’s really done a fantastic job removing that stain. So thanks for joining us. As you can see using the Saphir Gommadin Suede Eraser is incredibly easy to use. If you have any questions please e-mail us at [email protected] or ask them in the comments section below. We always love hearing customer questions and we enjoy answering those. Thank you for joining us and again I’m Kirby Allison, founder of The Hanger Project


  • what shoe is that?

  • WOW! I really like the eloquence of your presentation. I want to give a shout out to Gul., Pens! BTW, who makes the blotter? Would you provide a link?
    Semper Fi

  • ?

  • I got tooth paste all on my Air Jordan 5 Red Suede from cleaning the bottoms with toothpaste. Will this work?

  • Thanks Kirby!

    You have started me off with all the information I couldn’t find anywhere (of this quality). Teaching me all I’ve wanted to know about quality shoes, products, and how to take care of high quality shoes using these products. You’ve literally opened up an entire world for me that I previously had no access to. For that, I am both very grateful and appreciative!

    These videos are the best on youtube! Your production and instructions are top quality! Please keep them coming! I am perusing them as needed, as my world of quality made shoes and products expands and grows.

    I have gotten all my shoe brushes thus far from The Hanger Project, selecting the in-house brand, and I am both thoroughly impressed with them, and couldn’t recommended them more. They have been fantastic and I like nothing more than taking care of my beautiful shoes myself, using these finely made brushes! I one day hope to work my way up to the level of style you possess! That’ll be grand! Have a fantastic day! Thanks for sharing the knowledge you have!

  • Can you use this on velvet? Or is there a different way to take care of velvet shoes?

  • How does the suede eraser work? It is not just by abrasion?

  • @Kirby Allison can this remove dry, car grease stains ?

  • That's what I did!!!! Checking my work with your vid!?

  • @Kirby any tips for jeans rubbing off on suede and staining it?

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  • If I have a oil based stain on my suede what should I use?

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