How To Remove Shoe Polish From Leather Shoes | Kirby Allison

Hi, I’m Kirby Allison.
In today’s video I’m excited to show you how to simply and easily remove shoe
polish from a pair of leather dress shoes. All you’ll need is the Saphir RenoMat, a cotton chamois and a little bit of water. If you have any questions or
comments during this video please ask them in the comments section below, I
enjoy getting back to as many of those questions and comments as I possibly can.
There are several reasons why you might want to use the Saphir RenoMat to
remove polish. Once in a while it’s a good idea to just remove all the wax
polish from a pair of shoes in order to thoroughly condition the leather like
what we do in our presidential shoeshine video. Second, if you’ve used a color of
shoe polish with which you’re unhappy the Saphir RenoMat can very easily pull
that shoe polish off of the top of the leather. Third, if cheap inferior polish
was used on your shoes that might contain silicones or petroleum-based
products, say it like, an airport shoeshine stand or a shoeshine stand at
the bottom of your building. Then the Saphir RenoMat is really good
at pulling all of that product off of the top of the leather. These are all
good reasons to use the Saphir RenoMat to remove old shoe polish. Using the Saphir RenoMat is really easy. First, you want to apply some Saphir RenoMat to a cotton chamois — here I’m using our Hanger Project cotton chamois and then next you always want to test the Saphir RenoMat on a hidden area of the shoe, just
to ensure that it’s not going to react with the leather and any unintended ways.
As you can see here it’s really not pulling the finish of the leather itself
off. Although, you do see it pulling some polish off and that’s exactly what you
want. So to use the Saphir RenoMat you’ve got it on your chamois and then
you’re just going to really rub in small circular motions using medium to
firm pressure. Now, the Saphir RenoMat really does require quite a bit of elbow
grease so you do want to use medium to firm pressure to really work it into the
leather. As you can see I’ve got wax polish with pigment coming off almost
immediately. Depending on the amount of hard wax is that you have built up that you’re trying to remove, it will determine how
much RenoMat you need to use. So, for instance, on the toe of these Grenson’s
where I have a nice mirror glass developed, I’m gonna need to use more
RenoMat than I am on the other areas of the shoe where maybe I just have a
little bit of wax polish but primarily cream. So I’m applying it in small circular
motions medium to firm pressure it’s good to change areas of your chamois
quite often just as the waxes saturate that particular area. So you can see
right here where you can see a duller, kind of softer, texture of the leather –
where I’ve effectively pulled off all those waxes but then right here where
it’s smooth and shiny I still have a buildup of hard waxes there. So you really have to use your eye to determine when you’ve used enough of the RenoMat but really what you’re looking for is that you’ve pulled all of the hard wax
is off of the shoe. Your chamois is always going to continue to pick up a
little bit of residual pigment or a residual polish that’s in the leather so
you’re never going to get to the point where you’re using the RenoMat and
then you pull your chamois off and it looks you know totally clean. You’re
always going to be getting some residual polish off. That’s okay if you keep on
going until no more polish is coming off onto the chamois then you’ve probably
completely stripped the finish off of your shoes. You now have removed all
of the hard wax is from the toe, right, and then, you know, the entire shoe has
been dulled which is just reflective of the fact that I’ve removed all of those
surface waxes off of the leather. After I’ve used the Saphir RenoMat, I like
to take a little bit of water on a cotton chamois here I’m using our
Hanger Project high shine water dispenser and just do a final rinse or
wash of the shoe with a little bit of clean water – just to get any of the
residual RenoMat off of that leather. So, you can see it’s still sudsing up a
little bit and so that means that we’re pulling that off of the leather. So, here
we are, I’ve used the Saphir RenoMat to remove all of the old shoe polish on
this pair of Grenson’s. You can see this was the pair that I
didn’t use the RenoMat on and it still has all of the waxes that have
been on this shoe, accumulating over who knows how long, and then here on the left
shoe I’ve completely stripped all of those old waxes and polish off of the
shoe using the Saphir RenoMat. Now, this is a great point to follow a
shoeshine routine like the Saphir Presidential Shoeshine, where we really
provide a deep thorough conditioning of this leather – using the Saphir Dubbin, the
Saphir RenoMat and then completely rebuild a new finish on these shoes. If
you have any questions or comments about anything we discussed on this video
please ask them in the comment section below. I enjoy getting back to as many of
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I’m wearing a bespoke Chris Despos suit made out of a beautiful blue fresco
fabric perfect for the summertime. I have a Simonnot Godard linen pocket square, a
blue Palatino socks and of course I’m wearing a pair of bespoke Cleverly
hole cuts – this was my first pair of bespoke shoes I ordered from George
Cleverly. My tie is a Kirby Allison Sovereign Grade Ancient Madder tie with
the silk from Keats Silk and of course at my ensemble wouldn’t be complete
without a pair of our Kirby Allison Horn Collar Stays. I’m Kirby Allison and we
love helping the well-dressed take care of their wardrobes. Thanks for joining us.


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  • People ask us all the time how they can remove shoe polish from their favorite leather dress shoes. Saphir RenoMat is our product of choice for removing all types of polish from even the finest leathers. Order yours today:

    Thanks for watching! Make sure to like, comment, subscribe and turn on your notification so that you never miss our videos. Let us know if you have used the Saphir RenoMat and ask us any questions that you have here in the comment section. Kirby loves to personally answer as many of your comments and questions as possible.

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