How To Remove Rubber Print from T-Shirt at Home || टी-शर्ट से रबर प्रिंट लोगो को कैसे निकालें

Hello friends.. I got an original branded T-shirt, but it has some company Logo & I wish to remove it…. Today in this video we will teach you how to remove such rubber print logo.. So lets start… 1st Place T-shirt /shirt on place surface. You can see the logo which we want to remove.. Take a normal cloth.. And place under neath the T-shirt near logo area.. Now we have placed the normal cloth below T-shirt Now, take a wet cloth & place it above the logo.. Now take a steam iron or a normal iron.. Now place & rub the heated iron over the wet cloth continuously… Rub continuously to make the rubber print logo soft… Keep rubbing for 4-5 minutes to make the rubber print soft…. Evaluate at intervals to check if the print has become soft….Repeat the heating if needed… Take a sharp object knife or use nails & start to peel off the rubber print slowly…… Slowly.. Slowly start to peel off gently in one go….. Repeat heating with wet cloth if needed… this will make the logo soft & easy to peel off…. By this method any rubber print logos can be removed easily & also no damage to shirt or T-shirts. Thanks for Watching video… Please LIKE >>>> SHARE >>>> SUBSCRIBE >>>>>


  • Thanks…it worked for me.
    After leaving my old company I wanted to use the t-shirt buy it had their company logo….

  • How to remove name

  • Its not rubber. Its vinyl heat transfer… There's more easy way to remove it… If its rubberized u cant remove it..

  • Did work very well, thanks

  • Does it work on adidas jackets?

  • Sir nahi hat rha hai.dusra treak batao.please

  • I tried it worked

  • Does this work on a Supreme Logo?

  • This really works!

  • Sir meri ik jursey he sg ka Cricket khlta hun me agr muje usme apne association ka logo dalna ho to kya me dalskta hu logo??? Like BCA(baroda Cricket association)

  • Thanks neighboring country ???️❤

  • Aap ladka ho ya ladki ……..????
    Kyuoki aapne nailpolish laga rahi hai ……!!!!!!
    Aapki aavaj ladko ki tarah..!!!!!!!

  • Thx now I can use my jacket since it use to has this weird design

  • i will try this this weekend..see how it works out…thanks for the video ??

  • Sir agar kapade ke sitare nikalane par uske jo daag rah jaate hain use kaise remove kar sakte ki top bilkul clean ho jaye

  • The video is in Indi, please dont put the title in english.

  • It didn't work when I did this

  • Bakwas video print utran di bajay hor jaada jud gya

  • thanks

  • Track suit k jacket pr se bhi nikal skte h kya rubber ka logo

  • Thanks for this Video. . I've learned a lot????Just Love It.

  • شا تهدر اووووو تقلق ?

  • How to know If it's rubber print or something else.m

  • Plzzz do not try this i tried it and its not working just waste of time

  • Does it work with hoodies/sweatshirts?

  • Tie se logo ko kaise remove karenge bhai

  • Hahaha… How come a addidas shirt has an gulf logo??

  • Yeh vinyl print hai na? Rubber nahi hai.

  • thanks Donald Duck ….

  • Mere t shirt ka logo bahot bada h ???

  • Logo nhi gya I can try this

  • What if the rubber print already has cracks? (It happens after washing) will this work? If there any other remedy for that, please share. Thanks

  • This video's title should be how to remove paper sticker from T-shirt

  • Maira poottan nilkaruth oru teshirt kathi

  • Ye woolen clothes pe kr sakte h?

  • Does it work on football Jersey?

  • it is not rubber print
    It is Heat Transfer Vinyl kind of a printed sticker

  • I tried it on hoodie but it didn’t work !

  • Does this method works to remove log in bags?

  • Thanks for you

  • Would this work with a synthetic material like polyester?

  • Your hands look like girly, but thanks for this video

  • Will it work on denim?

  • Thanks

  • Nice idea

  • Is there any other methods I can use?

  • Bhai agar logo thoda sa nikal Jaye to use kaise chipkaye

  • Fake video ha

  • This is not rubberized this is heat trasper paper easy to remove

  • Its not worked help me

  • Are you ok my friend? Back to sleep if you need

  • 10 mit tk maine iron kiya tha

  • No it's too defecult to remove. please tell me is it possible to over lap again and print.

  • Good ??????☺️☺️

  • Gile kapde iron karnese iron box jaldhi kharb hotahe

  • Can you make a video on remove logo from nike trousers

  • Jhoot bol raha ha jhuti

  • Tmhari video py kon bnda bol ra hai jhooti

  • Thanks you saved me today..
    But that sticky glue is still to remove that?

  • ye trick bag par lag jayegi kya

  • हाथ तो लेडीज का दिख रहा है और आवाज आदमी का…..कमाल है भाई

  • Bhut vadia bro

  • Beautiful hands

  • Habeebs Helpful Hindi Housewife Hints

  • Sir toliya b istamaal ho sakta hai gilla or sukha wala

  • What kind of language this guy was speaking?

  • Koi kam ka nehi hotahe

  • You use Paper instead of cloth…. Really it work well…

  • Great video. Worked perfectly. Thank you.

  • Thats the most useful thing i've ever seen… Thumbs up ?

  • Thanks for sharing…cant believe but its working…

  • Maine try kiya but kuch bhi nhi hua

  • Thank you very much ?

  • Kmaal ?

  • Would u plz tell me how can we remove name from college tshirt. Its not rubber printed.

  • Just tried it, works extra well if the t-shirt logo is already half gone

  • Video me girl ke nail paint

  • It didn’t work for me. Any advice?

  • Thanks bro

  • hello I am from CRD (comment reading department)

  • Nahi nikal ta he me kosis kiya

  • Not working it

  • Aapne to pura karke dikhaya hi nahi !

  • Nhi nikla rubber print h mere me

  • Thank yous so much for this video! I saw you can use acetone to remove them too, but this is probably more gentle on the shirt!

  • Jarsey main likha hua naam v jayega na aisa karne se

  • Not working..How much time iron will press on shirt?

  • 1.Use heat
    2.scrape off
    You're welcome

  • I have removed the logo…but there are still marks of logo…what should I do. Please advise

  • 2:11

  • 2:24

  • 2:31

  • Don't show us the fake video

  • Bhai mera nahi hua rubber print hai

  • thnku

  • I have same t-shirt and really don't know why it's not working for me ? …tried couple of times but the logo is not coming

    I also tried using acetone , which I got from medical store and even that is unable to remove the print from this T-shirt

  • Sir agar logo nikal rha ho..aur use wapas chipkana ho permanent to kaise karenge…meri puma ki lower h bina logo ke bekar h..plzz help sir…?????

  • Mera nahi chhuta bhai..kya Karu… rubber print he..

  • I love your bedsheet ?

  • Can we do this on hoodie??

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