How to Polish Men’s Shoes : Using Cream Polish on Men’s Shoes

Hi my name is Esther Rodrigues with the Shoe
Warehouse and on behalf Expert Village, I’m going to show you how to polish your shoes.
Here I’m going to be using a cream polish brown color, brown shoes. It also covers the
scuffs, it covers it from where it makes it look a whole lot better than seeing a scuff.
To get into the in seam you have to use a toothbrush or something sometimes. If you
are using a wax or a oil you use it in the same manner. You would still use it in a circular
motion make sure to dust it off before you use the product. These types of polishes are
not safe to use on all leathers just on smooth leather. If you use it on a new boot or a
suede it would mess up the whole entire material of your shoe.


  • @BOYZEEE1 use a horse hair brush and brush it off. Its just like polishing boots or shoes with the wax polish.

  • nice rack

  • nice shoe

  • brilliantly unexpert – no direction as to the cloth type, buffing off, steps to follow, types of cream – two minutes of life wasted. Thanks again EV #dearmeĀ 

  • hmmm I'll tap that

  • lacking in detail

  • Blah blah toothbrush or something??? Huh ? Split it out woman. Nobody messes with my brown suede shoes! Jk Thank you.

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