How to Polish Men’s Shoes : Supplies to Polish Men’s Shoes

Hi my name is Esther Rodrigues with the Shoe
Warehouse and on behalf Expert Village, I’m going to show you how to polish your shoes.
To polish your shoes or to shine your shoes you can use a brush or you can use a cloth.
Any kind of cloth you can even use a tube sock to polish or shine your shoes. You can
use this on smooth leathers such as your luggage, boots that are smooth leathers. Don’t use
it on new boot, suede or any rough out leather at all. Saddle soap you can use it on luggage.
This was first used by the cowboys on saddles and the stuff that they used to keep it from
getting brittle. So they would use this it conditions your handbags, belts, shoes, boots,
luggage. This is a leather conditioner it just conditions your leather, a smooth leather
at that to make it look better and it last on the appearance.


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  • yep 716 communications have fun a basic training i know i did!!
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  • I loved the way you were holding the Leather Conditioner. Very professional info too.

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