How to Polish Men’s Shoes : Overview of Men’s Shoe Products

Hi my name is Esther Rodrigues with the Shoe
Warehouse and on behalf Expert Village, I’m going to show you how to polish your shoes.
If your shoes, your leather shoes happen to be fitting a little bit tighter you can use
a shoe stretcher. You put it in the inside of your shoe and your spray it in the inside
of your shoe where it is fitting tight. As soon as you put it on make sure to wear them
for a very long time to where your feet would mold into them. Pretty much it would stretch
out when you wear it when you put this on there. These are leather protectors. You use
these right as soon as you get your shoes home. You want to spray this on so that it
will help your shoes from getting water stains, dust, dirt or some kind of grease stains on
your fabric. It is good for leather, new shoes and fabric shoes. You just spray all throughout
the whole shoe top to bottom and it will repeal water stains and other stains that you may

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