How to Polish Men’s Shoes : How to Polish Men’s Shoes Using Shoe Brush & Polish

Hi my name is Esther Rodrigues with the Shoe
Warehouse and on behalf Expert Village, I’m going to show you how to polish your shoes.
First, when you are about to polish your shoes with a clean cloth or a shoe brush to clean
off all the dust or dirt that is on your shoes, to make sure you get a good polish. You get
into the in seam of it just to dust it off really quick. Now you can select any kind
of shoe polish that is matching your shoes or you can get a oil or a wax. Here I’m going
to be using a cream polish brown color, brown shoes. You get a good amount, here I have
some scuffs. You apply it going in a circle motion. I would rather do it on the whole
entire shoe so you can get a good look on the whole entire shoe.


  • nice brush

  • I'd prefer using a Dauber.

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  • the problem with "no rub" shoe polish is that it dries to creat a glossy layer over the shoe creating a faux shine. This creates many problems when it dries because it tends to spread uneaven and leave dark spots. also, after a while it starts to peel off making replication a pain.

  • also I should add that layering polish too thick ruins the health and look of the shoe. After you polish so many times you need to strip it down clean with nailpolish remover or some saddle soap and start from scratch.

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