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THE ART OF SHOE SHINING – Shines a pair of leather shoes Hi everyone. My name is Alexander Nurulaeff. I am a specialist in the care and color treating of shoes. To start a basic shoe shining, I suggest you have the following items: A set of forms to put inside the shoes. I prefer to always take the laces out of the shoes as well. The first step is to clean the shoe and take away any dirt using a firm bristled brush. The next step is to clean the shoe with a good-quality lotion such as one by Dandy Shoe Care and wait a few minutes for the leather to absorb the lotion. The next step is to apply a shoe cream, which in this case is a black cream Next you remove any excess cream using a horsehair brush. You then apply grease to the welt of the shoe, taking care not to get it on the shoe’s upper because in some cases it will make it harder to get the leather to be very shiny. The next step is getting to the final shining of the shoe. For this we use a product made with beeswax. Now once the shoe has been treated with the cream and we’ve removed any residues, we can begin the final shining process using a very soft bristle brush and a drop of “magic potion” by Dandy Shoe Care. Love and passion are absolutely necessary ingredients in this business.

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