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We’re going to dive into footwear here, check
out a couple of different styles of skate shoes and I just want to give you guys some
tips on purchasing skate shoes. One thing that I can’t stress enough is, you
know, whatever you’re buying, skateboarding, running, golf, whatever the sport is, a fitting
shoe is definitely going to determine your day. Fitting shoes is real important because you
are going to be using your feet to perform tricks on the skateboard. That is going to be the closest thing from
your body to the board, is going to be the shoes. So, the best way to get a great feel on the
board is, have great fitting shoes. These are two examples from Vans, Vans has
been making shoes for over 30 years in the skateboard industry. Their shoes are my favorite and, obviously,
favorites of others that are in the industry because it seems like every shoe out there
is looking like a Vans. So, you have amazing, amazing waffle bottom
here, that Vans does, vulcanized sole, real strong stitching. Extra materials in the toe box area, something
I look for all time when buying a skate shoe because of a lot of tricks you’re going to
be doing off the top of your feet and it’s going to be on grip tape, is going to be catching
that area so this section is going to be getting worn out a lot, that’s like your Ollie pad
or your Ollie section. The other thing that you want to look for
too, is a flat bottom shoe. The flat bottom shoe helps a lot because of,
I guess, a great feel for the board. A wedge or anything high up will throw your
heel off. You are going to be doing a lot of lateral
movement so you don’t want your shoe to be too tall in the back section of the shoe,
because it will throw your balance off. So, the flat shoe, real thin, light weight
is going to help your performance in skating. If you’re looking for more support, and you
have ankle issues or if you’re more of a tranny skater or a voll skater, I see most commonly
used is a high-top. Vans also does a limited edition, once in
a while I’ve seen them put out a mid, the mid is great for all around as well, but if
you’re looking for the extra support, the high top is going to be your best bet. As far as skate shoes, price-wise, majority
of the skate shoes I see out there are fairly inexpensive compared to, say, a running shoe. There is not too much involved. I highly recommend not skating barefoot, especially
on grip tape, unless you’ve had some sort of carpet board or cork grip, but otherwise
one of the Vans or any of your skate shoes from your local skate shops should be awesome.


  • God damn it I just bought three Nike shoes I should of got vans

  • deez nuts

  • It sucks to skate in converse… My personal experiance lol

  • Emerica V.S NikeSB V.S Vans S8

  • did this guy just get off a weed train?

  • He said vans has been making skate shoes for over thirty years. At the time that the video was made (2012), they would have been making shoes for about 45 years fam…
    I'm done.

  • Informative but couldn't watch it all the way. So boring and monotone. Least exciting skate video

  • I got vans oldschool skateboardshoes but the shoes are from leader is that good for skateboarding ??

  • He said ummmm more den my mom takes talking to a friend she met at the. Grocery store

  • Can you use them for ordinary walking? i hear they are so loose that they might come off if you happen to run?

  • the vans use to be very overpriced and would not last they are more like a surf bum shoe or a plimsole evey one use to by converse they even made trainers

  • Get Emerica son.

  • but I tought vans are heavy, is it really comfortable for skateboarding?

  • the shutup challenge is bassicly this

  • Vans Half Cabs = Bae

  • He didnt even mention vulc and cupsoles, he just said vans are great, get high tops for tranny and bowl, and i like materials in my shoe box

  • My shoes never slide up when doing ollies for example, is this me or because they're not skate shoes ?

  • What's the name of those high tops on the left?

  • I have globes, they've lasted alot longer then my other skate shoes.

  • Are waffle bottoms ok

  • Would nike air force 1's be okay for skateboarding or are they to grippy?

  • Hey I'm new to skating but why do people hate janoskis or corporate made skate shoes?

  • what is the difference to shoes and skateboard shoesπŸ˜ŸπŸ‘žπŸ‘Ÿ????

  • my shose are loosy, bigger for me a little bit, i like it

  • could you guys get a non deppressed dude to do this ?

  • So basically just go grab anything from a skate shop. Helpful advice lmao

  • are chuck taylors ok for skateshoes i have em in red??

  • Fila!!!!

  • Talking about toebox, mentions ollies. Says all skate shoes look like Vans. This is funny.

  • What's the blue shoe?

  • This did not help at all.

  • skate shoes run small from my experience, shall I get 1 full size larger for dc shoes?

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