How to Pick a Tuxedo : Selecting Formal Shoes for Men’s Formalwear

Hello! I’m Norman from Arizona Tuxedos in
Scottsdale, Arizona on behalf of Today we are going to show you how to select
your shoes for your tuxedo’s outfit. Now when selecting your shoes, you want to be
able to try them on. There is nothing worse than shoes that don’t fit or are uncomfortable.
So again you want to deal with a store where you can try them on. We have a selection of
shoes here that you can try slip ons, lace ups, anything you want and pretty much any
style you want. Richard has chosen a pair of perilous shoe with a cap toe, with a alligator
side. Now we carry again every size available in every style so again when you are selecting
a rental tuxedo you want to be sure that the shoe style you pick that they have every size
available for your party. We carry everything from little baby shoes all the way to this,
is a size 20 and this is the kind of store when you are selecting your formal wear needs
that you will want to go to. You will need to try everything on.


  • But the style of the shoe is always a patent leather lace-up and I know that there are patent leather slip-ons that are worn with a tuxedo which also look elegant on a man and I didn't see them displayed in this video. I know it seem foolish but a man should have a choice in what he put his feet into and not to conform to an ideal. Besides, the patent leather slip-on looks much more for a tuxedo than patent leather lace-up in any formal situation. I know you will disagree but that's my opinion.

  • sorry but the quality is horrible

  • The worst video ever..all it did was talk about his store…..

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