How to Over Under Lace your shoes – Professor Shoelace

G’day everyone, “Professor Shoelace” here, with another shoe lacing tutorial. And this one is about “Over Under Lacing”. In fact the same method that appears here on my tee-shirt! Now on a real shoe, you can see the “over” crossovers and the “under” crossovers that give this lacing its name. Here it is on the web site, … which, if I animate, you’ll see why it gets the name because you’ve got an “over” … “under” … “over” … “under” … “over” and “under” crossovers. Now, let’s see how that’s laced using a real shoe. This shoe has six pairs of eyelets, which is an even number of eyelet pairs, so I’ve started across the outside and I’ve fed in through the bottom eyelet pairs. If you have a shoe with seven pairs of eyelets, or any odd number, you would instead start across the inside and feed OUT through the bottom eyelet pairs. Now, having started correctly, create your first crossover, and this is an “under” crossover, so we feed out through the next eyelet pair. Cross over again, this time it’s on the outside, so we feed *IN* through the next eyelet pair. Cross over again on the inside, feed out through the next eyelet pair. And you just keep following that method. Cross over on the outside and feed in again. Now “Over Under Lacing” is a very simple variation of the most basic “Criss Cross Lacing”, which follows the same sort of diagonal path, with the exception that the laces don’t run over the edges of the shoe and thus it reduces a bit of friction. And the second thing I like about this is that it’s very easy to get your fingers under these … crossovers. See the ones that are on the outside? So it’s easier to pull the lacing tight. When you’re finished, tie it off with your … shoelace knot. I’m using the world’s fastest shoelace knot there. And that’s it – “Over Under Lacing”. Hope you enjoyed it! And if you want more information, go to “Ian’s Shoelace Site”:


  • Hi! I've tried the over under lacing method on my sneakers. Now the laces tighten easily but I wonder how they can loosen just as easily. How can I loosen the area near my toes while keeping the area about my ankle snug?

  • so this still works for odd number of eyelets? I found lacing very complicated. . 

  • Thank you! It's very practical for pulling tight the shoe quickly!! 

  • I use it on my Magnum Mid boots. They are very wide. But with this lacing I can pull them so tight that they fit like a glove.

  • nigga this shit blow my mind

  • espectacular

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