How to Order Barefoot Running Sandals by Xero Shoes – Choosing Styles

Hi, Steven Sashen from, with an answer to the question which
style of Xero Shoes do I get: the 4mm Connect or the 6mm Contact, and I know that
is not 6mm; that is not 4mm. If it was, I would be very, very tiny. Here’s what those actually look like.
That’s a 6mm Contact on the bottom, and a 4mm Connect on the top. I know, pretty tricky to see because it’s only a 2mm difference. Even in color it’s hard to see: that’s a 6mm on the bottom in our Electric Mint and 4mm Hot Salmon on the top. Also hard to see the difference
but I just wanted to show you that. Now the answer I like to give to this
question is: We make these inexpensive enough that you can get a pair of each and not have to worry about this question, but I’m sure some of you are looking just to get a single pair, and you want to know which do I get? Now let me first say this
is not about use; in other words it’s not like you use the 4mm for one thing, and the 6mm for… skydiving and hang gliding and shooting yourself out of a cannon, and it’s also not about whether you’re
new to barefoot or an experienced bare-footer. The transition does not… is not dependent on 4mm or 6mm. So it’s
really a question of how much barefoot feel you want?
Both of our products give you great ground-feel; better than anything
else you’ll probably find. The 4mm, obviously being thinner, just gives you better ground-feel, more of a barefoot feel than the 6mm. You can see here’s the largest size we make in our 4mm. This is a man’s… roughly 16. You can
see just retains its shape really, really well. But it’s also
incredibly, incredibly flexible. So, if you’re walking you’ll feel
every little nook and cranny. If you’re hiking and camping you can grab the ground and really move
yourself forward by feeling the earth. If you’re using the 6mm, conversely, it’s just a little bit stiffer. So, if you’re walking on flats it just
smoothes out the ride a little bit because any of those little bumps that you bump into you just don’t notice those. And on trail it smoothes out the ride a little bit more, because similarly its just a slightly stiffer ride. So, the real question is simply how much
barefoot feel you want and make your choice from there. If that
doesn’t answer your question, or you have any variations on a theme, feel free to drop
us an email, give us a call, post a comment on our Facebook wall, or Twitter, on our website, or on YouTube, anywhere. We’re here for you. We just want to help you have the fun and benefits being barefoot and feeling the world.


  • Glad you didn't take the Deal from Kevin. That son of a bitch always wants to take too much. This is a GREAT product. Seriously, kudo's to you guys and I hope you have such a success that I'll see your product in big-box retailers.

  • What do you jog in Steven?

  • Well, I'm a sprinter, so I don't do a lot of jogging. But for all my running (and walking and hiking and jumping in Boulder Creek) that's under 80% of my full speed, I wear Xero Shoes.

  • Thanks for your support!

  • If I ride my bike in these are the pedals going to poke holes in the bottom?

  • We have a lot of people (me included) who ride bikes with their Xero Shoes. It's pretty hard to poke a hole in these, especially the 6mm Contact style which, probably, will be more comfortable on your bike than the 4mm Connect.

  • Hey, Steven… I go back and forth between 4mm and 6mm. When I want more barefoot feel, I wear the 4mm Connect. When I want a bit more protection or a slightly "smoother" feel, I wear the 6mm Contact.

  • I think you look a bit like Mel Gibson. But that's not the reason I want to buy the shoes from you 🙂

  • Ive had the 7mm luna sandal for 2 months and found out about xero today. Going to get the 4mm version because the 7mm feels just to thick for running, even my vivobarefoot shoes which are not even sandals are more barefoot than 7mm which cuts off way to much proprioception…

  • Are these suitable for everyday use like a regular shoe?

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