How To Open Your 7 Chakras As Explained In a Children’s Show

Aang: In your note, you said you could teach me
to gain control of the Avatar State. Aang: How? Pathik: You must gain balance within yourself,
before you can bring balance to the world. Pathik: And the first step to gaining balance
begins with this! Drink up. Aang: Urgh! Aang: It tastes like onion and banana juice! Pathik: That’s because it is! Pathik: Yum yum! Pathik: In order to master the Avatar State,
you must open ALL the chakras. Pathik: Aang, tell me everything
you know about chakras. Aang: Uh-what are chakras? Pathik: Oh. I see. Pathik: I guess we’ll start with the basics. Pathik: The water flows through this creek,
much like the energy flows through your body. Pathik: As you see, there are several pools
where the water swirls around before flowing on. Pathik: These pools are like our chakras. Aang: So, chakras are pools
of spiralling energy in our bodies? Pathik: Exactly! Pathik: If nothing else were around,
this creek would flow pure and clear. Pathik: However, life is messy,
and things tend to fall in the creek. Pathik: And then what happens? Aang: The creek can’t flow? Pathik: Yes. But- Pathik: -if we open the paths between the pools- Aang: The energy flows! Pathik: There are seven chakras that go up the body. Pathik: Each pool of energy has a purpose, and can
be blocked by a specific kind of emotional muck. Pathik: Be warned. Opening the chakras
is an intense experience- Pathik: -and once you begin this process,
you cannot stop until all seven are open. Pathik: Are you ready? Aang: I’ll do whatever it takes. Pathik: First we will open the Earth Chakra,
located at the base of the spine. (muladhara) Pathik: It deals with survival, Pathik: -and is blocked by fear. Pathik: What are you most afraid of? Pathik: Let your fears become clear to you. Aang: [screams] Aang: [screams] Pathik: Aang? Pathik: Your vision is not real. Pathik: You are concerned for your survival,
but you must SURRENDER those fears. Pathik: Let your fears flow down the creek. Pathik: You have opened your Earth Chakra! Aang: Phew… Pathik: Next, is the- Aang: Water Chakra? Pathik: Brilliant! Maybe one day you will be a Guru too! Pathik: This Chakra deals with pleasure,
and is blocked by guilt. (svadishthana) Pathik: Now, look at all the guilt which burdens you so. Pathik: What do you blame yourself for? Aang: I ran away. Aang: I hurt all of those people. Pathik: Accept the reality that these things happened,
but do not let them cloud and poison your energy. Pathik: If you are to be a positive influence
on the world, you need to forgive yourself. Pathik: Third is the Fire Chakra,
located in the stomach. (manipura) Aang: My Fire Chakra would like to eat
something other than onion-banana juice. Pathik: Hnhnhnhnhn! Good one! Moving on. Pathik: This chakra deals with willpower,
and is blocked by shame. Pathik: What are you ashamed of? Pathik: What are your biggest
disappointments in yourself? Aang: I’m never gonna firebend again. Aang: I can’t. Pathik: You will never find balance
if you deny this part of your life. Pathik: You are the Avatar, and therefore,
you are a firebender. Pathik: Hm. That chakra opened
less like a flowing creek, and more like a- Pathik: -burping bison. Aang: [burps] Aang: Tastes like onions and bananas.
But, strangely… something else. Aang: Pickles? Pathik: [non-committal shrug] Pathik: The fourth chakra is located in the heart.
It deals with love- Pathik: -and is blocked by grief. (anahata) Pathik: Lay all your grief out in front of you. Pathik: You have indeed felt a great loss. Pathik: But love is a form of energy,
and it swirls all around us. Pathik: The Air Nomads’ love for you
has not left this world. Pathik: It is still inside of your heart,
and is reborn in the form of new love. Pathik: Let the pain flow away. Pathik: Very good. Aang: Can I have some onion-banana juice, please? Pathik: The fifth in the chain is the Sound Chakra,
located in the throat. (vishuddha) Pathik: It deals with truth, and is blocked by lies- Pathik: -the ones we tell ourselves. Katara: Why did you tell us you were the Avatar? Aang: ‘Cause I never wanted to be. Pathik: You cannot lie about your own nature.
You must accept that you ARE the Avatar. Pathik: Very good, Aang.
You have opened the chakra of truth. Pathik: The sixth pool of energy is the Light Chakra,
located in the centre of the forehead. (anja) Pathik: It deals with insight,
and is blocked by illusion. Pathik: The greatest illusion of this world
is the illusion of separation. Pathik: Things you think are separate and different,
are actually one and the same. Aang: Like the Four Nations. Pathik: Yes. We are all one people,
but we live as if divided. Aang: We’re all connected. Aang: Everything is connected. Pathik: That’s right! Even the separation
of the four elements is an illusion. Pathik: If you open your mind, you will see that
all the elements are one. Four parts of the same whole. Pathik: Even metal is just a part of earth
that has been purified and refined. Aang: This is the last chakra, isn’t it? Pathik: Yes. Once you open this chakra, you will
be able to go in and out of the Avatar state at will. Pathik: And when you are in the Avatar State- Pathik: -you will have complete control
and awareness of all your actions. Aang: Let’s do this. Pathik: The Thought Chakra is located at
the crown of the head. (sahasrara) Pathik: It deals with pure cosmic energy,
and is blocked by earthly attachment. Pathik: Meditate, on what attaches you to this world. Pathik: Now, let all of those attachments go. Pathik: Let them flow down the river- Pathik: -forgotten. Aang: What? Aang: Why would I let go of Katara? I- Aang: -I love her! Pathik: Learn to let her go, or you cannot let
the pure cosmic energy flow in from the universe. Aang: Why would I choose cosmic energy over Katara? Aang: How could it be a bad thing
that I feel an attachment to her? Aang: Three chakras ago that was a GOOD thing! Pathik: You MUST learn to LET GO. Aang: I’m sorry, but I can’t let go of Katara. Pathik: Aang. Pathik: To master the Avatar State,
you must open ALL the chakras. Pathik: Surrender yourself. Aang: Okay. I’ll try. Pathik: Now think of your attachments,
and let them go. Pathik: Let the pure, cosmic energy flow.


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    This Video Help Kalki Avatar Last (10th) Avatar of Maha Vishnu.

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    Fifth chakra: born a peasant will die a peasant, know your place
    Sixth chakra: any bullshit priests tell you makes sense, if it doesn't – contort yourself into seeing sense
    Seventh chakra: you don't need the earthly possessions, let your owners fleece you at will

    Always remember that those "ancient" teachings were practical first and foremost. Take what you think is useful for you, but for goodness sake don't actually take all of this seriously. Critical thinking is your best friend in this journey. Focus on reprocessed, refreshed, filtered, proven and widespread practices, treat the rest as entertainment.

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  • i smoked DMT twice the other day in the space of an hour, when i was so excited to tell my friend i left to a hot sunny day with the sun beating down upon my face, my third eye (between the eyebrows) tickled and hummed and made me smile and laugh for no reason at all, i was so sure i'd opened it. i'd been lucid dreaming for years but after the dmt i felt at one with this world and the following few days after i experimented with LSD one day when meeting with friends and could feel the energy from my friends and bad energy when around a person of bad thoughts and ideas. a warm glow greeted me with all my friends and it was a profound experience just without any major visuals.

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    But Jesus Christ will forgive you and all your sins if you ask Him into your life. He FREES you from guilt! He heals your soul! He gives you eternity with Him if you want it! It is free!

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  • Don't be deceived people. JESUS is the only way to the truth AND the light!!

  • Every chakra has a god/godess dedicated but I do not know the hindu gods well so I implemented 7 greek gods into my personal pantheon:

    7) Fear arises of danger, the basic virtue required is bravery so here I have Ares, the god of war giving me physical strength and willpower.

    6) Guilt arises of divergency, the basic virtue required is truth so I have Apollon, the god of unity and expiation giving me serenity.

    5) Shame arises of egoism, the basic virtue required is love so I have Aphrodite, the godesse of sexual desire giving me sexual satisfaction and affection.

    4) Grief arises of absence, the basic virtue is thankfulness so I have Demeter, the godess of earth, growth and abundance giving me all the riches on earth someone possibly can wish for.

    3) Lies arise of words, the basic virtue is logical insight so I have Hermes, the god of communication and knowledge giving me cleverness to keep my word.

    2) Illusions arise of unconsciousness, the basic virtue is perception so I have Athena, the godesse of intuition, wisdom and practical intelligence.

    1) Attachments arise of sadness, the basic virtue is joy so I have Dionysos called the trouble-breaker, the god of ecstasy, pleasure and delight.

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