How to match your belt and shoes? Diy fashion for Men’s Shoes matching Belts

hi it’s Michael from Men’s Finest and in today’s video we talk in casual shoes casual belts what goes with what and what to do with it. and this video is part of making men look smarter video series click on a playlist next to it to see all the other videos. enjoy so when it comes to casual shoes I think the choice of belt is rather confusing you know can that go with this could I use any canvas belts for anything like that what about in my shoes are orange like them what have I’ve got you know two colorful shoes what goes with what what do I pay with what I don’t know I don’t know do you know?
let’s get this simple things out of the way first you’ve got brown double monks what belt would use with them well you would you use the brown belt here towards because that’s the rule use brown belt with brown shoes but what I like anson belt taht there is no holes so I will never have this situation or actually stretch my holes and they look all groggy and old when I’m going to be using that maybe every other day to go with my absolutely magnificent double monks what about if I’ve got black shoes you guessed it and in the black belt but the problem starts when I’m starting to talk about the issues or any canvas shoes wear any Tom’s or other shoes that you may have like what goes with them let me explain you of course have got any type of colorful and absent bowel so that you can get so that’s one of the options but any sort of belt that is there is a canvas sort of nice looking belt over you know the the sort of tricolor one that I’ve got here or a dual color here and maybe and red would look nice as well it’s sort of complement with audio other cause also I’ve got a very nice and a canvas material only belt again no loops it’s just a sort of hook that you pull it through and so these kind of valves I would probably recommend for more casual look but what I would also do and I highly encourage you if you struggle for finding the exact belt that you want you cannot find the exact match you cannot find the exact and shade of the letter that you’ve been trying to find there is a way around it way around it would be one of those a suspenders sometimes a suspenders wear that’s similar to these braces from Thomas pink or whether you were going to go for the clip-on suspenders you know they’re much cheaper they probably 5 to 10 pounds you know 10 to 15 dollars you can get it from anywhere these where around 25 pounds around $30 they are for the bottom so you have to have it bottoms in your trousers in order to wear them but that’s a very easy and good alternative for the balance if you can see I’ve already put my plan into action and what should you never do is wear a white belt white they’ll go you’re nothing you know who you are to conclude I hope you enjoyed this quick very simple extremely simple idea of how to match belt with shoes brands and Browns blacks with blacks colorful with colorful and if you are not comfortable with colors or sort of types of fabrics between belts and your shoes you go for the suspenders and you’re good to go I hope you enjoy that video please share and subscribe see you next time

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