How To Make Your Shoes Look New Again

Hey guys, um. I was actually just in the process of cleaning
up my son’s shoes, because they are so gross. I didn’t really have anything around to clean
them with, so, I was in the garage and I found this. It’s Turtle Wax paint clarifying compound. Let me show you how amazing this stuff is,
stay tuned. This one now, which just looks brand new,
straight out of the box. Check that out. Yeah, that is incredible. I am going to do this to all of my shoes. So, this is what they looked like before and
this is what they look like after one pass. Have a look. That’s the difference, and that’s just after
the first pass.


  • NICE! You're becoming a Pro at this stuff!

  • I don't have that

  • I learned a trick. All you have to do is fill a bucket with water and ass like a teaspoon of laundry detergent, let them soak for an hour then just wipe all the dirt off and they are like new

  • Does this work good for shoes that aren't all white? Like it won't wear away the color or anything?

  • omg I've literally just god the golden like button

  • got

  • Hey guys, if you know of any other tips and tricks to get you shoes looking brand new again, post them in the comments section below. I left links to the products that I used in the description box above. If you have any other questions, tag me at #askRL. Thanks for watching. See you in the next video.

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