How to Make Slippers

hi it’s Alyssa from online fabric store
have you got some cold little piggys keep warm with these Sherpa lined fleece
slippers let’s get started the materials you will need are one yard of fleece
fabric one yard of Sherpa fabric one yard of sew foam the template which can
be downloaded from our website thead scribbles paint which is optional
scissors pins and a sewing machine using the template cut out both the left and
right soles out of the fleece Sherpa and the sew foam to do this place the
template right side up for the right foot and then flip the template for the
left foot also cut the following out of both the
fleece and the Sherpa two backs two tongues and to toe panels the toe panel
will have to be flipped over for the left foot but the other two pieces are
symmetrical so they’re the same for both feet to assemble the pieces you’re going to
sew the lining separate from the outer shell and then at the end we’ll attach
them together starting with the lining pin the curve to edge of the tongue to
the direct center of the flat edge of the toe piece and with the right sides
facing sew them together now pin one of the short sides of the back panel to the
tongue and the toe piece with the right sides facing sew this together then pin
the other end of the back panel to the other side of the tongue and toe piece
with the right sides facing and sew this down lastly pin the sole to the top of your
slipper with the right sides facing sew around the edge do this to both slipper
linings follow the same steps for the outer
lining but sew the sew foam to the wrong side of the sole first flip the outer shell right side out but
leave the lining wrong side out stuff the lining into the outer shell then
fold the edges of the lining and the outer shell about a quarter-inch in and
sew around to the top edge you can leave this edge as is or fold it over
depending on what look you’re going for if you want your slippers to have a
little grip apply scribbles paint on the bottom of them for tread you can do polka
dots lines or a pretty design just allow the paint to dry before you wear them
now your slippers are complete these slippers are super easy to make and one
yard of each material is enough fabric to make about four pairs of medium sized
slippers so you can give them away as gifts or you can keep them for yourself
to have a few extra pairs thanks for watching this OFS project
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you next time

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