How to make shoes for Disney Fairies and other dolls – Super Easy!

The fairies got new shoes! They’re so easy to make! You’ll want to make a pair in every colour! [Music: Rosie’s Tea Party theme song] Disney fairy shoes tutorial I’ve had a few requests to make doll shoes So I went on YouTube to search for doll shoes tutorials I found so many! And the shoes were beautiful! The details were incredible! Some of them require a level of patience and skill that I don’t have! In case you don’t know, our channel, RosiesWorld is for children All our tutorials and videos were made with this in mind So I got to work and figured out an easy way to make doll shoes! They may not be the prettiest, however if you have the patience and skills you could prefect this method add details and make them really pretty I hope this inspires you! All these shoes were made with… Are you ready? Fabric paint! Yes! Fabric paint! Not all fabric paints are the same So I will go over the differences and show you what I prefer The shoes in this row were made with puffy fabric paint from the dollar store It cost about 2 dollars The thing I liked about this paint is the nozzle It’s long and pointy which makes it easy to direct the paint where you want it to go However, the bottle is cheap And here’s one that I had to tape up because I busted a hole in the bottle from squeezing it too hard And they come in limited colours Here’s a shoe I made with it I painted a red bow on it The paint does not go on smoothly so the finish is rough Although it dries to a very hard surface Here’s another one I made with the paint Look how lumpy and rough the surface is Not a pretty finish The next row of shoes were made with Scribbles Pop 3D paint This brand comes in a variety of colours This line is called iridescent It means the finish will look like it changes colour depending on how the light hits it Here’s a bottle of it in watermelon colour The nozzle is a little bigger It’s harder to direct the paint and it’ll come out thicker Here’s a shoe made from this paint The shoe is very soft In fact, too soft The sides got squished down and I can’t fix it It feels sticky even when it’s dry I don’t know what it is about this paint that it feels like this even after a week It never hardens! I’ll show you the difference This shoe here Look how hard it is It passes the squish test This one here, however Check it out I don’t like it The next row of shoes were made with the same brand Scribbles Pop 3D paint These colours are called crystals The finish will have sparkles in it Here’s a bottle of that paint Crystal gel in holiday green The nozzle is the same The paint comes out thick All the 3D paints are a thick gel Which is good because you can direct it where you want it to go and it won’t drip It stays put Here’s a shoe made from this paint The colour darkens when it’s dry You can see the sparkles in it And for some reason this paint dries harder It holds up in the squish test This row I only made one pair Because I only bought one bottle of this paint Again. The same brand of paint Scribbles Pop 3D But this is the shiny paint It comes in a lot of colours but I only bought one to try This bottle has a smaller nozzle Can you see the difference? This smaller nozzles gives you better control of the paint Here’s a shoe made from this paint I love the bright colour The finish is smooth and shiny Just like it says on the bottle, shiny And now for the squish test It’s soft but still passes Overall, this is my favourite paint for making doll shoes The bottle is strong the nozzle is small the colour is bright the finish is smooth and shiny and it passes the squish test So with the right paint, let’s get started Prep the doll that you are making shoes for Cover the hair in plastic wrap You don’t want to accidentally get paint in the hair because it’s really hard to get out You don’t have to cover the body if you don’t want to The paint can easily be scraped off The feet on my fairy dolls have the same shape so the shoes I make on this doll will also fit the others First I have to make a cover for the feet For that I use balloons You could use plastic food wrap but balloons work better The size of these balloons is called 260’s And they are the most popular size to make animal balloons Cut a piece about this length to mid calf And another one in a different colour This helps me keep track of which foot I’m painting Now to get them on the foot Get it on the foot and pull it down Smooth it out I know what you’re thinking! Whoa! I just made a sock! Oh my gosh! Doll socks! Yeah! Isn’t that so cool?! You came here for a shoe tutorial and you got a bonus sock tutorial! Take note. If you make socks if you go higher than the knees the balloon starts to roll down Okay. Continue! Next sock! Get it on the foot and pull it down as far as it will go to insure it’s a smooth fit Smooth it out Take a pair of shoes that came with the doll And you’re going to use them for a guide It’s okay if you don’t have a pair of shoes for this step but it makes it easier if you do Make sure the shoes are on good Take an ink pen and trace along the top of the shoes [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] Take the shoes off and you should have a clear outline of the shoes It shows up better on light coloured balloons Take your paint I’m using my favourite Scribbles Pop Shiny 3D And paint the foot like you’re painting on shoes Paint a thin coat You’ll be tempted to paint a really thick coat but don’t Thick coats take longer to dry It’s better to paint 3 thin coats than 1 thick coat I sped up this video but when you’re painting, take your time Go slow [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] The first layer It’s not going to be perfect and you’re going to see the balloon colour underneath Don’t worry There’s going to be 4 more layers Put her feet up in the air Get the bottoms facing the ceiling as much as possible It will take at least an hour to dry In fact, the drying is the hardest part All that waiting and waiting! I recommend doing a few dolls at the same time Now that you know how to paint the first layer I’m going to really speed up the video for the other layers Remember, each layer takes at least an hour to dry Let’s go! [Music: Sunbeam Waltz sped up] This is the last layer Although you can add more layers it’s up to you If you have the patience, go ahead You’ll get a thicker and sturdier shoe [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] I think this is dry It should be nice and smooth and not sticky Okay! Time to take the shoe off! Get your finger nail under it and wo-hoo! Here it is! Look how cute! And now the other shoe Off it comes! Oops! And here they are! Aren’t they cute?! Oh my goodness they’re so adorable! There’s some ink on them but it can be covered up with a little paint They’re still a bit soft right now The insides need to dry a bit more Let’s put them on Silvermist She loves shoes! Oh my goodness! They fit perfectly! The nice thing about these shoes is that they’re flexible They look amazing! So now that I’ve shown you how to make doll shoes Do you think you could make them? A. Yes! So easy! B. Maybe. Not sure Or C. No. It’s too hard Post your answer in the comments section or click on the icard and take our poll Thanks for watching! If you like this video, click like Check out this video! Rosetta was such an awesome shoe model Let’s treat her to a makeover! Ooo. She has the same frizzy hair as Silvermist! Ooo. Yikes! Don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you!

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