How To Make Shoes | Custom Sneakers From The Sole Up

what’s going on guys John Santos and
today we’re here inside of a sneaker manufacturer where they actually produce
thousands of sneakers every single month they’re one of the oldest companies around
in Mexico, Leon that actually manufactures sneakers so in this factory
they actually build it from the ground up from the soles to the stitching to
the gluing to the packaging and to the shipping out to the stores that they’re
gonna sell to and in this video I’m gonna show you guys the entire process
so you know exactly how a sneaker design that you have in mind can become a
reality through a factory like this alright let’s get it this video is brought
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jumpstart your clothing the process of making a sneaker begins with the design
process for sneakers this starts by using a shoelace and some masking tape
the tape is then applied around the shoe last which becomes a foundation of your
sneaker design the person designing then draws in the design on top of this tape
which is then peeled off and cut to create the pattern from here the pattern
designer creates a digital pattern which is then manipulated for production as
you can see there are a lot of details and creating the patterns for shoes but
don’t let the step overwhelm you after this we need to go to the laser
machine to get all the pieces that way we can start to cut in the material
perfect let’s do it once the patterns are completed they are sent to the
cutter this factory actually has a laser cutting table which takes the
information it is given and makes the pattern pieces that will be used during
the sampling process of this shoe designed with these pieces and
information from the designers the sample maker is able to create this
one-off design once the samples are finalized it’s time to go to production
it’s important to note that this factory produces thousands of shoes a day and
they work on various styles every single day so we’re gonna take you to the
entire process a shoe would go through once it is ready to be manufactured this
is something that is rarely shared so you guys are getting a behind-the-scenes
look at this are you ready so we’re actually here at the molding
location this is where they create the bases this machine right here is the one
that makes it all possible so we’re here where my man Abram who is the guy in charge
of this entire process and he’s gonna show us right now exactly how this all
goes down so essentially what he’s doing here is
he’s he’s pretty much putting this whole thing together so he takes the designs
that a designer will send him and he’ll actually create a 3d model of it because
those 3d models become these these types of bases that you see here so this was a
design a shoe design that somebody created and he’s in charge of making
sure that the shoe design is gonna fit the base this is the molding so this is
all really where it all starts right here and he makes sure that the designs
that were envisioned come to life so that’s what he’s doing on the computer
right now and once that design actually gets created it goes over to that
machine where the mold for this comes to life which is a metal piece which I’ll
show you guys right now right now we’re getting an inside look at how the CNC
machine produces the molds for the sneaker soles those pieces flying out of this machine
are scorching hot normally the doors are closed we wanted to get your close up
shot for you guys the crazy part is that it could take up to ten hours to create
the mold for one sneaker design keep in mind this mold is just for one size
typically shoes come in more than just one size so you can imagine how much
time is spent creating all the sizes that you need for a design once the mold
is completed it is measured and inspected to ensure that it will
function correctly during the injection process part of this inspection includes
ensuring that it closes correctly because if it doesn’t seal correctly
the sole of the shoe is at stake the man right here slamming it shut in order to
mimic the pressure of the Machine you will see in an upcoming part and the
blue material that is applied will show how close or how far they are to having
the proper spacing so what’s happening here is they take the CNC mold put it
over here this guy make sure that it’s gonna it’s gonna actually close right
it’s a pretty big deal for it not to close so it needs to close real tight
because then it’s actually injected with the molding material and essentially
it’s put together on one side the sole pretty much sits on here and the other
base comes in and closes on it and then what ends up happening is they inject
the actual material and your final product looks like this which is what
we’re gonna head over to to actually show you how those pieces start from
here and then actually become something like this which ends up going into a
shoe but before we get into the next part I want to show you the
metallization process this is a step for sneakers or heels that require a metal
and bright look to them during the space plastic is essentially turned to real
looking metal and as you see the workers here clean and prepare the plastic for
what’s to come once it’s cleaned up they actually put
it through this machine which applies a base coat to it which will actually
allow the metals to adhere to it next a metal is evaporated in a vacuum chamber
that’s a smart way to put it but essentially this thing right here
actually create plastic into metal here are some finished pieces that
recently underwent this process and they are now ready to be inserted into the
sole as a mold is injected as you can see this block was created with the CNC
machine ax which just saw a few minutes ago
the machine injects the material for the sole which is then instantly pressurized
and cured resulting in a finished sneaker sole that is ready for
production this is the finished piece so as we just showed you guys inside this
is how it all comes together look at the quality on that this is the finished
sneaker here every little piece has a process and it all needs to be checked
and verified in order for the final shoe to come out and actually be ready to be
worn in this area here they do the final cleaning of the actual molds as I said
earlier this Factory has multiple styles being made at any given time in our
little manufacturing part I’m about to show you is a different sneaker design
every design goes through a similar process as with anything in apparel
manufacturing the sewing process begins with the cutting of the fabrics and this Factory if the order quantities
are low the fabric is laser-cut so once the actual shoe is cut they actually
notch it here so as you can see here they notch these for the size of the
shoe it’s a little hard to say that this is a size 2 or a size 3 you know they’re
really close but the way that they do it is by indicating it here so this is a
size 2 a size 3 a size 4 and then what they do with the colors by colors so
they know that this color is a size 2 and they’ll put it on the corresponding
shoe size when you have orders of over 5,000 pairs it doesn’t really make that
much sense to laser-cut the fabric what they do is I’ll actually create a metal
piece which is uh which is essentially what’s going to cut through the entire
fabric and instead of trying to cut pieces individually they simply mass cut
them all so let me show you guys this is the piece that they use to die-cut very
sharp essentially it’s gets pressed through the fabric which allows them to
cut mass quantities very efficiently the dyes that are used for production
are stored and organized on-site ready for use when needed so now that the
fabric is cut and the soles are made it goes through a very intricate sewing
process so in this area essentially what they’re doing is they’re creating the
front of the shoe so if the front of the shoe needs like extra backing so it
could be reinforced they apply the glue and then they’re able to actually adhere
that little that slight piece of foam which reinforces that shoe and then it’s
ready to go on to the next process as you can see a sneaker has a lot of
components that need to be sewn together which requires a hands of many skilled
sewers it’s amazing to see that from the heel of the shoe to every little
detailed stitch a human and a machine make it possible it starts from back here and it works its way up back and then over to the
other side where at the end of the at the end of this production line they
actually have the finished shoe from gluing to stitching to even pressure
sealing the manufacturing process is intense and it’s the reason why minimus
for production on sneakers are so high as you can see there is a variety of
steps involved with sewing up a shoe belts are used to move the pieces to the
next person in the process as you guys can see slowly but surely
the shoes coming together every little piece and component and person plays an
important role to making sure that the shoe has a good quality at the end of
the production run so this is starting to become a little bit more like a shoe
first I thought maybe it was a baby apron if I wasn’t here but since I’m
here I know it’s a shoe right these sewing machines are a beast allowing the
sewer to quickly stitch up any angle of the shoe so at the top of the shoe
completed the next part is in combining it to become a finished product this is
where the shoe last comes into play keep in mind each lash represents a shoe size
how many last evenings are required for an entire size run the top of the shoe
is pressed onto the shoe last in order to join the sole in the upcoming process check out the homie Jose as he operates
his robot the shoe then goes into Pablo’s Court where he bangs the out of
it in order to conform to the last with the final press of a button the top of
the shoe is finally fitted to the last ensuring closure from the front and the
heel the bottom than grinded down a bit in
order to prepare it for the sole in this part of the process they’re getting the
actual sole and they’re putting the glue that’s gonna actually adhere to the top
part so this shoe is a lot closer to being ready to be done finally from here
the top of the shoe goes to this final prepping process before joining the
soles shoutouts to the homie Noel from appearances in multiple Fast and the
Furious movies to making sneakers he’s hooking this world up and finally the uppers and lowers are
aligned and sealed together by the hydraulic press from here the last is
removed and the shoe is officially ready for the finishing details the finishing
touches involved gluing the insoles and passing it down to the final quality
control check the finish shoes are then boxed up and shipped to customers and
retailers so there you have it guys I hope you enjoyed this video where we
showed you guys how to make a sneaker from the ground up as you guys see
there’s a lot of moving parts into actually making a sneaker design so it’s
important for you to keep in mind the types of fabrics the types of fit
function and the market that you’re trying to attack because it’s not cheap
to make a sneaker brand and I really hope that I was able to answer a lot of
your questions for those you guys that are watching so if you enjoyed this
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all you guys for watching comment down below if you have any further questions
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I’ll see you guys on the next one bye


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