How to Make Musical Instruments for Kids : Making Box Guitars with Shoe Boxes & Rubber Bands

Hello I’m Annie Brunson on behalf of Expert
Village. We are learning how to make musical instruments out of everyday household items.
Today we are going to make a lute or a guitar. What you will need is shoe box, a variety
of different rubber bands, some scissors, a couple of pencils, and that will be it.
The first thing you are going to do is actually make a hole in the shoe box. So take some
scissors and cut out a hole in the shoe box lid. Now we have a hole. Make sure that it is nice
and smooth. Then next thing we are going too do is put on our elastic bands. Start with
your thickest closes to you.
Depending on how big your shoe box is will depend on which way you put your elastic bands.
I’m going to put the next largest one on. Then the next largest. Then one more I could either do four or six
strings. I’m just going to do four. Then you take two pencils and you are going to put
them towards the end of the box.
On both sides. This is your bridge so now this is our guitar.


  • Ooo! Two pencils under the bands… I never thought of that! Maybe that's why my shoebox guitars never worked when I was little!

  • Show me how to make a trumpet and ill be AMAZED

  • some of you guys are being mean and thank you for the people who arent i mean this lady is wasting her time and effort to show some people who cant afford real guitars to make one with very cheap household items

  • weird sound

  • Great work! Give yourself a pat on the back

  • loved it 😀 a little out of tune … but fun!

  • very nice

  • This sucks sooooooo badly it wont really work becos a guitar has lodes of notes u put down 4, u can just get a rubber band and start plucking it instead of time wasting and do what u did

  • i use your teqnique to build a electric modificated guitar thaks

  • Great idea!!

  • nice! i ting i got my project 4 this yr..

  • this is cool

  • or you could just use a tissue box


  • How to make musical insturments when you live next to a dump and never heard of a flee market: Blah Blah Blah…

    That should be the title -.-

  • … the reason why Kids don't like learning instruments..

  • @choleracol Dude…there's nothing wrong with A7x and BC Rich… but I see your point and I agree

  • Would this be good for live shows? I'm thinking of building one in a bass model, my old bass sucks and this one sounds better. I'm having a gig soon. Hopefully this works!

  • i have a better idea, go to walmart or a pawn shop and buy a cheap guitar.

  • Imagine Pink Floyd playing one of these during their "Household Objects" project.

  • SO fun!! I am a music teacher who has a channel…last video I taught how to make a percussion instrument. For kids k-3 Come visit!! NOTEFRIENDS channel!

  • wooooow This is pretty new and I have applied this and succeeded with me thank you very Blfl @[email protected]

  • I got bored in class so i put a rubber band across the rings of a binder and i was able to play smoke on the water and iron man… then my rubber band broke after doing that for like 15 minutes

  • I Think I'll Make One.

  • love it but what about the stck thingy

  • Got the kids im babysitting out of my hair but now i feel like watching a little jersey shore however they are constantly strumming on the damn box guitars im tempted to smash em but them i will have to deal with crying children all day

  • will it work with tissue box?

  • You´re a sick babysitter

  • Thats Not A Guitar Thats A Ukalalie

  • o jaja

  • im the 66.666 viewer lol

  • it might. but i recommend shoe box because shoe box is a little more sturdy than tissue box

  • so doesn't matter she said if u had a bigger shoe box u could make a guitar. but she had a small one so she made it into a ukulele instead.

  • Thank You. You Just Did My Project!

  • that my project now

  • ayeeee phsyics project done noww

  • Very good

  • it's called a ukulele if it has four strings.

  • That's your problem bro. It's Good for schoolkids. It has been very useful to me.

  • Its awesome i got full marks in this music project

  • cool

  • the quality is terrible D:

  • every village has an idiot

  • well how about jsut getting an cigarbox a broomhandle 2 blots and some guitar strings?

  • oh the other hand, you can buy a real guitar for under $30

  • imma build this just to play TØP songs

  • Thanks for helping me do my project

  • Worst DIY guitar box I have ever seen; you do not even have any perfection in what you are doing! Horrible! Waste of time.

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