How To Make Faux Leather From Craft Foam. Great for Steampunk Fashion!

Alright, this one’s going to be short and
sweet. It’s just not that complicated. Grab a sheet of craft foam, some aluminum
foil and an old iron. Like one you wouldn’t even care if you dropped it in the dirt.
If you have an antique ironing board, now is your chance to use it. Otherwise, just
use a piece of wood. Scrunch up a piece of aluminum foil and then
flatten it out a bit. Turn your iron as low as it will go, and firmly
press the aluminum foil into the foam. Be sure to hold the aluminum foil far away
from where the iron is so you don’t end up burning your fingers on hot aluminum foil.
Make sure to do this outside so you don’t breathe any fumes from the foam.
Grab some brown paint, some black paint, and some lighter brown paint. Paint the whole
thing brown. While you’re waiting for it to dry completely,
take some silly photos of yourself in your backyard.
Well done, now get out your black paint, to darken the recesses. Make it slightly watery,
and then paint it on. Wipe it off the top before it dries. You can leave it here or,
for more depth, add a lighter colour on top like this.
Wrap a piece of cloth tightly around your finger, and, very lightly rub the lighter
brown on the top surfaces. There you go, all done. Looks a bit like leather,
a bit not like leather, but it looks more like leather than it did when it looked like
this. See ya later.


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  • Nice!! I got a neat leather look that was able to fool friends and family by painting yellow craft foam with several coats of strong instant coffee. I did it with white too, same result. I may try it on tan/beige foam along with using this technique to textureize it. I might even try heating the foam and sandwiching between the covers of some old encyclopedias. They have a really neat old leathery texture. 

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  • Wow, I wish I could meet cool, artistically inclined people around my area. Hello! Central Florida…. I'm a clothing designer myself but, I've an awesome garage/workshop, W/T.V, mini-fridge and all kinds of tools too, Lol. Just dying to make some cool cos-play type things. I know our area has talent, just need to connect. I even have acess to a top notch 3-D printer at my boyfriend's workplace. He just doesn't have the same kind of interests though. Would love to work on some projects. I'm a big thrift store sourcer for costume projects. Happy Thanksgiving!

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