How to make Crochet knit ENGLISH Knit Female Male Adult Slippers Tutorial Size 9.5 – 10 Foot

this will be a pair of slippers I’m using its size H crochet hook for
this project and i did this one with the same type of
the are I did I used red heart four ply worsted weight same hook in this one actually turned
out a little bit looser so some other even the arms are gonna make a difference in size the this white
one is a little bit tighter and snug than
the gray one so you may need it gesture hook maybe you might want to use
a larger size like the size I there’s a lot of variables that may
make your slipper tighter or looser and when to start of I’m using the single crochet
foundation if you want to use the chain instead you will do a chain at nine with a
single crochet for your foundation finished who three four five six 7 eighty I’ve completed my 8 foundation
single crochet now for round one I want to change your
mind going to turn and work in this for single crochet I
will do three single crochet and one single crochet in each the next six three single crochet in the end and now working on the opposite side
you’ll be doing the same thing if he did the chain you’ll be working down opposite side if
you’re single crochet you will do one single crochet each to the next six no doing in the begining single ocean this is round one and will have a total
18 single crochet for round one now round two chain 1 and we’re working in the and three single crochet in the
first form will do to single crochet in the same
single crochet we are still increasing one single crochet in the next stitch two single crochet in the stitch after that now one single crochet in
each of the next six stitches nor back to the end and we’ll to to
single crochet in the next stitch for increase one single crochet in and to single crochet in the next stitch in one
single crochet each of the next six teachers now joining in the begining single
crochet for round two will have a total of 22 single crochet a round 3 through 17 will be 22 single crochet will chain 1 the single pushing the same stitch no want to get a stitch marker here will be using
several stick markers in this pattern just to keep track where things
are and we won’t be doing any more increasing at
this point so we shouldn’t have a shift inner stitches theres two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 9 back around to my first single crochet it stated joining we can
just work in the continual round just do a single crochet in the beginning single
crochet in continue working to continue all
wrong 17 rounds on this is where you’ll want
to adjust if you want to make it longer shorter there’s two places where you can
ingest the link and this is one up on so if you want
more than seventeen rounds or if you want less than
seventeen loans just keep working until you have 17
rounds or whatever works for you this is what it’s looking like with
seven rounds have 10 more pounds to go for row 17 for around seventeen have completed brown 17 and I’m going to be moving on to Round
18 and this side will become are topside what I’m going to do is work sixth single crochet increases evenly across the top here so what I’m going to do in it in the next election wanted it to
single crochet and the same stitch when after that I’m just going to do
what you were single crochet increase every other stage mean this is my second
increase more than a single stage this will be to stitches in the same for me third than a single stitch to in the same stitch from a fourth
increase n one to in the same stage for the hip increase then one them into in the same stitch 46 increase increases are from one edge to the other and now will need a marker can I like to
mark everything so I have an idea for a minute way to center here in the top of the
room where he just did the increases men continue around on the bottom side
this will be the bottom-up the slipper now I’ve completed round 18 that would
give me twenty eight single crochet around now around 19 through 24 will be 28 single crochet worked in my continual ranch I just keep
on doing one single crochet in each single
crochet a round for wrong 19 224 missus I know what it’s looking like
have completed round 24 and this is what it’s looking like
therefore for miss right around the top part to the foot
here now we’re going to be working in Rose so we will need to even me leave the top mine stitches open so you may have to single crochet up a couple stitches
which is probably what I’m going to need to do this will be rule 25 so we’re going from rounds to rules now and now I need to count over nine stitches I wanna leave a more open
when 23 456 7 89 someone to put my horn marker right in this last stitch but I’ll need to crochet in the game
room to the other side so they don’t know I need to leave these
nine open for this project I’ve just been turning and doing a single crochet into this same stitch instead of doing that
typical chain 1 I will be working across 19 single crochet we have 17 18 in nineteen which is for are you learn lessons at and now the top nine stitches remain open and so I’ll just for and continue doing rose have single crochet row 25 335 will just be 19 single crochet and this is forming a bottom kill part
at this liquor and this is the second place I mentioned earlier that you would be
able to adjust the lane shorten the length and this is
the second place where you can either make it longer or
make a shorter by adjusting your roles so if you find that you need something
longer or shorter this would be the rules to adjust it so you can actually you can ingest in here or back here in the heel actually it’s made to fit my
people let so you might find that you need something
shorter in one area longer someplace else and soul adjusted
according to feature for men continue with that through row 25 to 35 know this is what it’s looking like have completed rule 35 now what will need to do is
shaped the back of the heel real 36 will be a single crochet each the next by single crochet and now I want to decrease over the next eight stitches so I’ll be going from
eight stitches 24 so the first decrease will be putting my
fbook in the next single crochet pulling up a
loop going to the next single crochet after
that I have three loops on my hook and they
pull through all three loops and I’m joining the two stitches to make one which is a
decrease now I’ll do that three more times my second decrease their decrease and my fourth decrease and no I do it Santa Croce in each of the next six
stitches it’s not going to be the same amount as
teachers as the other side that’s alright my turn and row 37 will be one single crochet each the next course
kitchens and now will decrease over six stitches and will decrease the six stitches down
to three so we’ll do the first one it’s the same
way as the previous royal there’s the first decrease second decrease there’s third decrease and now I do a single crochet in each of the next by
stitches and this is what we have so far I want to join the scene together so I’m just going to align the two rows of and then just slip
stitch them together this thing and put it back so that it on inside in this is what we had cut your yarn including true so it’s not this is what it’s looking like a make
what now we can do it health notice want to attach the urn and attaching it to the
back chain warned inducing will play for me and do two rounds up single crochet around the opening I finished up my two rows a single
crochet around opening you can actually stop
there if you wanted to I’m going to add occur have a chain 40 this will be done with the Tunisian crochet knit stitch and I’m using and I afghan stitch crocheted her so it’s whateva long
crochet hooks may just start a adding loops just like the basic Tunisian crochet so it takes two passes
to complete one rule a Tunisian so all together I will have six rows when this is complete so just keep putting the loops on your
hook until you have 40 and you can add more chains or less
chains if you want to make your cuff larger or smaller so it doesn’t have to
be it’s at because it’s going to be eased
around anyway so you’d wanna make it to the size that
works for you you know I have all my lips on my hook am just going to start taking them are the first one will be taken a through the first loop here by its so
and each one after that is going to be true two loops so this first part the first row is done just like the
regular basic Tunisian stitch can continue across until you have all
the loops taken now I’m ready to start my next row instead of just going through like this this time I’m going to be passing my hook through into the back and then pick up my stitch so I pass the hook under this loop to the back that may earn over and pull it through past my hook under the loop and through to the back that the on over
the hook and pull it through past the hook under the loop the truth but they’re and then pull it through it the stitches will start to form a new
look as you progress with each row and continue doing this
across the and in this is how it’s looking at
the back you will have a little ridge here no I’m at that and and I have one more
loot to complete and I just wanted to show to put the
hook through the stop loop right here and the back loop so that you actually
passing it through two loops and this will make it more
even just like their so I have completed the
first pass the second room and now just continue taking the loops are you can see right here had starting to
look like knitting the back side does that different there’s a little ridge on
the back discontinue taken whoops are this is
completing the second pass the second row I’m starting the first pass the third
row not just be putting my hook in the same way I put it underneath the state right here to the back and put my arm through underneath the state right here the back and pull my own through you can see how it’s taking on the meeting mark and that’s why it’s
called the knit stitch am at the end of the third row finishing
up the first pass and I wanted to show how to pick up the two stitches what you do is you put
your hook underneath these two stitches right here in seem right there in this will make your age were sick
here I’ll do it again one more time you can see right here there’s two stitches Kutcher hook
underneath both stitches dislike them and then rapper ya know for and then put through and then this
is how it looks at the edge even have a a netbook at the edge and it makes it nice and neat I’ll continue taking loops a my third
row second pass continue on for a total %uh
eight rooms and this is what it looks like it will
curl know we’ll put the right sides together and slip stitch the edge together now I want to cut off probably about 20 inches for sowing the cuff to this
letter and this is what the cuff looks like know if aligned the back edge of the cup
with the back check if the heel and I have it
inside out again I have the right sides together facing
each other and I’m going to start with the inside
here we just saw it around and there will be
an amount to easing kind of stretching so that the slipper in the cup for East together when they
get that part so around then I’m going to flip this
part over and so leaving citrus so so the cup to the slaughter biscayne stretch it periodically kester make sure they’re going on even with each other and finishing up the cup hear them back
around to where we started now I’ll take help you cut that in this is what it
looks like pinpoint who rap this edge to the inside in small round
one more time machain the edges together %uh probably have to add more your knee
and to finish sewing my cough but that’s all
right because he get to make sure you get in
nineteen I just continue some around the edge sandy gether you can so you’re pills in at any time
too but this is what it’s looking like and this is what the completed slipper
looks like


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