How to Make Crochet Baby Booties (0 to 3 Months) – For Beginners

7 sc into the next 7 stitches.


  • Makes no sense.. you say to make 5sc into last stitch, then you say to make 2sc in last stitch.. can't follow at all

  • Love these , I just made a pair of them and pattern is nice, just a little things you might add at start you don't mention the 5 sc on the way back and second round you did same, but I just repeated from first side lol, also when you say how many stitches there just keep the writing few more seconds longer, otherwise I love it and easy to follow, thank you

  • Oh also at end of each round say how many st all together, and it helps to mark the start of each row

  • Very nice

  • confusing, sorry. I tried. In your second row the tail appears at the other end.. how did that happen?

  • I’m a beginner sorry I couldn’t follow your video jumps and I don’t know how to do the second side. Thanks for trying anyway.

  • Not good need practice please do slow

  • Do you have a written pattern? It's hard to follow the pattern without verbal instructions and the written ones on the video disappear so quickly. Maybe you could leave the instructions up as you do each step.

  • Plz do more n more videos

  • Ur doing excellent

  • Excellent tutorial & very easy to follow. Using the pause option to copy down instructions helps a lot. I'm glad that you don't talk, talk, talk.
    Thank you for this video.

  • What's the size of the yarn?

  • Skip at 2:27. For someone who has trouble with anything but basic patterns this is very frustrating.. I already wasted 5 minutes on this booties that I can’t finish because you skipped. Bye bye

  • Lv it

  • What if you use a smaller yarn? I've got one I'm working with using 4mm hook. I and still learning how to adjust patterns accordingly.

  • khuch samj nahi aa raha

  • I’m just beginning no idea what these signs mean u show on the screen no voice instructions wasn’t helpful at all on to another Chanel thanx anyways luv what u created though just wished I could understand it lol I’m sure I’ll work it out just thought u should know not very good foe a beginner

  • U are the best 😚😙😗😍

  • Terrible tutorial.

  • You say 5 sc in last stitch then 2 sc in last stitch what last stitch you mean the one I just did 5sc in or was that the second last it's really confusing

  • Sorriest tutorial I’ve ever seen. This is not for beginners.

  • Hi. i have just started following you and you are doing very very good. In this video at 2.25 i got confused because of video skipping. can u pls help.. i am in the middle of these booties. pls

  • I love every things and thanks lots.

  • i love the way u explain.. its vesry simple to understand.. m new crochet learner but after follow ur instruction i easily make booties for my new born.. thank u so much.. keep growing and posting.. plz share more vedios with us..

  • for 7months baby??

  • wow this is terrible. on minute she is 5 in the end and then she is at the other end. what about in between all of this?

  • Cool

  • Loved the way you did this video. I can't read patterns. But with watching & reading the pattern at the same time. May just teach me.
    Thank you

  • Very nice

  • Easy pattern to follow, thanks for sharing!!

  • OMG I love your videos! Just a beginner here used to nothing but single and double stitches for basic blanket. Never learned a toggle stitch before. The way you hold the yarn made it so easy to learn the new stitch. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
    P.S. Didn't mind the music, found it nice and relaxing 🙂 but the comments in some make me want to do a tutorial with death metal music hahahaha

  • I wonder in these types of vids why they never put a written description in the description Section

  • Could not understand anything. Ribbish video! 😠😡

  • the music was most annoying and it made it unable to concentrate to watch the video. please do the video with verbal instructions and omit the music all together, not many have the same taste of music as you do. Sorry, Thank you!

  • What’s the difference between a 1hdc and a 2hdc I’m very confused they look the same

  • I appreciate your written instructions for each round, but if you would also indicate how many stitches after each round that would be perfect. Now I am doing the 4th round, and struggling to get the front middle right.

  • What is the name of this music. Great crochet video

  • great video 🙂

  • You don't even know how to teach why are you on suck!

  • Nice booties but part of the instruction are are missing and why no verbal instructions

  • Stop music

  • It looks like you forgot to tell us what to do after the 5sc in last stitch. The video jumps to you almost done with round one. It’s usually always better to do videos with either the instructions up the whole time or talking and explaining if you’re able to. 🙂

  • using a 5mm hook
    round 1 chain 10

    sc in 2nd chn from hook

    sc in next 7 stitches

    5scs in last chain

    sc in next 7 stitches

    2scs in last stitch

    join w/a sl st in 1st sc

    round 2

    chn 2

    1 hdc in same chn 2 spc

    1 hdc in the next 7 stitches

    2 hdcs in each of the next 5 stchs

    1 hdc into each of the next 7 stchs

    2 hdc into each of the last 2 stchs

    sl st into top of ch 2

    round 3

    chn 2

    1 hdc in same chn 2 space

    1 hdc in next 12 stchs

    2 hdc into each of the next 3 stchs

    1 hdc into each of the next 12 stchs

    2 hdc into each of the last 2 stchs

    sl stch into top of chn 2

    round 4

    chn 2

    1hdc in the back of each stch

    sl stch into top of chn 2

    round 5 chn 2

    1hdc in each stch around

    sl stitch to join in top of chn 2

    round 6

    chn 2

    1 hdc into each of the next 11 stchs

    dc 2 stchs together 6 times

    1 hdc into the next 12 stchs

    sl stch into top of chn 2

    round 7

    ch 2

    1 hdc into each of the next 10 stchs

    dc 2 together 4 times

    1hdc into eah of the next 11 stchs

    sl stch into top of chn 2

    round 8

    chn 1

    sc in next 11 stchs

    sc 2 together 2 times

    sc in next 10 stchs

    sl stch into 1st sc you did

    round 9 chn 2

    hdc in each stch around to the end

    sl stch into top of chn 2

    round 10

    chn 1

    sc in each stch around to the end

    sl st into 1st sc you did

    finish off and weave in ends.

  • Wow it is beautiful. I hope that someday I am able to do a bootie as beautiful as this one. I will continue to practice. I did one but the second one came out way too big. Not sure what it is I am doing incorrect but I will continue to look at the video.

  • The video was not clear and parts of the pattern are not explained well. I did try making these but would have liked a written pattern in the description to follow.

  • Not self explanatory

  • Very beautiful.I will try tomorrow

  • Wonder full Hope this timel Can make. Two booties
    Identical….looks so easy when you make it.
    Will try…thanks.

  • The written info on top
    Is not given long enouhj to mark down.

  • tried but the end result is i don't know what 😕

  • U havent shown the 2nd line properly like after doing 5 ss what should be done later..

  • They go to fast fr beginners

  • You are the best❤️

  • The best i like it

  • Love these you be directions

  • I like these booties, but you need to add in the missing number of sc for the second half of the first row. It would also be EXTREMELY helpful if you put the total stitch count down for the end of each row. It can be really easy to mess up and end up with an extra stitch left, or maybe not enough stitches, and knowing ahead of time what your stitch count is supposed to be, can definitely help to rectify this problem. For example, at the start of each row, I wasn't always certain if my first stitch was supposed to go in the same stitch as the starting chain 1 or chain 2, or if I was supposed to go to the next stitch. They turned out really nicely for me, but if you're using regular worsted weight yarn with a 5 mm hook, these will be WAY too big for 0 – 3 months! I'm going to try again with Caron Simply Soft, since it's a lot thinner than other worsted weight yarns and a 4.5 mm hook. Thanks for the pattern 🙂

  • How did the head become tail after 1st chain?

  • The instruction are difficult to follow..

  • Very nice👌👌👌👌a new subscriber here

  • super thanks for your easy teaching. I like this and do

  • I guess its sc in each til corner…im gone

  • Ugh what the heck is sl, sc and st??? I have no idea im doing guess work oh well

  • Which type of wool???

  • This is not done well at all. I’m sorry.

  • Nice

  • ভালো করে একটা ভিডও দেন

  • can i use a 0 sized hook?

  • I've found this video very helpful, a few confusions aside, which usually solved themselves after I did it a few times. I've written it down, so I can work faster, perhaps it can help others too:

    Crochet baby boots

    Ch. 10

    Round 1

    Sc in 2nd st. from hook
    Sc into the next 7 st. 
    5 sc into the last ch.
    Sc untill the last st.
    2 sc into the last st.
    Sl st into the first sc from round

    Round 2

    Ch 2
    1 hdc in the first space as ch2
    hdc in the next 7 st
    2 hdc in each of the next 5 sts
    hdc in the next 7 st
    2hdc in the next 2 st
    sl st in the top of ch2 at the beginning of round

    Round 3

    ch 2
    1 hdc in the first space as ch2
    hdc in the next 12 sts
    2 hdc in each of the next 3 sts
    hdc in the next 12 sts
    2 hdc in each of the last 2 sts
    sl st in the top of ch2 at the beginning of round

    Round 4

    ch 2
    hdc around into back loops only
    sl st in top of ch2

    Round 5

    ch 2
    hdc in the same space as ch2
    hdc around
    sl st in top of ch2

    Round 6

    ch 2
    hdc in the next 11 sts
    double crochet 2tog 6 x
    hdc in the next 12 sts
    sl st in top of ch2

    Round 7

    ch 2
    hdc in the next 10 sts
    dc2tog 4x
    hdc in the next 11 sts
    sl st in top of ch2

    Round 8

    sc in the next 11sts
    sc2tog 2x
    sc in the next 10sts
    sl st in first sc

    Round 9

    ch 2
    hdc around to end
    sl st in top of ch2

    Round 10

    ch 1
    sc around to end
    sl st in first sc
    finish of


  • Thanks mam

  • Verry nice . I am froom bangladesh. Your vedio is olso verry nice

  • Totally how many last stitch in your that 1st chain 🤔🙄

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