How to Make a Druid Costume for Halloween : Types of Sandals for Druid Halloween Costume

Hi, I’m Matt Cail and behalf of Expert Village
I’m going to show you how to put together a druid costume today. In ancient times there
were no super fast sleek athletic sneakers. People did not run around in those. What they
did run around in a lot of them were sandals. Now sandals represented a challenge on a number
of fronts for your druid costume. But I highly recommend being able to put them in there
if you can. First off sandals have your feet more exposed. Your toes are sticking out.
Which this presents a problem if you are going to be outside a lot. It could get very chilly
very quickly if your toes are exposed below freezing outside. Even if it is just in the
thirty’s and forty’s you could still be quite chilly if your toes and the rest of your foot
is out. So you have to keep climate in mind. Hopefully if you are going to be inside at
least most of the evening you could get through by wearing sandals as opposed to shoes. Something
else to keep in mind with sandals is trying to generally convey an ancient effect with
your costume. Now these sandals yeah these basically work. This is the basic cut of a
sandal that’s very good but you have these very modern white and black stripes going
on here. It is rubber material. If you can something that looks more like mock leather
or something that would like more at home. Say I wore one to two thousand years ago,
that would be preferable. So browns and leathery are great for sandals.

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