How To Look Rich… Even If You’re Broke!

How To Look Rich… Even If You’re Broke! [0:00:00]
[Music] In today’s video, gents, how to look like
a million bucks when you’re not a millionaire. Tip number one, gentlemen, stick with classic
style. You want to go for simplicity. You want to go for elegance, you want to go
for timeless style, instead of the whimsical winds of fashion. The issue with trends is that they come and
go very quickly, and you can end up spending a lot of money on something that really is
out of season within a period of months versus with classic style. When you spend money here whether it’d be
five months whether it’d be five years sometimes 25 years, that item that you bought is going
to be able to be used. So, you can spend more money here and know
that you’re going to get more miles out of what you buy. And, guys, let me be clear. Classic menswear is more than just a well-fitted
suit. So, a leather jacket, white leather sneakers. Both of those, casual, but they’re still in
a classic man’s wardrobe. Next up, gents, you want to own less, but
you want to own higher-quality. And, by quality, I mean that everything that
you own you absolutely love and it’s interchangeable. So, by loving something, when you put it on
your body and you look at yourself in the mirror, you’re like, “Man, this thing just
makes me look better. I feel like a million bucks. The fit is spot-on. I love the way the fabric drapes. I love the function. This fits and it describes the man I want
to be without me even saying a word.” And, when it comes to interchangeability,
this is so that your – it means your trousers match your jackets, your shirts match your
shoes, everything goes. You could be blind, walk into your closet
put things together and it should actually produce a decent looking outfit. Now, guys, if you’re going to be buying anything
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is the clean layout. And how it goes out there, it grabs the items
it brings them to one place, so you can do some comparison shopping how you can look
at, okay, I’m putting together this outfit, I’m going to buy this from this store or this
from that store. They make it so easy to build your wardrobe. So, gents, if you want to look good if you
want to save money, grab Shoptagr. I’m linking to them down in the description. Use that link, it’s absolutely free. So, now, let’s get into individual pieces. Let’s start things off with shoes. Shoes are the foundation of a man’s wardrobe,
but literally this is what you’re standing on all day and it really depends on your professional
need. If you’re in the financial district in New
York City, you want something you can go in and out of meetings, something that’s going
to serve you well work with your suits and look good. And, I would recommend even you know before
you buy your third suit, maybe look to get a second pair of shoes. Something you’ll be able to rotate through
something that still is of good quality when you’re talking to your boss’s boss, he’s eyeing
you up for a promotion, you are sending the right signal. But, let’s say it’s really casual. You don’t really need dress shoes, you’re
more of a creative you’re out in San Francisco. You want to still go with a nice pair of sneakers. But, let’s say you’re out, I don’t know maybe
you’re in the Midwest. You’re in Des Moines, Iowa starting up a consulting
firm. It’s going to specialize in SEO for small
businesses. You realized you want to be approachable,
you still need to dress up a little bit nicer. Guys, people look at the shoes. You have the four seasons in the morning,
guess what? This is going to work. You can wear this with dark jeans, you could
dress it up with a sports jacket and a nice shirt, or you could dress it down maybe you
just want to wear a flannel shirt when you’re at work. The key is, guys, is understand this is the
foundation of your wardrobe, so don’t be afraid to spend good money on the right shoes. The next item on the list you want to dedicate
limited resources to to look like a million bucks, a great jacket. Whether it’d be casual whether it’d be
a sports jacket or a suit jacket. It really depends on your needs and what you’re
going to wear most often. But, a great looking casual jacket a great
looking formal jacket, this is outerwear this is something people see again and again. Key here is going to be fit, fabric, and function
– my style pyramid. When I’m talking about fit, it first on a
jacket needs to fit you in the shoulder points and it should fit you well in the torso. Jackets, when they don’t fit you well in the
torso whenever they’re too tight whenever they’re too loose just — they’re just not
going to give the same type of silhouette that gives you that strong masculine look. And, when I’m talking about fabric, I’m talking
about buy the best that you can afford. Some of you guys are going to have to look
around. Maybe go to a thrift store, maybe go into
a place where a bigger box store that’s having a sale within a sale, you’re able to make
a big purchase and save that money, but get something of higher quality. When it comes to suit, you want to be looking
at the materials, which leads us to the next section. [0:05:05]
So, my next tip here for you to be able to dress well on a budget, you need to be able
to identify the luxury materials. The first luxury material I want to talk about
is leather. You’re going to find it in a wide variety
of pieces of menswear from shoes to bags to luggage to straps on watches to belts. Good quality leather is expensive. And, you know that if they’re using an expensive
material to make the item that overall they’re going to pay attention to the other things;
the stitching, the construction, the style. So, that is why you want to look for quality
leather on the upper of your shoe. Right here, we’ve got a wholecut. What’s interesting about the whol cut is it
takes a very large piece of leather to make it, and they got to take it from the right
part of the animal that actually doesn’t have any blemishes. Therefore, when you see a pair of wholecuts,
you’re not going to see it in lower-end shoes. You’re only going to see this in higher-end
shoes. And, when you know that you know when you
spot it and it’s on sale that you probably got yourself a pretty good deal there. Next up, let’s talk about silk, most commonly
seen in neckties and pocket squares. Silk is also expensive to manufacture, more
expensive than polyester. So, when you see these items made from polyester,
it doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily bad, but it does mean that they’re using an inferior
less expensive material that cost less, therefore they probably cut corners on other places
in the construction. Next up, you’ve got cashmere. It’s a type of wool that comes from goats. You’re going to mostly see it in sweaters,
although occasionally you will also see it woven into a jacket, you’ll see it on scarves,
and even gloves. Cashmere is renowned for its softness. Now, there are types of wool that can get
almost as soft, but really it’s the individual fiber and the unique properties of cashmere
that give it its just beautiful touch. And, let’s not forget wool. So, wool you’ll commonly see it in sweaters,
other garments that want to have insulating properties. You’ll also see it in jackets. But, what’s the difference between wool and
worsted wool? So, worsted wool is going to be more tightly
woven wool specifically that has a longer yarn and is made to have these beautiful fabrics
and a nice drape that you see on most higher-end jackets. So, gents, the key point with those four materials
is that when a manufacturer uses them, it is one indicator of quality and can help direct
you to be able to make a smart purchasing decision when you don’t want to waste your
money. So, the next tip for looking like a million
bucks without spending it, gentlemen, is to take care of all the items of those luxury
goods I just talked about. So, if it’s dirty, if it’s stained, if it
has holes in it, if it smells, don’t wear it. I mean this seems obvious, right? And, those dress shoes, gents, they actually
need to be polished and it’s not just because of the look. They do look better when polished, but it
also protects the shoe from moisture. And, those sweaters, when they start to peel,
you should have a sweater shaver or just simply use a razor and go over them and get rid of
all that peeling. The point is you can own the clothing, but
if you don’t take care of it, all of a sudden your style all of a sudden your image is going
to go down. So, what about logos? Me, personally, I think a small logo is perfectly
fine. If you want to have your own logo like a monogram
on a shirt, perfectly fine. But, here’s the issue is when it becomes a
large logo, when you’ve got logos all over the place, when you are flaunting the logo. Guys, this is not — I think that looks tacky. Let me know in the comments if you agree,
disagree, but for me, I think logos should be simple, should be understated, and preferably
out of sight. So, now, let’s talk about accessories. And, I know we just talked about logos, how
they should be simple, understated. But, when it comes to certain accessories,
I’m not saying that you want to flash the logo, but the choice of certain brands can
send a signal that, hey, you’re willing to spend a little bit more money here and you
understand the quality. So, I know for sunglasses, I’m a big fan of
Maui Jim. I simply think they have some of the best
lenses out there. I like their designs. Now, when it comes to watches, anyone that
knows watches knows that Tudor is a great brand. And it took me a while to find this watch,
but I absolutely love it. I think it’s a great for my wrist size. And, anyone that’s into watches when they
see this they’re going to know that this is a great quality watch at a fair price and
really is a little bit harder to get and has a nice story to it. And, guys, putting all this together, one
of my favorite ways to look like a million bucks without spending much money is to level
up your base uniform. What I’m talking about here is your go-to
daily look. And, gents, this is so easy. For some of you, simply take those running
shoes swap them out with the white sneakers. Or maybe you want to change up your everyday
coat, ditch that Patagonia, try a classic jean jacket. All this being said, gentlemen, don’t forget
that manners maketh the man. So, how to be a modern gentleman? What are the essential manners that every
man needs to know? Guys, I’ve got you covered with this video
right here. I will link to it down in the description. Go check it out. [0:09:35] End of audio


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