How to Lightning Lace your shoes – Professor Shoelace

G’day everyone, Ian Fieggen here, also known as “Professor Shoelace”. Today’s video is about Lightning Lacing. Now this is a lacing that looks a bit like a lightning bolt, I think, and – – is probably lightning-fast to lace as well, so – – let’s look at it now. I’ve got us set up on a simple sneaker here. And – I’ll actually demonstrate it quickly on my “Ian’s Shoelace Site”. You can see that one end runs diagonally from bottom to top and the other end sort of zig-zags through with angled bits on the top. The whole result looks very jagged and lightning-like. So – let’s begin. Now, on this shoe with six pairs of eyelets, I’ve started with the lacing running straight across the bottom and out through both bottom eyelets, and I’ve adjusted the left end so that it’s quite a bit shorter than the right end – – you can see I’ve got much more shoelace here. The left end only has to be long enough to run diagonally across and into the top eyelet with enough left over to tie the lace with. Now the other end – we simply begin straight across on the outside and in through the next higher eyelet on the left hand side. Straight up the inside on the left and out through the next higher eyelet. Now this time we run down diagonally and in through the next lower eyelet on the right hand side. And then up the inside, and out through the next higher eyelet. So we continue zig-zagging up and to the left, then straight up the inside, then down and to the right, and straight up the inside. Finally, up and to the left. And we’re out the top where we can tie our shoe. I’m using my “Ian Knot”, the world’s fastest shoelace knot. And that’s it – that’s – Lightning Lacing. Now on a shoe with six pairs of eyelets like this or any even number of eyelet pairs, that’s how you do it; on a shoe with seven pairs of eyelets, there’s a slight difference. You notice this one runs straight across the bottom and out through the eyelets. On a shoe with seven eyelets, you’ve got the diagonal running there and then the first bit actually runs straight up the left hand side, and then you continue the rest of the zig-zag as normal. So – anyway – that’s the end result – – is Lightning Lacing. Hope you enjoyed it! And if you want more information – – instructions, diagrams, animations, you name it – – you can go to Ian’s Shoelace Site:


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