How to Layer Your Undergarments

I think most of us have experienced the following
conundrum, we want to wear panties, pantyhose, a piece
of shapewear, and a slip, all at the same time. So, in what order do we put these garments
on? First, think about reducing your layers by
consolidating. Most pantyhose and shapewear now come with
cotton crotches. So, you could eliminate wearing a panty altogether with the added benefit of completely eliminating
all panty lines. Firm-control pantyhose can eliminate your
shapewear. Thigh-high stockings can replace your pantyhose
layer. Firm control panties can eliminate the need
for shapewear. Some shapewear can eliminate the need for
a slip. If you want to wear shapewear and pantyhose,
what do you put on first? All my shapewear manufactures agreed unanimously;
pantyhose should go on first. Why? Because most shapewear is designed with fabric
that is slick. Pantyhose put on over shapewear will be chronically
inching down your body and needing constant pulling up. Thigh high stockings with an elastic top are
a great choice to consider when you want to wear hosiery but are wanting to reduce layers around your
waist. Since they stop at your upper thighs, they
are one less layer to have to deal with. And, they don’t need to be taken up and down
during bathroom breaks, thus helping to reduce the possibility of
a pantyhose run. Another advantage to thigh highs, is when
wearing a bodysuit or shapewear without a crotch opening, they allow you to pull the crotch over to
the side when visiting the powder room. Many shapewear styles are now designed to
be slick and cling-free. This eliminates the need for a slip in many
situations. When all you need is tummy control, a very
comfortable choice is a shaping camisole or torsette. This allows you to have tummy control while
wearing your own bra and panties. Multiple waistbands landing in the same place
on your torso can also be a problem. Panties, hosiery and shapewear all stopping
at your waist can cause breathing issues, a severe indentation, and a strange body shape
with the added possibility of a muffin top. All the more reason to reduce layers and think
about items where the waist is bandless. When layering, your goal should be smoothness, but also breathability and comfort so you
can enjoy yourself.

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