How to Lace Up Your Sneakers for a Long Run

How to Lace Up Your Sneakers for a Long Run. Prevent soreness and bruising after running
by using this parallel lacing technique. You will need A pair of sneakers and two laces. Step 1. Thread each end of a lace through the two
bottom eyelets on the big toe side of your shoe, lacing from the inside-out. Step 2. Bring one end of the lace you threaded straight
across the toe and through the bottom eyelet on the other side of the shoe, from the outside-in. Step 3. Skip the next eyelet and thread the third
eyelet, from the inside-out, moving straight up the side of the shoe. Step 4. Bring the lace straight across the tongue,
and push it through the eyelet on the opposite side. Instead of laces crossing each other, this
method produces a ladder-like design. Step 5. Follow the pattern of lacing across the top
of the shoe, skipping an eyelet, and threading the lace through the next eyelet. This parallel lacing technique prevents tightness
along the tops of a runner’s feet. Step 6. Repeat lacing until every eyelet is laced
and your shoes are tied. Did you know Leather running shoes with spiked
soles were developed in 1852.


  • first

  • yum

  • that's pretty cool. i never knew that.

  • peice of shit

  • lol u mad?

  • nice, might try that

  • i guess i will try that

  • i spent like 20 mins trying to figure this out and found out this wouldnt work for my shoes >.>

  • cool,but i dont have shoelaced shoes

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  • why would anyone go for a long run in vans… most running shoes (or at least good ones) have a different lacing structure in which a ladder would not work.

  • what the fuck is wrong with you?
    i dont run,like ever.
    all my laced shoes are skate shoes,why bother?
    i wear slip ons and flip flops
    when i was 12,i fell on my face cause the laces were loose.
    never had them again :/

  • i have no idea how to picture what u just described

  • yay i hav vans old skools 2

  • WOW!! dat shiit so l8 i been doin dat since lyk 5 years ago! so easy

  • 1:04 now have fun tripping over the laces

  • why would you run in those.

  • what exactly is your idea of a "long run" ??

  • no shit your feet will hurt running in vans

  • laceing

  • I just tried this on a new pair of trainers and I really like it; thanks.

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