How to install Windows 10 on Asus X540 Laptop – Enable USB Boot in Bios Settings

HI friends this is Aamir Hussain and you
are watching Trick i know YouTube channel. In this video I am going to show you how to install windows on ASUS X 540L Laptop. Here we are the boot menu of this laptop is ESC button now I am going to turn on my laptop and pressing the ESC button to open the boot menu. You can see in the boot menu there is no
option for hard drive and DVD Drive Or any USB Drive in this case you have to
go to the BIOS setup and change some Settings. Now go to Security tab in the bottom you can find the secure boot Menu. Which is enabled you have to disable
this just disable it and press ESC button Now go to the boot tab and go to
launch CSM now enable this option. Now press the f10 button to save changes and hit enter now I am pressing the escape button to open boot menu again now here
you can see the boot options are Available. To install windows I have choose my bootable USB Drive. Insert it into a USB 2.0 port I have Windows 10 files on it now you have to restart your laptop now press the escape button again
now your bootable USB is here select it. Now the installation process is started
now you can continue installing your Windows. So that was the tricky point guys thank you for watching my video Hope you liked my video and SUBSCRIBE my YouTube channel for more videos like this. Thank you have a nice day, see you in my next video 🙂


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