How to: Install a Sliding Cupboard Door – Slipper by P C Henderson

Slipper is ideal for all types of fitted
bathroom and kitchen furniture such as serving hatches, cupboards and
applications made from light wood or chipboard to a maximum weight of 9
kilograms. Within this kit, 2 standard flushpulls are supplied . If you choose
to fit these then you will need to route two 32 millimeter diameter holes halfway
up each door to accommodate the hardware prior to installation. The kit Two tracks, fittings pack containing the sliders, stops, flushpulls and guides. The tools Drill, tape measure, screwdriver (manual or electric). Fitting the hardware to the
door Firstly mark out the position of the nylon sliders on the door. There is no set measurement for this but ensure that whatever measurement you choose is equal on both sides so the weight of the door is distributed evenly across the two sliders. Using these positions, drill the pilot holes for the sliders. Using a manual or electric screwdriver, attach the sliders to the doors using the
screws provided. Ensure that the doors and the position of the hardware are
consistent. If you are fitting the flushpulls provided insert them into the pre
routed holes and use a little adhesive to secure them if needed. Installing the track Mark out the position of the track. Use the punched track to mark out the position for the pilot holes. Drill the pilot holes. Screw the track to the lintel using a
manual or electric screwdriver. Repeat this process for the second track. Ensure that it runs parallel to the first track by measuring a distance of the door
thickness plus 33mm, marking the full length to ensure consistency. Hang the first door on the rail using
the sliders by locating it into the track at an angle of approximately 30
degrees. Mark out the position of the first guide. Once you have identified
this you will need to drill the pilot holes then remove the door from the
track. Now you have full access to the area, use the screw provided to secure
the guide into its final position. Hanging the doors Rehang the first door followed by the second door and fit the second guide. This will stop the doors
rocking when in action. Fitting the stops Finally fit the door stop behind the
door hung on the front track. Additional fitting kits are available to hang additional doors. For more information visit

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  • Practical and sensible.  Very useful thank you Henderson.     Jackie

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