How to Hike With Children : Hiking With Kids: Shoes

Another important thing to consider in addition
to what clothing your children wear to go hiking, is what shoes they wear. Don’t let
your daughter talk you into wearing her best little princess high heels to go hiking, even
if she promises, promises, promises, that she’ll be able to keep up. It’s obviously
not a good idea. It’s going to be very uncomfortable, the little feet are going to get very tired,
it could cause sprained ankles, and obviously it’s not safe, just due to the elements when
your hiking. So obviously, don’t, don’t, don’t, fall for the old, “I promise I’ll be able
to keep up in my shoes”. Go ahead and have your children wear closed shoes. No sandals,
no flip flops, nothing like that, no opened back shoes. Make sure that they wear some,
either some tennis shoes or if your going to go hiking a lot during any particular season,
it might be, worth taking some time and looking into maybe investing in some hiking shoes
for your child. But if your child doesn’t really enjoy hiking that much, you’re not
going to be doing it that often, and they happen to be in that stage where, their feet
are growing fast. I know that happens a lot with kids, where they have these growth spurts,
sudden but frequent growth spurts, and then you know, you buy a pair of shoes and they
can’t wear them a month later. You don’t want to, you don’t want to waste money if that’s
the case with your child. But, if you’re going to use them a lot and, you know and it’s going
to be for a period of a few months during the Summer or in the Spring, go ahead and
look into investing in some hiking shoes. There are lots of different options out there
for that. But outside of that, definitely make sure that your child wears tennis shoes.
That they’re comfortable, that they fit well, and also socks. Long, knee-high socks are
best. They’re going to, they should be one hundred percent (100%) cotton, so they can
absorb any sort of perspiration in the foot. I don’t recommend wearing brand-new shoes
on a hike, because if they’re not broken in they can obviously cause blisters and that
can be miserable for days after the hike. So obviously not worth it. So go ahead and
be sure that you just have your child wear socks and some comfortable closed-toe, closed-back

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