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Debrief podcast at (contemporary music) (congregation cheers) – Well, good morning, everybody. It’s good to be with you guys. As Pastor Tim mentioned I am Pastor Alfredo from Palm Avenue, and thank you for that introduction. Man, we all need, I think in our lives, a hype man like Pastor Tim. If you can find someone who
loves you like Pastor Tim loves me right there in that moment, and when you think about
it, it’s kind of strange ’cause I’m at work today, right? Imagine if you had a hype man that just followed you around at work? Like as soon as you walked in, he’s like look at Bobby Jones, the computer engineer is here. He’s like man, I’m just taking
my salad to the refrigerator but, thank you for that encouraging word. But it is so good to be
with you guys this morning, I’m thankful for this opportunity as we are continuing in
our series called Confused, which we are trying to find clarity about what it means to
follow Jesus, and who He is, and what is the gospel, as we go through this journey called life. And I hope the series has
been a blessing to you as we walk through the book of Galatians. And I believe this morning,
God has a word for us. God has a word for us on how
we actually experience growth and change in our life. And here’s why I think
it’s a word for all of us because I know that in this room there are both Christians
and non-Christians, but here’s at least something that we can all kind of agree on. Here is our common ground: we all, at some level, want to become better versions of ourselves, do we not? We want to change, we
want to experience growth, and what God has to say to us this morning is all about that, and so let’s read together
from Galatians three there in your notes. Paul writes this, oh, foolish Galatians, who
has cast an evil spell on you? For the meaning of Jesus Christ’s death was made as clear to you as if you had seen a picture
of His death on the cross. Let me ask you this one question, did you receive the Holy Spirit
by obeying the law of Moses? Of course not. You received the Spirit because
you believed the message you heard about Christ. How foolish can you be? After starting your new
lives in the Spirit, why are you now trying to become perfect by your own human effort? Have you experienced so much for nothing? Surely was not in vain, was it? I ask you again, does God
give you the Holy Spirit and work miracles among you
because you obey the law? Of course not. It is because you believe the message you heard about Christ. In the same way, Abraham believed God, and God counted him as
righteous because of his faith. The real children of Abraham, then, are those who
put their faith in God. What’s more, the scriptures
looked forward to this time when God would make the
Gentiles right in His sight because of their faith. God Proclaim this good
news to Abraham long ago when He said all nations
will be blessed through you. So all who put their faith in Christ share the same blessing Abraham received because of his faith. This is God’s word. Let’s pray. Father, we thank you for
your word this morning, and I asked, God, that you would speak. May you show us what
real growth looks like. And so open up our ears so
that we can hear this morning, and open up our eyes so that we can see the
gospel this morning, we pray in Jesus name, amen. Man, I’m a young dad right now, I got two kids under the age of five. Got Eli and Ella, man,
in my wife Ashley and I, we have not slept because
of that fact since 2014. We live every day in this kind of frantic moment by moment experience where I often find myself saying the same thing
over and over to my kids, to little or no avail, like it
doesn’t seem to really work. I also have noticed that when the TV actually
turns on in my home, we’re watching the same thing
over and over and over again. And right now my girl Ella, 1 1/2, she’s got this little mermaid
kick going on right now. She can’t get enough of Ariel. And listen, it’s been years
since I have seen this movie. I think came out 1989,
something like that. And just the other day,
of course, TV’s on, and what’s on the TV? The Little Mermaid. And so I get caught up watching it, and I’m like oh wow, you know, I don’t remember what
happened in this movie. And so I’m kind of hooked. And I’m like look at this girl Ariel, she’s just looking for
some legs, you guys. Ariel just wants legs and love. Is that a lot to ask for? And she meets this prince, Prince Eric, but then there’s this one scene, I kind of got away from my kids, and I was just watching, and I’m like wait a minute, he’s walking down the
aisle with the wrong woman. He’s walking down with
the sea witch Ursula, y’all remember that scene on the boat? This is not right. But you realize what happened
to Eric, he was hypnotized, he was tricked, he was cast under a spell. And that’s what Paul is saying happened to the Galatian church. He comes in strong, right? Look what he says, oh foolish Galatians, who has cast an evil spell on you? Just two chapters earlier, in the opening pages of the book, he’s like brothers and sisters, here is the gospel and here
is how you should live. At this point, he’s like my dear idiots, listen, listen to what
I’m trying to tell you. Who has done this to you? Who has bewitched you, right? That’s what it means to
have a spell cast on you, you’ve been bewitched. And some reason has got you thinking that you’re actually going to grow apart from how you were first saved. In other words, if this is
how you began as a Christian, why do you think that’s not also how you will grow as a Christian? What’s going on with you? He’s coming in hot, he’s upset. And it’s because they were bewitched. Look what he says there, for the meaning of Jesus Christ’s death was made as clear to you. Circle that word clear. What that word means there is
vivid or graphically portrayed in other words Paul is
saying when I came to you, I didn’t come as a spiritual guru, as some spiritual
cheerleader on Instagram, trying to give you a
roadmap for your inner self, I came and I proclaimed this message, and it was graphically portrayed to you. So much so that it was
as if you saw the picture of His death on the cross. At first reading it, it kind
of sounds like the Galatians actually saw Jesus
crucified, historically, but Galatia is modern day Turkey. Turkey is not really close to Palestine. And so what are you saying there is you didn’t actually see it happen, but when I preached to you, it was as if, not the eyes of your head were seeing, but the eyes of your
heart were seeing Jesus for the very first time. And because of that
something happened to you, you received the Spirit, you were changed by the gospel. So here’s what we need to
take note of this morning, we are the bewitched when we look away from the good news and
turn to good advice. When we look away from the good news, and turn to good advice. Advice had not changed this
people group, good news did. You see here’s the difference, advice is something
that you are told to do, news is something that’s done already. Advice is something that
you’re offered to try, but news is something
that you just believe or don’t believe in. Advice is something
that you are told to do in order to earn something
at the end of it, but news is something
that’s just declared, and you receive it or
you don’t receive it. You understand? And growth comes about not through advice, but through news, through
a declaration that God, God in His love move towards all of us in our broken world. And He gave us, in His
love, His son, Jesus, who is both fully God and fully man, and Jesus lived life as
a person like you and I. And during His life He was
obedient to God the Father in a way that we should be, and in His life He was kind
and loving towards people, the way that we should
be towards one another. But then He took a turn. He voluntarily, the Bible says, surrendered His life to death, death on a cross. Unjustly tried and then
punished by crucifixion, and when He’s dying on the cross, He’s not just surrendering His life, but the Father is punishing Him for what? Sin. The Father is treating Jesus the Son as if Jesus did everything
that you ever did, so that in exchange, when we trust in Him, the Father treats us as if we
did everything Jesus ever did. Friends, that is good news. That is what we need, church, and that’s the only thing
that’s going to change us. But see, it doesn’t end there. Jesus didn’t remain in the Tomb, He was brought back to life. And it is resurrection, He proved that He was who He said He was, He secured salvation for us, life for us in the here and now. Not just after death in
this place called heaven, but life and abundant life here and now. And that is given to
us, freely given to us, and the only thing you need
to do is simply receive it, and watch God work. But you see, that’s hard for
us, it’s very hard for us, especially if you heard me
use the word sin, right? Not a Christian, maybe,
that’s hard for people because a lot of people today have just kind of rejected
Christian standards for living. Maybe just religious standards in general, they’re like no, I’m gonna create my own set of standards to follow, and that’s how I’m gonna live my life. But consider for a moment that if we were to take a video camera and we attached to your chest, and we followed you around
the rest of your life, and we recorded every moment you said well, you should have done that. Oh you in that moment,
you should have done this, oh you know what you need
to do, you need to do that. Do you know that you cannot live up to your own standards for living? Even if you reject religious
ones and create your own, you fail at those too, which is why you don’t
need advice, you need news. You don’t need a guru or coach online, you need a Savior, you need a Rescuer, you need someone who can bring
you to life, spiritual life. And it’s offered to everyone today, to step into a relationship
maybe for the very first time, to receive that news, to end this discussion of well, I’m trying to
be Christian, right? If I were to ask you maybe
after service in the lobby, are you trying to be Christian? How many of you would say yes? I’m trying. But in Christianity, there is no trying. You either are or you’re not. You’ve either received the
good news or you haven’t. And you know, one story really got this. In fact, it’s arguably the
greatest sequel of all time, maybe the greatest movie
ever, The Empire Strikes Back, and yes I’m talking about Star Wars, ’cause listen, follow me now, Luke Skywalker, he’s been training, he’s trying to be this
Jedi, he’s using the force, at one point he just gives up, I can’t do it, I’m tired of trying, and Yoda, his master,
in all of his wisdom, turns to him and says you
either do or you do not, there is no try. See, Yoda gets it y’all. (congregation laughs) But for some reason, we
get caught up in this idea that the gospel is like the
doorway in to the Christian life and then you move into other rooms, into the real, the deep stuff, right? Like you’re going to CBU, so you getting a real deep stuff now. But the gospel just isn’t the door, the gospel is the entire
house, and you never leave it. But you will be bewitched,
we are bewitched when we begin to look
away from this good news. We need it, and if you want to grow, don’t stop looking at the gospel, don’t stop looking at what
Jesus has done for you. You see there 2 Peter chapter one, we see how important
the gospel is to growth, it says the more you grow like this, the more productive and useful you will be in your knowledge of
our Lord Jesus Christ. But those who fail to develop in this way are short-sighted or blind, forgetting, circle that word, forgetting that they have been
cleansed from their old sins. Now can you actually forget
that you’re forgiven? Can you actually forget the gospel? No, in other words, what
Peter is actually saying is you have forgotten that the gospel applies to your growth. In other words, you need the good news if you want to actually
develop and change, so don’t look away. But secondly, we also tend to look away from the power of the Spirit, and turn to another source. As this passage goes on, Paul says there in Galatians 3:5, I ask you again, does God give you the Holy Spirit and work miracles among you because you obey the law? Of course not, it is because you believed the message you heard about Christ. The way that you progress
in the Christian life is the same way that you
entered it, trust, faith. And maybe, maybe just for a moment, we can consider that our
lack of growth has come as a result of us not looking at the very power of the
Spirit who is with us. It’s fascinating, it’s
actually kind of scary for me, just as an individual, even as a pastor, how spiritually weak I often feel. And I sit in the office
throughout the week full of Christian books, I have plenty of content. I mean I can open an app,
scroll through my phone, and find the best two minutes of anyone’s sermon around the world. I mean access to good Christian content is available to so many of us, and yet we still feel so weak. Unable to grow, unable to change. Is it possibly because we
have forgotten the power of the Spirit in our lives to change us? We’ve forgotten what the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, can do for us. And if you’re taking
notes, just consider this, this isn’t a blank or anything, but the Holy Spirit works in this way, to make gospel truth real for you. Make gospel truth real for you. So the gospel truth you hear on Sunday, can actually be applied on
Monday or maybe Sunday too, ’cause some of y’all got some real sin that you’re dealing with (laughs). In other words, the gospel truth says that you are a forgiven
person, a forgiven individual, and the Spirit’s job and
role is to bring that into you in such a way
that you actually live and act forgiven, so that you can enjoy freedom from sin, and then turn to your neighbor and extend that kind of forgiveness. Gospel truth says that
the Father in heaven is merciful towards you, and when He saw you in need, He did not give you what you deserved, but He gave you mercy in Christ. You can receive that,
that kind of compassion, that kind of closeness, and be changed by His mercy, so that when you see people in need, when you see the oppressed, when you see those who are without, you can extend a hand,
you can be merciful, you can be that neighbor who
steps in the gap for them because people need mercy today. Enough with debates, enough
with discussions, mercy, give mercy to individuals. Without an explanation as to why they’re at where they’re at. Give them mercy, church. Gospel truth says that in Jesus all that is His is now yours. All of His riches are now yours by faith, so that in our day-to-day lives as we walk to this very
physical and material world, we’re freed from the
need to have more stuff, if just in small ways
we restrain ourselves, demonstrate self-control. I don’t really need that,
I don’t really need that. In Christ I have all that I need. This is the work of the Spirit. to make truth real in our lives. But you see, that’s that’s a challenge because we love control,
I love to be in control. I want to know that I’m kind
of plugging into this machine, I’m getting this energy,
I’m getting this force, I’m getting this power that I need, and I’m pushing all the right buttons, so when it comes to
change and spirituality, people love it, they’re into it. They might not take your religion, they might not come to church, but they’re all about spirituality, why? Because they’re in control. It’s this kind of Burger
King spirituality, right? You can have it your way. Just don’t get weird
about it, don’t get crazy. But we need to surrender. Part of being attentive
to the work of the Spirit is to surrender to the
person of the Holy Spirit, and let Him guide you, let Him direct you. It’s amazing that, man, we are so quick to ignore
the Holy Spirit in our lives, but we love being the Holy
Spirit other people’s lives. I’m gonna ignore what God said to me, but let me tell you what He said to you. And then that’s what Paul says
are in 1 Thessalonians five, look, do not stifle the Holy Spirit. Do not scoff at prophecies, but test everything that is said. Hold on to what is good. In other words, what Paul is
saying here in this discussion, you can read it later too,
is you can be a Christian, and you can be in the church, and at the same time, you
can stifle the Holy Spirit. In other words, you can restrain His work, you can neglect Him, you can ignore Him, you can suffocate Him, that’s
where the word stifle means. What a thing for us to be
mindful of in our own lives. In what ways are you suffocating the work and the power of the Spirit in your life? How is that happening? And how might it be connected
to your inability to grow and experience real change? Because we are bewitched. Let us not be too prideful to think that we have left the problem of the Galatian church, because it’s natural for all of us to turn away from the good news, and to turn away from
the power of the Spirit. And so where do we go from here? I have three thoughts on growing. If we’re going to spiritually grow, we need to remember where God found us. Where God found us. Ask yourself this question, where were you when you
first heard the gospel? Where were you when you first were gripped by this understanding that God is for you and loves you? What was your life like? ‘Cause that’s what Paul is
telling the church to do. He’s saying look, go back,
let me ask you this question, go back and think about this, did you receive the Spirit, in other words, did you become new, were you born again
because you did something, or because you believed something? So let’s do that today, too. Let’s go back, where were
you when you heard the gospel of God’s grace and love? Can you remember that moment? For me, it was the spring of 2007. I was 21 years old,
third year major at UCR. – Whoa!
– Oh, okay. (congregation laughs) And essentially, life
was okay, life was fine. Had a great, great set of parents, loved me, provided for me, good friends. I mean I don’t know if
we ultimately did good, but we made some good memories. But there was something
nagging at me constantly in my early twenties, and it bugs me because I was
like why do I feel so down when everything seems to be up? And it was because I
realized, for the first time, that my life, I’m basically
a cog in a machine. And ultimately, nothing I do
really matters in the end. And that terrified me because I realized I was
exerting all this energy, all my time to essentially
live for the weekend. That was my gospel, work hard, have a great time on the weekend. Get more stuff, find new friends. I was a self-loving,
woman-chasing, pleasure-seeking sad man at the age of 21. That’s where Jesus found me. And when He came to me,
He didn’t say all right, so we got some real junk to deal with. The cussing, you really
got to tone that down, especially on Sunday. The drinking, got to figure
out how to cut that out. Objectifying women, you
got to figure that out. Porn’s got to go. No, He didn’t say any of that. He said I love you, follow me. I love you, follow me. Not try out for my team and
we’ll see if you make the cut. I love you, and just follow me. And I was wrecked. I went to church, people
were praying for me, I didn’t even know that, people were asking me good questions, bugging me with their Christianity, you know who those people on your life. Just irritate you about faith questions. And I went to church, I can’t
remember what the messages on, much like maybe today will be, like man, and I don’t know,
kind of worked out I guess. But after that service,
then I went home to my room, I sat on my big LoveSac, you
guys have seen LoveSacs before. And I just began to weep. And I mean weep. Because two things became very real. I went deep into my mess and into my sin, and it seemed like the
further I went that way, the further Jesus went in His love. And I don’t know how to fix those things, I didn’t know how to make
those two things work, I just knew those two things were true. I was deeply screwed up, and Jesus was deeply in
love with me, and wanted me. And I didn’t have answers yet, I didn’t know where to start yet, I just knew something was happening, and I cried out to God and I asked Him to make me
something else than I was. Do you remember where you were when you got hit by the sacrificial love of God? Because it will motivate you to change, it will give you what you need to grow. For just a moment now humor me, this is a disclaimer, I
don’t practice sorcery, I’m not into magic, but just
consider this illustration from Harry Potter, all right? And if you have complaints,
you can email them to
[email protected] (congregation laughs) They’ll get back to you. But just follow me for a second. Harry Potter, nothing special
about this individual. He’s a weak, frail, young boy. There’s nothing magical
about him, spoiler alert. And when he’s at school, he
stumbles upon this mirror. And it’s said that this magical mirror, I know, follow me, will,
when you look at it, reveal to you what you desire most. It will show you the deepest
longings of your heart, it will show you what
ultimately motivates you. And it was said there when Harry walks in front of that mirror, he sees not himself, but his parents. He sees his parents. They’re welcoming him, they’re loving him, they’re smiling at him. Now if you don’t know,
when Harry was a baby, his parents died. Do you know why they died? They died saving his life. His life for theirs. They sacrificed themselves for him. And not to ruin it for you, but that’s what makes him who he is. That’s what makes him so unique. There is absolutely nothing
special about Harry Potter except for the fact that he is motivated by the sacrificial love of his parents. And he’s changed by it. That’s what needs to
happen to us, you guys. You need to remember where you were. Because Paul talks about us
trying to continue on our own. He says why are you
trying to become perfect by your own human effort? And that world there, perfect,
actually means complete. And then this is what happens to us, we, if we reject the good news of Jesus, will turn to other things to try to make us complete and whole. In fact, that’s what sin is. When you really think about it, all sin, you can test me on it, but
all sin is rooted in this: you and I trying to complete our lives apart from the One who completes us. That’s what sin is. But when you embrace that love, when you embrace that kind of
sacrifice, and changed by it, you realize that what you have
ultimately been looking for in your career, in your sex life, in your pursuits of your
goals, in your relationships, is not just a thing or an experience but it’s a person, and His name is Jesus, and His life, death and
resurrection is enough for you, and will always be enough for you. (applause) Secondly though, we need to
remember where God has us. Paul turns the conversation
for just a moment, and he talks about this
individual named Abraham, and he said Abraham believed God, and God counted him as righteousness because of his what? His faith. The real children of Abraham, then, are those who put their faith in God. Now here’s what’s so
astounding about this. What Paul is saying is
that there was a Christian living in the world
before Jesus ever came. There was someone who
was righteous before God before the law was ever given. Remember the laws comes
in the book of Exodus, he quotes Genesis. There’s a Christian before Jesus? Let your mind sit on that for a moment. That’s amazing, and he’s right with God because of his what? His faith. But you see, our struggle, when we try to remember where God has us is we view you are standing with God based on how well we’re serving God, and you cannot do that, that will destroy you, that will kill you. You need to flip it. You’re standing with God is what motivates your doing for God. Because of Jesus, you
have a position with God, a right standing with God
that will never ever change. And with that in mind, let’s
just breathe a sigh of release and be okay with the fact that Christian growth is painfully slow. And if you get anything from this morning, it’s got to be that. Growth is painfully slow. I’m a pastor and I’m saying that, I got junk that I still got to do with. It’s slow, it will come
very slowly to you guys. In fact that’s why the
Bible’s most common metaphor is that a fruit or vegetarian,
botanical growth, why? Because it takes time. You can’t just stare at your avocado tree and expects something wonderful to come. It takes a long, long time, but it happens, it happens. Look what Philippians one says. And I am certain that God who
began a good work within you, will continue His work
until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. See here’s the irony about
our growth, you guys, is you are growing and don’t
even know it’s happening. That’s generally how it works. You’ll be growing and
you won’t even notice until, until you’re in a
conversation with someone. They kind of pop off with a question, and you’re like oh man,
should have read today. Lord be merciful. And then something kind of
just stumbles out of your mouth and they’re like ha, and then you’re like wow. (congregation laughs) That came out of me. And you’re like man, I’m
gonna Instagram that later. Or you’re in a situation
where you’re being tempted, sin is in front of you, and you like nope, not today. Don’t need that, don’t need to
fly off the handle like that, don’t need to act like that,
don’t even say that to you, and then afterwards, you like well, look at me. Humbly though, right? Gotta stay humble. But you’re like man,
I’m gonna take that W, because there’s a lot of
Ls in this room already, so we’re gonna take those small wins, and know that’s okay
’cause growth is slow. And if you know anything about Abraham, the man that Paul quotes, this guy had amazing moments of obedience, and he had terrifying
moments of disobedience. Times where God said get up and go, he said all right, where are we going? I’ll tell you when we get there. Okay. And then other moments where
he just fails completely. In fact, there’s one situation, if you read carefully in Genesis, where he whores off his wife
to protect his own life. That’s terrible. And I’m not naive when I tell you to remember where God has you, because if you are in a mess, that’s okay. God’s got the details in the mess, He gets His hands dirty with you. And I know what kind of church I’m at, I know what kind of
church I’m a pastor at, this is Sandals Church, where we got real sin at Sandals Church. You guys got addictions, you guys got habits you
haven’t broken in decades. You’re thinking about infidelity, maybe you’re in infidelity right now, you’re faced with temptation, substance abuse, alcohol
abuse, the list goes on, and this is just the
10 a.m. service, right? (congregation laughs) We haven’t even gotten to the 11:45 folks, ’cause they’re out still,
you know, doing their thing. (congregation laughs) But you guys got stuff, and here’s what you need to hear today, confess your sin, drag it into
the light, and get back up. You need to get up, you need to get up. (applause) Growth is going to happen. Self-pity and your little
pity parties over your sin will destroy your life, and keep you handicap from growing. Get up, you need to get up. Confess that sin, know
that Jesus forgives it, and move forward. Look at where He has you,
look at where you’re at now. Don’t forget that, And lastly, we need to
remember where God is. Remember where God is. This, listen now, this is
probably the biggest secret about growth that’s been under
our noses the whole time. Paul in this passage,
repeatedly says this phrase, did you receive the Spirit,
did you receive the Spirit? What does he mean by that? He means that you came to life as Jesus as in John three,
you were born again, and you have the Holy Spirit where? Inside of you. The biggest secret to
growth is right within us. Now there’s this amazing dialogue that Jesus has with His disciples the night that He’s betrayed and then later placed on
trial to be crucified. And in that conversation,
one verse is there in your notes from John 14, He’s trying to comfort His disciples and tell them that listen,
I am leaving you guys, I will no longer be with you, but listen, I’m sending someone. I’m sending you the Helper,
I’m sending you the Counselor, you are going to receive the Holy Spirit. And like how He says it. All who love me will do what I say, that’s a great verse on
obedience and growth. My Father will love them, and look at this phrase, and we will come and make
our home with each of them. Now wait a minute, Jesus,
you just said you leaving us. Now you’re telling us
when we’re obedient to you and when we love you, you
and the Father will come and make your home within us? That is exactly what the Holy Spirit does, is to bring to us the presence
of the Father and the Son in our everyday life. We have resurrection power
every single day in Christ. The Bible says the same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead
dwells in your mortal bodies. If this is true, then we need to lay aside silly, small ideas that we will never, ever
grow, because we will. We will grow. It will happen. Because of the Father, Son
and Spirit who are within us, guiding us along. This is our hope and our
confidence this morning. Not in gurus, not in some spiritual coach. Your inner self, the truest
version of who you are is who you are in Christ. Our world today wants individuality, well, we are here to tell them
that individuality is for you but in Christ. It’s a bigger version than you
could ever possibly imagine. And as we are on this journey to grow, listen, there are there are two mountains we can climb on this journey. One of them is this kind of
mentioned here in this passage. Where Paul talks about
obeying the law of Moses. You can climb Mount Sinai. If you guys are familiar with Mount Sinai, that is where Moses went and
climbed to receive the what? Ten Commandments. And on this journey of growth,
you can climb that mountain, drag yourself, use your
willpower, try harder, and bring up there to that
mountain all your obedience, and all your disobedience, only to be reminded
that you are a failure. And you once again do not
meet the standards of the law, and you don’t meet your own standings. Or on this journey of growth,
you can go up Mount Calvary, which is the place where
Jesus was crucified. And you can go up that mountain, and in that moment, you can
be told give me your sin. And you can receive from
Jesus His perfection because in every area where
you failed, he succeeded, and he is enough for you. The gospel saves us, the gospel grows us, and the gospel will keep
us until the very end. We are going to grow. God is going to get us there. Let’s pray. Father, thank you so much
for your word this morning. We thank you God that you
are someone who pursues us, and you are faithful
to us, to help us grow, to help us experience
real change in our life. And so would you bring us
to a place of repentance? Bring us to a place
where some of us in here for the first time embrace Jesus and call on Him to save us. Would you do that work now? And Holy Spirit, would you
give us hope and confidence that we can experience
real change in our life? We pray all of these things
in Jesus’ name, amen. – Hey, I’m pastor Matt, super excited and thankful
that you took time to watch any of the content
on Sandals I would love to invite you to be a part of just those who support the
ministry at Sandals Church. Look, I realize many of
you go to other churches, and I’m not encouraging you to
take any money away from that but any amount that you could give to help us continue to provide
this content online for free. That’s the heart of Sandals Church. And some of you, man,
you’re not a Christian, but you watched this and
you feeling led by God to give something. Any amount helps, it helps us continue to
provide this content online, and I just am so blessed that you would just take
time to pray about it. And all gifts are welcome. Thank you so much for
helping Sandals Church teach people how to be real. (smooth music)

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