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G’day everyone, Ian Fieggen here, also known as “Professor Shoelace”. Today’s video is about Gippo Lacing, a complicated method sent to me by the South African military. It’s a straight lacing method on the top, but underneath there’s a very convoluted path that results in these closed loops at the top. One closed loop tightens from the middle of the lacing, the other closed loop tightens from the top and bottom of the lacing. So when you pull both loops, the whole boot tightens up. That’s the theory; let’s see how it’s laced. I’ve got us set up on my Ian’s Shoelace Site, which … (if) I animate … you can see it starts in the middle, we’ve got a zig-zag section at the top, one closed loop, a second closed loop, and a zig-zag section at the bottom, tied together. Now, let’s look at that on a real shoe. I’m using a fairly tall Converse sneaker here. And I’ve got some very long shoelaces, which you’ll need because of the additional length of the loops at the top. These are actually some snowboard laces. Now we begin by running one end out through the bottom. Just a short end because that’s what we’ll be tying off with. The other end we go all the way to the second eyelet from the top-right, and pull it out through that eyelet, creating the first diagonal. Now we feed in through the top eyelet, and this time we don’t pull it all the way through. We’ll leave … a fair bit of length for that loop that we tighten with. Now we begin by going in – (sorry) OUT through the third eyelet from the top on the left hand side. That creates a diagonal there. So that diagonal goes down two eyelets and across. Now we create the zig-zag here by going straight across on the outside and diagonally on the inside and out through the next lower eyelet. Again, straight across on the outside, in … and diagonally on the inside and out through the next lower eyelet. Now we repeat this all the way down to the middle of the shoe. Now this is not a very high … boot so we’re already at the middle. That’s where we go straight across and in through the adjacent eyelet. Now we need to run diagonally up and out through the top eyelet. I’ll just feed under … these upper sections to make it look neat and out through the top eyelet. Now here we again leave a long loop and feed in. Now, I’ll once again pass underneath those … top sections. And here we’ll create the lower zig-zag, we go out through the first adjacent (available) eyelet on the right hand side, straight across on the outside, in through the adjacent eyelet, diagonally on the inside … and out, straight across … and in, diagonally … and out. And at the bottom (if we’ve got enough length here) we just tie a “Reef Knot”, which is a Left-over-Right … knot followed by Right-over-Left knot. I’m making it pretty compact here, I don’t want particularly long loose ends at the bottom there. And that’s it! That’s our Gippo Lacing. Now, you may wonder how to tie this. At the top, you would just hold the loops together as though they are a single lace, tie your Starting Knot, and then tie your Finishing Knot. I’ll use my “Ian Knot”, but you can use a regular shoelace knot. And you’ll end up with … a triple-loop, each one is a double-loop and a single-loop that’s like the loose ends that you would normally untie with. So at the end of the day, that is indeed how you would untie the knot. Anyway, that’s it, that’s Gippo Lacing. Hope you enjoyed it! And if you want more information, diagrams, instructions, animations, you name it, you can go to Ian’s Shoelace Site:


  • Interesting design. It makes sense how it works and it was entertaining to see all the diagonal lines up and down the shoe.

    To tie off the bottom of the shoe, I believe you called it a wreath knot? I've always heard that knot referred to as a square knot.

    As always, nice video!

  • That is AMAZING! I'll walk to school someday with my trainers like this ?

  • is the paper with your site which you show at the end the same one you had for 5 years

  • Fucking bae man haha ive never been this excited about shoelaces before

  • good video earned a subscriber post more you are a good man

  • its nice professor shoelace

  • its nice professor shoelace i try it and then my classmate told me wow and i just say professor shoelace is amazing at shoes thank you

  • What can you do when the laces are too short to do the special lacing? By using this method it's loose at the heel (it's fine by me) and tight at the top, it made apparent the the soles of my shoe was starting to pop off so thanks for that.Thank you for posting a video on how to do the lacing, I really appreciate it.

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