How to Find Love in the Health Food Aisle

Oh hi everyone, it’s me, Bethesda! I’m here at the grocery store, which I incidentally heard is a great
place to pick up men, if you’re interested, so obviously I wore my best and here I am, Gentlemen! I haven’t seen anyone yet. Actually, that’s not true, I got a number of people staring but I think they’re just too shy! Have you ever wondered why classic pink bubblegum loses its flavor faster than any other
type of gum? This video isn’t about that, but I have. Hello! Hello everyone, and
welcome back to “‘Winks’ with Cynthia Tiddly,” the YouTube channel for people
with a quirky sense of humor. If that’s you, please click the subscribe button as
well as little gray bell next to it. If that’s not you, I hope you’ve got
noisy neighbors. This week we join Bethesda doing her grocery shopping.
Welcome back, Bethesda. It’s time for your dose of fun! There’s never any harm in eating natural,
healthy foods. That’s why I thought if I’m gonna meet someone here in the
grocery store, well we should of like minds. I’m sure he’s a respectable,
healthy individual, but some of this is really too far out there This football sippy cup — seems unlikely
that someone in the health food aisle would be interested also in a football a
sippy cup, but what do I know?! I also found this– I saw the packaging,
and I have to say I think it’s very risque. If I were that bear’s mother, I
might have something to say about it! lt seems like maybe this bear is also looking for
a mate in the grocery store! I don’t know about you, but I always find it challenging
to fit in five fruits and vegetables every day. When it comes to vegetables,
if I can find a shortcut, I’ll take it. And that’s why I like these veggie chips –there’s supposed to be vegetables but
they’re in chip formation. There’s also a number of pea-shaped snacks that are flavored
like things that aren’t peas to make them more edible. Hey lookit! They’ve got these “Van’s” gluten-free sandwich bars! I thought Van’s was a kind of shoe, but maybe they’ve also branched out into shoe-tasting
sandwich bars! I’m joking, sorry, I didn’t mean to be negative about the taste of natural food selection. Oh, God, you’ve got to be careful of large beams
such as this; I almost bumped right into it! Oh, let’s look at the ice-cream! Let’s go!
Here I am at the natural ice-cream section. Now you gotta be careful when it
comes to natural, “diet” ice creams. One time I chose one that had a sugar
additive, or substitute, but the evening of fun I had downing that half gallon
turned out to be an evening in the bathroom, since some of those fake sugars
act as laxatives… not as sexy as I had hoped. Here’s a new brand! I’ve never seen this,
it’s called “Muffin Unleashed.” That’s like– that’s like– that was an
off-color joke, forget it!


  • Very nice video!πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Great video. Did other shoppers wonder what was going on?

  • Do you do video of head scarf and sunglases

  • Haha! A good time to film in the store when there aren't many other shoppers. And no copyright strike on the music?!

  • Bethesda!!! You're the BESTEST, I tell ya. I think shopping at the grocery can be very fruitful. Both in the shopping sense. And in the love life sense. Although I did not meet my husband in the grocery, I often fantasize about it. The two of us reaching for the same frozen pizza, as lovers do.

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