How to Dress Retro 1970s : 1970s Retro Shoes

And now the best part of trying to dress retro
from any decade is shoes. There are two major trends that emerged in the 70’s and the first
one I am going to show you is wedge heels. Now obviously here is a wedge and normally
there would just be space there and you would have a normal stacked heel and I have a shoe
to show you for comparison. So you have the wedge heel here and then you have a normal
shoe that has space right here and I will show them next to each other for comparison
right here. This shoe is really a great example of some other trends. You can see the pattern
on the shoe is a nice floral print which is in keeping again with the natural look and
the sort of ethnic print of it all. It is also a natural wood which is a natural material
which would be really really popular. Now the second major trend for shoes was platform
shoes. Now platform means that the front of the shoe is built up the way a heel is built
up. Now this is a moderate platform but you can see right here where I am referring to,
there is about an inch built up of a wood sole and in the 70’s you would have shoes
that were built up in that area maybe two or three inches and that means that the heel
over here, this is almost a five inch heel, the heel over here could be up to eight inches
when you added in the platform and this is a shoe that would really go along with the
disco trend. It is shiny, it is gold and it would go along with the disco. It has studs
which was something that came out in the 70’s but more in relation to rock than to disco
so this combines all of those things together. Also it has a wood soul which was very very
popular in the 70’s and sort of ties in a desire for natural fabrics but also the elements
of the disco fashion.


  • And what about boots?

  • Jeans didnt get skin tight until "designer jeans" came along . Levis bell bottoms were mens jeans though girls bought them just as much . The waist did not come up as high as you have stated either . Again these were mens jeans . The hot thing back then for girls was to wear your high heels and buy a pair of Levis bell bottoms really long so they came about an eight of an inch off the floor over your heels . This made her legs look really long . I still like this look as I like long legs .

  • Your view : The wrong information is better than nothing ! We can see that you are JUST a little sensitive on this issue .

  • oh i get it..because woman have hips …unlike men it would really tighten it up at out hips for a girl.. i understand!

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