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[MUSIC] What’s up family, it’s your boy, Nate aka Tabasko Sweet. You’re watching Cheap Thrills. Now I usually already know what it is,
but I’m not sure today, family, cuz I’m having a guest, and
they’re total dirt freaks. She’s fully unhinged. I’m talking about my boy Little Zambezi,
AKA Jamie Loftus.>>What’s up? You’ve been hacked.
>>That’s right, you’ve been hacking and coding lately. Those tiny glasses are really
going to your head. So for the Cheap Thrills fam that’s not
familiar out there, what do you do?>>Well, I do stand-up comedy that is disgusting, in various states,
all over the country. I make cartoons about zambonis. I’ve been known to guest or
podcast or two, and I have my own podcast about the role of
women in movies called The Bechdel Cast. And I’ve got a new show on Super Deluxe
coming out soon called Robot Takeover.>>What’s that about?>>It’s mostly just me hanging out with a pile of Roombas and screaming my
thoughts about technology into the void.>>Roombas?>>Hell yeah.>>Very clean, and you might be wondering why
I brought Jamie here today. We’re doing a look that
requires two people. So Jamie, so do you [BLEEP] with streetwear?
>>I’m still mostly wearing hand-me-downs from my
cousins from the late 2000s, so yes?
>>Who would you say is your biggest fashion inspiration?
>>That’s easy. Jack Nicholson, in the Departed trench
coat, bucket hat, whipping it out. Jack Nicholson in Something’s Gotta Give. More of a polo guy. You can see more the active
decay on his body. That’s tight. And then third would be Jack Nicholson
in The Shining at the end. Bloody, looking for his son. Shelly Duvall’s a wreck in the other room.
>>Here’s Jamie!>>Top three.>>Those are some pretty unhinged pics family. Now I bet a lot of you never thought you’d
see me and Jamie Loftus in the same room.>>Cool transition.>>Can you just let me do my thing Jamie?>>Just trying to hack the flow of this show.
>>Well it’s working. So, congratulations. Now I bet a lot of you
never thought that me and Jamie Loftus would be in the same room. Since we’re sworn enemies on Twitter. [SOUND]
>>Blocked.>>Damn, family. Worlds collide. Waftas, Basco. It’s an insane mash-up. Almost as insane as the couple we’re
gonna show you how to dress like today.>>Wait, which couple?>>You got any guesses?>>The two Migos that are good?
>>Didn’t you hang out with Migos the other day?
>>Yes, I hacked Migos the other day, it was cool. I interviewed them, I was like hey what do
you guys like to do in your spare time. And they didn’t answer the question. They’re like, yeah, yeah, yeah. And I was like, cool! So anyways, we’re pretty tight now and
we text all the time. Their baby’s named after me. [SOUND]
>>Well unfortunately the most unhinged couple of 2018 is not Offset and Quavo. [SOUND]
>>Damn.>>But it’s pretty close. Honestly, I don’t even know if these
fools will still be together by the time this video comes out. But your boy believes in love,
I’m optimistic. I’m talking about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson?
>>Yeah, sure, let’s just let male standups who look normal date pop stars,
and then female standups just have to bury themselves in sand waiting
for a pair of pants to look at us. It’s upsetting. It’s violent towards the community and
I cannot endorse it.>>Whew, fuego alert.>>Sorry.>>That’s a hot take family. You all right?
>>I’m cool. I just need to bring my
blood pressure down.>>Here, hit the CBD family.>>No, I’m a narc. I don’t do that.
>>Wait, you’re not a cop, right? This is a cop free zone.
>>No cops here. I’m just one of the kids.
>>[SOUND] Thank God. All right,
well let’s get back to business. How did normal ass looking Pete Davidson
end up with Ariana Grande?>>Well first of all, he’s got stuff going for him. He’s got that SNL money. [SOUND] He’s got that
Lorne Michaels clout. He’s done like a four hour stand
up special when he was like 18 or something insane like that. He’s been hustling for a while.
>>But I don’t think you understand. I mean, Ariana Grande’s got
like 123 million followers. That was enough clout to make
Pete Davidson delete his Instagram.>>That’s cool, that’s an ultimate power move.
>>We know who’s wearing the ponytail in this relationship.
>>100%.>>Now, at first, I was really confused about
how he landed Ariana. But then, I realized,
this boy rocks some wild fits. I’m talking babe, I’m talking supreme. The guy [BLEEP] Up a bucket hat.
>>I’ve been taken in by a bucket hat or two.
>>You hear that, Cheap Thrills fam? Ladies love bucket hats. Now we’ve got hella
paparazzi pics together, but I think the most iconic one is the one
that arguably started the BDU wave online.
>>Wait, the one where they both have lollipops and
he’s like, no way, and she’s like, this is good?
>>Yeah, he’s like, totally stealth wave. All black, hood hat combo,
looks like he just robbed a bank.>>And she’s like full traffic cone, like licking a lollipop and
being like, that, you see that? I’m into that for some reason.
>>Yep, that’s the one. Let’s run through Ariana’s look. She’s got that iconic big ass pony tail.
>>The 40 pound tail.>>[SOUND]>>Yeah, and it looks like she’s rocking what must be a triple XL yellow hoodie. And then she’s got those over
the knee boots, no pants whatsoever, can’t be bothered.
>>A breezy summer look. She caps the whole look off with
a lollipop, a small purse, and a remarkably normal looking boyfriend. An accessory that anyone
can have except for LA’s female comedian scene who
are just waiting to be unburied from the sand.
>>Well, let’s break down Pete Davidson’s look. He’s got three shirts on. Guess he’s making up for
the lack of Ariana’s pants. My boy’s kind of like a crunch wrap. He’s got a layered look. First layer he’s got that tee shirt, that
looks like Robert Pattinson from the good time or something.
>>If Pete’s on Team Edward, I’m disappointed.
>>And then on top of that, he’s got that stealth mode black hoodie. And then on top of that, a flannel.
>>Why?>>It’s kinda hard to tell what the weather
was like in this photo. Because Ariana’s pantsless and
she is fine, but Pete’s just straight layered.
>>Well reptilian bodies self regulate temperature so I think that explains it.
>>That’s right, I forgot about that. Science, he’s also wearing black pants and
Balenciaga sock runners. Full freak mode. He’s also dangling a little
fanny pack from one finger.>>What’s in the fanny pack?>>He’s probably just stashing some more lollipops for later. For when Ariana needs a reload.
>>An extension of her purse.>>That picture was everywhere. It was straight haunting my feed. The BDE coming off this thing had the
whole world walking side to side, family.>>It’s a fully cursed image. I had seven days to live
from the first day I saw it. This is the last day,
this is the last hour. Well, we better get cracking then. First, we’re gonna start by making
Ariana’s oversized yellow hoodie. For this, you wanna get out at least a
XXXL hoodie, so it comes all the way down. If your ass is showing,
you might get arrested, family.>>But not if you’re already a cop. [SOUND]
>>Now the text on the front of her hoodie already looks like it’s handwritten. You’re gonna need a permanent marker. It’s important that it
has big pen energy So I’m just gonna start with the Benji
lettering that goes across the chest. So do you have any crafting experience?
>>Yeah I’ve crafted a lot of stuff. I make all my cartoons
on laptop track pad. Are you pumping the BVE marker?
>>Damn, you draw all those cartoons with a trackpad?
>>Yeah.>>That’s savage. Look at the Cheap Thrills family now
know a little bit more about this tune.>>Well, I never learned how to animate correctly. So I just started doing it
on my computer trackpad. And I do these cartoons about a division
of the Boston Police Force called the Zamboni Crimes Division. And it’s about two cops named, Officer
Crimes An officer get on the ground and they go around learning about
Zambonies and friendship and they were about being friends as men.
>>That sounds wholesome as [BLEEP] family.
>>It’s a fully rated PG.>>So where do you animate it in?>>This is my greatest shame. I animate in sketch book Trial version and
then I add it together in IMovie and I record the voices on my phone.
>>Damn, so you’re not stranger to DIY lifestyle, you’re in the right place.
>>I’m so DIY that I might actually suck it at my job.
>>Where’s the line my guy?>>It tortures me everyday. You know what,
this is actually looking really legit. It looks good.
>>Yeah, I mean, I’m kind of an expert at this point. This is my 50th episode. [MUSIC]>>My blood pressure. So, you just had a gun the whole time.
>>Yeah, you gotta stay strapped, family.
>>Nate, this is why girls don’t come in your room.
>>What, it’s East LA [SOUND]
>>I already want to put the hat back on.
>>No, my mom said that it’s good solidarity,
that you guys have the same haircut now. [SOUND] I mean, it’s not even just her. You guys, roasting me in the comments? I mean you guys are just straight
flaming me about this haircut. What’s your boy gotta do to
get some respect around here? What do you guys want
me to do with my hair? Let me know in the comments. Friends don’t let friends take
critical hits to their clout family. [SOUND] Much better. Thankfully we got this boosted
hat to camoflauge my haircut.>>I personally feel safer. Girls can have BDE too, right?
>>Yeah.>>Yeah they totally can.>>I mean it’s just all about confidence. So this is my BDE yardstick. If people think that you’re shorter in
person than when they see you in pictures, you don’t have it. If people think you’re taller than you
actually are then you do have BDE.>>Honestly, I was a little thrown when you
showed up all long inch [BLEEP]. You look six feet tall.
>>I know. I project at 4’11”. It’s confusing for people.
>>We’ve got to get this girl’s swagger boostered. Let’s raise that confidence. That BDE. We’re almost done getting the lettering
and then we move on to a shirt for Pete Davidson.
>>A shirt for Pete Davidson is my
favorite children’s book. [MUSIC]>>Tight well the Ariana outfit’s pretty
much done seeing as she’s only wearing a sweater. So let’s get to work on our Pete. Now in the photo Pete Davidson’s rocking a
t-shirt with Robert Pattison’s face on it, but your boy’s ride or die Team Jacob. I wouldn’t be caught dead
walking around with Edward’s mug on my shirt.
>>Also Taylor Lawtner you’re on notice for being at the Cha Cha lounge. I’ve seen Taylor Lawnter at
the Cha Cha lounge two times, and that’s kinda my place to get
drunk because it costs like $2. I dont know if Taylor Lautner lost all his
money, but basically he has a crush on me, we’re together, so.
>>Damn, it sounds like you guys are getting serious.
>>Mm-hm.>>But anyway, I’m going to be mixing it up and making another shirt from
Pete Davidson’s collection. I’m going to be going after that
black Bathing Ape tank top. Now I prepped the stencil
over the weekend.. You want your placement to
be right over the chest. Remember, family, no dead giveaways. Now before you start spraying, you want
to stick a piece of cardboard in between the shirt so it doesn’t stick together. [MUSIC] Safety first, family.
>>For me? I’ll put it on the adult first,
and then on the baby, right? I’m going to get a nosebleed. Wait, like this?
>>Yep.>>This is fun! Okay. [SOUND]
>>Just give it a nice even coat. You wanna try?
>>Yeah, how far away?>>About six inches.>>Okay.>>That’s like, three inches.>>Stop mansplaining things to me. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>All right, moment of truth.
>>Right>>[SOUND] Damn. Very clean. Now don’t be worried if your stencil
comes out a little messy, family. This is only our base layer. We still got two more layers
of Pete inspired wear. Now while we’re waiting for this to
dry we’ve got to figure out who’s who.>>Wait, are you serious?
>>Yeah I mean, who’s gonna wear the ponytail in this relationship.
>>But you invited me here, so I thought that I would get to wear. I did this so I could get the ponytail. You want the ponytail?
>>Well I mean, Ariana’s got more money and more clout. Yeah, I want the ponytail.
>>We should just be two Arianas. I don’t understand why Pete even
needs to be apart of this equation [MUSIC]>>Same.
>>So, how bad do you want the ponytail?>>Really bad, gotta have it.>>Bad enough to battle me for it?>>My God, Nate, why do you ust have a five tons
of hair underneath your desk?>>There’s a lot of things under here, just trust the process. So I made this game,
pin the ponytail on the Ariana. So whoever gets the ponytail closest
to the top of the dome gets to wear the ponytail in this relationship.
>>And the other one has to get Lauren Michael’s lunch for him.
>>That’s a harsh talk family. All right, let’s get it. Ladies first.
>>Thank you for your creepy hair pile.>>Not so quick. [MUSIC]>>Okay. [MUSIC] This is like a crime scene.
>>Stand up and spin around a little bit, you gotta get dizzy. There’s no cheating.
>>This is demented.>>No peeking either.>>There’s, I’m not peeking. Okay, how many? One.
>>Keep going.>>Okay. Now stick it.
>>I don’t know which way I’m facing.
>>Just turn the other way.
>>My god. I’m having a panic attack. Okay, wait. I’m gonna plant, ready? Pow. Done, how did I do? [SOUND] Okay, big dick energy, what’s up? Who’s got the BDE?
>>I’m shook, family. I mean, I thought this would
be a much harder challenge. She’s got it right in the perfect spot. I mean you cheated, you can’t just
come in and hack my show like this.>>I can’t hack your show? I’ve been hacking your show for months.
>>Well anyway, I guess I’m normal ass Pete,
so let’s do this. [MUSIC] Damn, fuego alert, I barely even recognize us right now.
>>Yeah, we look like we could break up at any minute.
>>Does that mean we’re, never mind. Anyway, we do need a couple more
touches for max authenticity.>>What’s in the pack, Pete Davidson? [MUSIC] Human hair. Very cool. Very normal. All right, clip me. Can you reach? Can you reach? [MUSIC] I’m in. How’s it look?
>>Damn. No offense, but
this Ariana Grande is looking a little more like a Ariana Venti.
>>And we’re enemies again.
>>You’re like seven feet tall with that ponytail.
>>I’m dunking with this pony. You look rich as [BLEEP].
>>I am rich as [BLEEP]. Tell everybody.
>>One last thing.>>What?>>Choose a flavor.>>Ooh the BDE pop. Here you get one too. We just went to the bank,
checked our accounts. Still millionaires, good.
>>All right we’re locked and loaded. Time for a little walk through. As you can see, I’ve gone full self mode. I’m lidded, but I’m also cloaked. But I gotta say it’s
pretty hot in this thing. I mean it’s like 90
degrees out here family. I’m like 500 layers of
summer in this [BLEEP]. TBH, I’m pretty [BLEEP] I didn’t
get the breezy Arianna look.>>You lost your own game. What do you want? You’re definitely my favorite
back up drummer for 21 Pilots. [SOUND]
>>Anyway, moving right along, I’m suffering in this outfit right now. I mean, it’s so hot in here,
I feel like Shrek. I got all these layers and swamp ass. As you can see, I got this very clean and classic flannel from the ladies’
plus size section at Fallas Paredes. Only ran me about five bucks mom gang
got this plain black hoodie, $10, men’s rack this time. Moving right along, for my bottom layer I replaced this
Robert Pattenson shirt, team Jacob, with a very clean and classic bait muscle
tee, hand spray painted by your boys. And as you can see,
I’m holding this can and ever so daintly dangling this
little fanny pack here. Max authenticity,
it’s all details, family. And for my pants, I’ve got some classic
black joggers, got my airport swag. Now I know Pete Davidson
has those Balenciaga’s, but one’s that look like socks. But to make this fit my own,
I went ahead and wore my. Remember those sock garners I made? Peek these family. Can I get a crep check?
>>Well I think we’ve all been through a trauma today. Your ego is unchecked with a lollipop. Fully you’re learing. The second that pop hit the mouth,
you became full big dick energy. Okay, we get it. It’s too much. First the gun, now the BDE. It’s a good look. I would not let my nephews
around you though.>>All right, well what do you got? Let’s talk through this Ariana look.
>>Well, you start with about 40 pounds of hair from the nearest man’s fanny pack. So I’ve got this oversize, bright yellow
Benji sweater, biggest size available. Still arguably not big enough. But, for Ariana,
she’s like three feet tall and needs to be taken everywhere
in a little chair. And then,
I’ve got these really offensively tall knee-high boots that I
can’t really stand in and I’m seven foot six right now.
>>Beige for days. Now, people this gamer here, this is
my mom’s old bag from back in the 90s. Got a little pocket for
your burner brick phone, maybe had some Newports in there mom. And I think we nailed it with
this hand drawn Benji text, what do you think family? Let us know in the comments. Damn well looking famous and
unstable as [BLEEP]. I feel like I’m about to do something wild
and impulsive like delete my Instagram. Now if you think we killed this
look I deserve another w, your boy, the home team champion. Give me a yuh, if you don’t,
give us a nah. I mean, you’re entitled to your opinion,
but it’s the wrong opinion.>>If you don’t think we look hot, rich, and exactly like them you have to
change your entire viewpoint entirely, leave town.
>>All right, well let’s go flex this [BLEEP] For the gram.
>>I’m trying to get 123 million horny teen followers.
>>Was good family.
>>If you were the horse this hair belongs to, please contact me. Leave it in the comments,
I’d like to return this to you and I think we might get along really well. [MUSIC] Stop.
>>Come on get that away from me.>>No of course not. We’re just trying to live.
>>Get that out of my face now. [MUSIC] All right well we definitely
killed that back there. Let me show you how to nail a proper
outro, Cheap Thrills style. [MUSIC]>>Wow!
>>All right, you’ve got to plug out social media,
get your name out there.>>My name is Jamie. My Insta’s jamiechristsuperstar, my WIKI
feed is, my foot size is wrong,
I don’t have NBA feet. Any last words of advice for
the Cheap Thrills fam?>>Make sure to stay hacking, coding, and extremely horny.
>>Stay boosted, dang.>>Thanks for watching, Cheap Thrills fan. Who else is gonna keep you
as alerted as your boy? Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe,
show your grandma, show your mom, show your cousins. Click here for some more heat, and
make sure to tune in every Tuesday for some more wholesome time with your boy. [MUSIC]


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