How to Do The Backpack Kid Dance (THE FLOSS) | Deepak Tulsyan Dance Tutorial

Hey Guys My name is Deepak tulsyan,
i am from new delhi, INDIA So today i am going to teach you One Trending move and the name is FLOSS. Okay ! If you don’t know this move watch it then i’ll break it down for you guys. okay, Let’s get started So Hands, 5,6,7go… and THAT’S IT ! so let’s breakdown the move. First waist and then hands . we’re breaking down this in two parts. and the counting pattern will be 1 & 2, 3 & 4, 5 & 6, 7 & 8 first waist right side, left side, right side, left side, right side, left side, right side, left side Let’s break it down Now let’s go for hands Hands, FIST hand Elbow Straight, make sure your elbows are not bend, from here from here back forward change, once again back forward change, repeat other side , back forward change, again 5,6,7,go back forward change, Repeat Right side change, left, side, change Cool, Now let’s Combine Waist and hands together you got it ! you got it ! EASY? let’s do one last time. this is today’s trending move : FLOSS okay. So l will meet you next thrusday with new dance tutorial. My Name is Deepak Tulsyan, She is Akshita and She is Aanya. Meet you next week till then BYE !!


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  • Thanks for this. I was embarrassed that my 8 year old nephew can do this and I couldn't. 0.o

  • i’m not coordinated enough BRUH!

  • I can do 99% from floss dance

    I need to see this video 999+ times to complete the 1%

  • Retarded Shit

  • Rip my hips

  • What has this World become, you are watching a Video on how to do Victory dance out of a free game while listining to guiding voice with free gamethru tutorial music


  • My uncle is ahead of me of dancing ?

  • I love the dance steps can you dance my favorites during 90s check out this link then upload it..

  • echoooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • lost at 1 need help… ahahahahaaa

  • Echoooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Hips itna zyada nahi hilana hota bro…

  • 페북 인싸춤 ㄷㄷ

  • Fortnite season 2 dance !

  • You didn't even do it right

  • OMG!! U uploaded this video on my birthday!!

  • these still exist on the internet

  • Mujhe to aata hai bahut easy hai. Wese sir main aapki classes main aana chahti hu par aapki Delhi main hai na or main Delhi main nahi rehti

  • Wtf is this shit.U cant the floss.

  • Dance for everyone

  • Thanks for the vid, bro!! I’m attempting to do this dance dressed up as Marshmello for my nephew’s 5th birthday, so i will be using this video for practice for the next two weeks. He will lose his shit if he see’s Marshmello flossing at his birthday party ???

  • 0:25 smile is hilarious many people agree are you one of them??

  • useless shit content

  • p-please stop

  • For some reason that was clear enough for me even though I'm pretty sure he was speaking Hindi 1/2 the time.

  • Acher Kumar


  • Do u

  • Can't belive am doing this in 2:47am in the morning

  • I play the fortnight is this is verfy epic, i also eat the legos

  • That’s wrong

  • It's 3:00 Am I have multiple assignments due, I have to go work early in the morning and for some reason I'm watching this, the saddest part is I can't do it.

  • -__-

  • I can dance too

  • what ……….. dont now flosing

  • When the aliens come to enslave humanity and take our resources they will use flossing as the reason we wern't worth saving.

  • i tried this and ended up getting a divorce

  • Very nice sir ji

  • Nice dance i like dance

  • Dance is broken need fix pls, J

  • Thank you! Finally figured it out?

  • My wife kills herself laughing watching me, a 60 year old white guy, try to follow along, no coordination or rythm…I'll get it eventually 🙂 Thanks Deepak

  • No

  • autism


  • Yolo Yolo Yolo Yah Where my money Yah?

  • Go fuck ur kids

  • Kill the echo bro!

  • ThIS iS MEgA haRd DancEEe

  • Cringe

  • Sakhi sakhi step to step video upload kar do pleas??

  • This is the most cringe worthy dance ever

  • Grinch

  • This is why aliens don't visit us

  • Do u have a class sir

  • Look at all the people lying about searching for how to floss their teeth.

  • The audio in this video is terrible. 13 seconds in and I will not finish.

  • Show offs

  • Thank you come again

  • ???

  • Let's go fortnite

  • do you work in a callcenter?

  • Well explained!!? thank you!!?

  • Ridiculo

  • Worst dance ever

  • Thank you, this is the big thing right now.

  • The most stupid dance of universe…

  • So Easy I know it from fortnite

  • Why I'm full of sweat just learning the floss? ??

  • De donde salió ese baile tan tonto?

  • Most people are noobs are I wwish they die

  • The cringe level is over 900000000!!!!

  • működik az autista barátom is megtanult flossolni köszi

  • What the fuck?

  • This is the stupidest dance I have ever seen

  • Amazing!

  • How to do floss

    I I

  • Muje ATA a speed ma Ker leta hu

  • omFg.. that retarded "backpack kid" DID NOT create this dance. It's been around since the mid-2000s. This dude even tried to sue fortnight for stealing the dance he literally stole.

  • I know it earlier how to do

  • thanks much, great tutorial.

  • somebody left their wireless mic in the bathroom.

  • 練習します

  • I can only imagine all the fucking idiots trying to practice this fucking dumb dancing with this video

  • The amount of cringe

  • Akshita is the best

  • Akshita is the best

  • Its to hard

  • He makes it very very easy thank you

  • What made this super easy for me is when he says back forward switch

  • I feel like I still don’t look right

  • It looks esay but difficult to do

  • Now there teaching it. Dam it! Retards

  • How or why do people come up with these obnoxious moves all the time, like dab and now this shit?

  • Tq for learning me this FLOSS

  • Nice

  • Best video 420

  • Sar Mujhe dance mein bahut interest hai aur Har program mai mein part Lati hu mere class ka koi koi mujshe Puchte hai ki FLOSS step kese karte hai me nahi bara pati hu par ab bata dunggi
    Thank you sir so much

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