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– Hello, everybody, welcome
back to Kids Cooking & Crafts. I’m Ava and today I’ll be showing you two different ways to
dazzle up plain shoes. Plain, boring shoes. Make them awesome-r. Let’s get started. We’ll be starting with
these basic, plain flats. And we’ll be using these items: fingernail polish and some rhinestones. First thing that I’m gonna do is put plastic bags inside of the shoes so that the fingernail polish
won’t get inside of the shoe. All right, I put some parchment
paper underneath the shoes so that the fingernail polish
won’t get on the counter. Let’s start with the
pink fingernail polish. So what we’re gonna do is
tilt our shoe just like this and slowly pour the
fingernail polish on it, just so that the fingernail
polish is barely coming out. (upbeat salsa music) See, it’s dripping. Now, we’re just gonna let that dry. (salsa music) Shoe number two! This is kinda freaky, guys! But really fun, too. (salsa music) I like it how it kinda drips like that. It’s kinda cool. (salsa music) All right, this is turning out awesome. We’re just gonna let
those dry for a second. Next up is turquoise. We’re gonna do the same process right over the top of the pink. (peppy French music) Whoa, that’s so cool! (French music) It kinda reminds me of
a melted ice cream cone. It’s so cool! (French music) Shoe number two. (peppy French music) I like the little droplets
on the paper that they make. It’s pretty. Now, we’re just gonna let it dry. While that’s drying, I’m gonna figure out what rhinestones I’m
gonna put on my shoes. So, I have a lot of different colors and sizes of rhinestones here. There’s so many to choose from. Ooh, that’s kinda pretty! Which ones would you use, purple or pink? Comment down below! Now, we’re gonna make this
blue line nice and straight. (peppy French music) All right, they’re all dry. Now, I picked out some sparkly nail polish and I’m gonna paint
the sparkly nail polish over the parts where we already painted. So it’s all sparkly. ‘Cause I like sparkles. Sparkles! (jingly music) I like it that they shimmer. Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy,
shimmy, shimmy, shimmy. This feels so weird not
painting my fingernails but painting a shoe! Crazy! (jingly music) This sparkle nail polish
dries pretty quick. There we go! The sparkles are finished. All right, now to put on our rhinestones. Rhinestone time!
(clapping) I just can’t decide! There’s so many pretty ones! Which rhinestones should we use? Hmm. I think I’m gonna do this dark pink square and then do pink, like a medium pink, and then a small white. How’s that? So, I’m gonna use a hot glue gun and put a blob of hot glue right there. And then put it right…there. (jingly music) Two more on the other side! There. Tada! Yay, look at our finished product! It’s so cute! I’m gonna bedazzle one more shoe! (humming) (shoes tapping) Time for shoe makeover number two! We will be making a secret pocket on the side of your shoe. For this one, we will need foam paper, more
rhinestones, and scissors. That’s all you need. Oh, and a glue gun. All right, so you want to cut out the foam paper like a rectangle right here on the flattest part of your shoe. On the outside of it, not the inside. The outside. (soft music) There. Tada, there’s the size of my shoe. So, yeah, right there. That’s gonna fit perfectly. So, I’m gonna glue each side
and the bottom to the shoe. But do not glue the top,
or else it’s not a pocket. So I’m just gonna glue down right here. Okay, and then… Tada! Look, it’s a little pocket. (giggles) Now to make it blend
in just a little more, I’m gonna add a silver star. (gentle music) Tada! Oh, this looks like it’s
actually a part of the shoe. What should we put in the pocket? Let’s finish up the other side. Just line the paper up
with the bottom of the shoe and then you can put it on there. (giggles) I got two awesome shoes. What should we put in the pocket? I have an idea! How about a note for your friend? (upbeat techno music) What else should we put in the pocket? How ’bout dollar dollar bills, yo? Or George Washington? (techno music) Buy a little snack at school. Holla, holla! Ooh, I know what else
to put in the pocket. My favorite treat, M&M’s. You can put as many as you want in there. Just make sure you eat them fast enough so that they don’t melt. ‘Cause then your mom is gonna get mad. All right, guys, let’s go. I can’t wait to try these on! (upbeat peppy music) All right, guys, thanks
so much for joining me and helping me do these amazing,
wonderful shoe makeovers. Don’t forget to like, subscribe,
and comment down below which ones are your favorite: the nail polish or the secret pocket? Bye! (upbeat music)

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