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G’day everyone, Ian Fieggen here, also known as “Professor Shoelace”. Now my last video was about “Shoe Shop Lacing”, but a method that you’re actually MORE likely to see in shoe shops is something that I call “Display Shoe Lacing”. Now this is a method where the loose ends are tucked into the top eyelets and disappear into the shoe, making it ideal for photography and shoe shops and even the occasional … sneaker on a tee-shirt – like this one. The end result just looks a lot neater. Anyway – let’s start by looking at that on my “Ian’s Shoelace Site”. Just scroll up to the diagram. And if I animate that, you can see it begins with the lace running straight across the bottom and in through the bottom eyelets. At each eyelet pair, the ends are crossed and fed into eyelets, such that at the top of the shoe, the ends can be tucked in. Now – let’s look at that on a real shoe. I’ve started with the ends feeding in through the bottom eyelets, and we begin by crossing the ends and feeding into the next higher eyelets. Same on the other side. Again – cross the ends. Feed into the next higher eyelet. Same on the other side. Now although this method is mainly meant for display purposes – you know – most people wouldn’t actually wear their shoes that way – – I believe that some Canadian ice hockey players actually DO wear their shoes this way because the lacing apparently helps with the – – getting the ice skates really super-tight. Now – just about finished. At the top of the shoe, you can see we now feed into the top eyelet. Tuck in the end. And – the other side. Feed in – and tuck in the end. And that’s the finished result – – “Display Shoe Lacing”. Now if we compare this to regular “Criss Cross Lacing”, you’ll see it’s actually an exact inside-out version of “Criss Cross Lacing”. This has the ends tucked in, this one has the ends coming out, where they can be tied across the top. So that’s it – that’s “Display Shoe Lacing” – – hope you enjoyed it, and if you want more information – – instructions, diagrams, animations, you name it – – you can go to Ian’s Shoelace Site:


  • Thanks for the video, helped me with a doubt I had.

  • Thanks, Professor. I was looking for something like this, in preparing myself for a photo shoot, and I think this fits perfectly for what I had in mind.

  • Hey thank you so much for showing me the different ways to tie my shoes I recently bought a new set of Converse and wanted a different way to tie them your videos have been so helpful thank you again keep doing what you doing

  • ???????Thank you I wear my shoes I like it

  • WOW and thank you so much for teaching

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