How to Design Your Own Press On Nails | Doing my own nails

Kirsty: Hi, everybody! I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m gonna show you how to make your very own Press-on nails. So, some of you may have seen that my nails do not look amazing at the moment. They look a little bit thrashed. They are a bit thrashed. I’ve just got a little bit of gel polish, got a little bit of a builder, Builder In A Bottle gel on and some gel polish on, they have been filed. Look at that! How I filed my own nail because of doing other people’s nails, and I can’t always wear really long nails, however, when I have events, I love to wear press-on nails. So, I will make my very own and press-on nails. And some people have seen these, sort of on my Instagram and things like that and they’re like, “How do you even do that? We want to know.” So, I’m gonna show you how. So, here, I have some full cover tips, and I’ve given them a bit of a buff, I’m going to base coat them all. I love the fact that I can just put them on a piece of metal, doesn’t matter what it is and I can whack them all in the lamp at the same time. It makes it really easy and super quick. I am just gonna wipe over with Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution just to make sure that they are nice and clean because I’m gonna base coat them. I find this quicker than doing a full set on myself. So, if I’ve got an event that I need to go to and I need to have beautiful nails, this is what I tend to do at the moment, and it is because I can’t wear them all the time really long and it’s also because I don’t always have the time to sit and create something with acrylic, you know, that extension, and also I can take these off and use them again. So, I’m gonna base coat all of those and pop them in the lamp. I’m gonna use this colour which is Ocean Ridge. I like a dark colour and I love a dark colour when it’s matte. So, this is why I’ve chosen this colour. I’m gonna coat all of the nails in this colour. I’m gonna do two coats. Now, especially when you’re using clear tips, you may need three coats. You’re better doing three super thin coats, rather than trying to sort of whack it on really thick. Especially when you’re doing press-on tips like this, you don’t want the product to be thick. You want it thin, as that can sort of interfere with when you put… when you actually put them on, you don’t want anything peeling. The thicker the product is, the more it’ll peel. So, you’re better layering thin layers than whacking on a nice big layer. So, imagine if I put it on like that thick, you see how that one’s got more coverage, but you don’t wanna do that, you might end up with uncured gel and it could possibly peel, and we don’t want that because we wanna be able to use these nails again. So, we’ve got our colour on. It’s such a nice colour, that is. It’s lovely for wintertime as well. And then I’ve got a selection of other colours. Adam: I’m just gonna put them back there. Kirsty: Okay, sorry! Sorry!
Adam: Alright! Kirsty: Messing up the display.
Adam: There’s two missing over that side as well. Kirsty: Sorry! Sorry about the mess up of the display. For those of you who’ve got OCD like Adam, yeah, sorry about that. So, I’ve got these colours here as well. I haven’t got a clue what this one is. It’s 490. Adam: Forget Me Not. Kirsty: Forget Me Not! My mum would love this. She loves Forget Me Nots. It’s her favourite. So, we’ve got Forget Me Not, we’ve got Forbidden Garden, we’ve got Winter Sea. Oh, that’s got to be cold. That’ll make you have hard nips We’ve got Cinders Slippers. Oh, it’s like a pantomime, and then obviously, we’ve got the Ocean Ridge. So, we’re gonna use these and we’re also going to use white. Oh, can’t forget the white, Snow White. It’s still very wintery. Look, it’s lovely like a… Just gonna set them aside for a moment while I show you how I do this. I have done this the other week on my cousin and it looked amazing, so, we’re gonna do it today. So, we’re going to do a line of product. I wanna separate them sort of, with something lighter. So, that one’s lighter, look. Now, I’ll go back to the Ocean’s Ridge and we’ll put that there. Then I’m gonna go with the white. I think even if the white mixes with that Ocean Ridge, that will be really nice. And then, gonna put Cinder, Cinderella Slippers just there. Then I think I’m actually going to pick up a little bit of this, trickle it between there and I’m also gonna trickle it between here as well. Love love love that! Then I’m gonna take this brush, this brush is… Adam: Trident.
Kirsty: Trident. Kirsty: And it is the one that has got like these three little sections to it.
Adam: Like a trident. Kirsty: Yes, and then what we’re gonna do is, with the middle nail, we’re going to slide the brush, pick up the colour and we’re gonna start at the top and slowly bring down the colour, giving it a bit of a twist so it draws off the brush, creates a bit of marble. I’m gonna come back through here because I think that’s too solid, and then the colours on the brush will still mix, and I’m gonna do the same down here. So, it’s important to have that colour in the background. I’m gonna do one more scoop and I’m gonna come from here up, give it a twist until you’re happy with your marble effect. Just gonna pull that blue through there. Look at that! How easy was that? Cure that in the lamp. I’m gonna also do that onto the thumb. So, again, you don’t need to clean your brush, you can just go straight into those colours. Keep your brush quite flat and you can see everything will just draw off. Then we’re gonna come here. See what’s the left on the brush for this part. How cool is that? Pop that in the lamp. I’m gonna clean the brush now just because it’s all getting a little bit too mixed. So, I’m cleaning that with the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. Put it on a Lint-free Pad and then just pulling. So, I’m not doing any of this business, I’m literally placing it on and pulling it through like that. Make sure that’s nice and dry, and the we go again. This one, I’m just gonna do towards the top, it’s gonna be really uneven. Don’t think about getting this even at the top, you want it to be uneven. It’ll look more effective. Adam: That’s what a cuff would look like if I did it. Kirsty: A cuff nail will look like that. It probably would. Be fab that. Let’s go again. I kind of love watching it come off the brush. Something quite satisfying. You can play with it until you’re happy. Pop that in. We got our last piece. This one, I’m just gonna come down in like a bit of a swoosh. It feels like it needs a little bit of white, so you can almost take a brush with a bit of length and pull through. And just pull a little bit of whatever colour it is that you think it might be missing, Kirsty: …if it’s got a bit lost on the way.
Adam: Right! Kirsty: I want, you know, I don’t want people thinking that they can’t have lovely beautiful press-on nails without having to sculpt out, you know, an extension and I just want to use something that’s quite simple. Gel polish is really easy to use and getting this kind of look is pretty cool. You could do this in any colour. You know, I think it’d look cool in Khakis as well because it’ll be a bit like an army kind of effect. Adam: Car keys?
Kirsty: Khaki! Adam: Car keys.
Kirsty: No, Khaki. Khaki! Kirsty: Right! What I’m gonna do now is, with the Urban Graffiti Top Coat, anything that is marbled will have top coat. The solid blue section will have the matte. So, we’re gonna do this first. Just gonna go over the marble that we’ve done. I’m actually gonna get them to cooking. So, with this one, just to trickle some off the top coat over that section of marble, and then I’m just gonna use a small brush just to tease the top coat to the edges. Then I’ve got the Ultra Matte. So, with the Ultra Matte, we’re gonna put this on top of our solid colour. I’m gonna get as close as I can with the brush, that little marble cuff section, and then I’m gonna take my little brush just as I did with the other nail and I’m just going to tease the top coat, matte top coat, up to that marbled section. Pop that in. Again, going down as close as I can with the brush, just so I get the bulk of that matte top coat on there. Do the side first, I’m gonna use my little brush again. Do this side. Look at that! How gorgeous does that look with that part matte? Adam: It does, isn’t it?
Kirsty: Oh, it’s so nice! Kirsty: We’re gonna use some foil, nice and stack up, and we’re going to use the Foil Glue Gel. Let’s pop some of that on. I’m gonna take some of the Foil Glue and trickle that between your marble and the solid colour. Pop that in the lamp. And this one. And we’re gonna just sweep round the edges of this as well. Don’t try and neaten it up. Make sure everything is, you know, quite irregular. It looks better. Pop that in. Let’s get some of the foil. I’m gonna cut that off. I’m gonna clean this side, I’m gonna clean the matte side of the foil, just with a bit of the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. Just give that a wipe over and let that evaporate. Pick up the foil. To this one first. Press on, pull off. Oh, look at that! Beautiful! It really just finishes those nails off. I wanna use a clean piece on every nail. Don’t worry if little bits go off like that because they will actually just sort of smudge off. You can even wipe them off like that. Bit of Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution on there. This one, I’m kind of rubbing…Oh, no, I’ve took it off the bloody stand. Bloody hell Give that a rub. And again, I’m just gonna clean up those little bits that have transferred where I didn’t want them. Then we’re gonna take a little bit of top coat, this is the Urban Graffiti Top Coat. In with your little brush, and then we’re just gonna seal the foil. Pop that in. I think that these ones need a little bit of that foil, so I’m just gonna trickle through in a wiggly line. Cure that. Press too hard. Adam: I didn’t know you could press too hard on it. Kirsty: I press too hard because it’s popped off the stand. So, once I’ve added that little bit as well, I’m gonna put a topcoat over that. So, this is still the Urban Graffiti topcoat. The reason I’m using this is because I’m using this over a flexible nail and a flexible gel polish. If you use Mega Gloss, then you’re gonna find that it’s gonna be too rigid and it’ll crack. Same goes for the new… Where are you?! So, you can’t use that on it, you wanna use this. Kirsty: And where’s the other one? I only used today.
Adam: I saw it. Kirsty: That’s it. So, those two, you don’t wanna use those over the top of these nails because you’ve got gel polish on and they are flexible. You need a flexible top coats of this, is what you need, the Urban Graffiti Top Coat. There’s only one more thing to do. Adam: Bling! Kirsty: Obviously! Just gonna put this big stone on with a bead of Clear Acrylic. A little bit of Acrygel, I’m gonna put that around the edge of the big stone. That’s gonna help keep it on, and it’s also going to help adhere some more stones. Then I’m gonna put the Urban Graffiti Top Coat right over the top of that and throughout the length of the nail. I’m gonna place some stones into the gel. Pop that in. So, a little bit of Acrygel in the corner. Bit of Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution on my brush to just move that around to exactly where I want it. So, wherever you’re gonna put your stones. And then obviously, we need the matte over this one. And then we gonna pick a stone up and press those in. Pop that in the lamp. Blinged-out Marble Press-on Nails, bit gorgeous! So, you can either use sticky tabs to put them on or you can glue them on. Now, I’ve made these so these will actually fit on top of my existing nails that I have on. I haven’t glue them on, just literally placing them on for you. That’s beautiful! Adam: They definitely worked!
Kirsty: Yes! Kirsty: So because I didn’t want to take off the gel polish on my nails, I have made sure that they fit over the top of the gel polish. So, when I size them up, they actually fit directly over the top. So, there you are, guys. That’s how to make your very own Press-on nails, using a bit of gel polish and a bit of bling, obviously. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Don’t forget, check us out on Facebook and Instagram. Everything that I have used in this video will be listed below. I’ll see you in the next video. Keep watching! Bye-bye!


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