How to Decorate Slippers : How to Use Scrap Fabrics

Hi. I am Judy from Expert, and
I’m excited to be here to show you how to take an ordinary slipper like this either
in black or in other colors and make it a real special gift for yourself or your best
pal. What I like to do is take flowers. Like this artificial silk flowers and you might
have them around. And as long as you have two of them you can make a beautiful slipper.
Okay, this is Ivana my assistant and who has a lot of experience in costume design. She
is a corset maker. She loves to fool around new ideas. So what we’ve decided on this one,
this is our polka dot slipper. Which you have leftover fabric this can be a plain slipper.
Just like this but you have leftover fabric why not make the little puffy bow. Add it
to the slipper. And there you have. Look at this and it’ll stay pretty securely. They
are slippers remember so they can’t. The dogs and the cats are careful with that. But there
you go. Also you can make these little rosettes and so we happen to take a pink and black
dotted ribbon. And she added a little stone to it and there you go. That you can add to
the center of this. You can take it by itself and you can put it on a little solid slipper.
And there you have it. Now these are special. Add the crystal center. You have a great slipper

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