How to Decorate Slippers : Handmade Gift Ideas

Hello. I’m Ivona Kolter. I am the assistant
to Judi Flowers that you may have seen on some of the other videos and today I am going
to show you how to make a simple sachet. This is something I believe anyone can make at
home. You can do any basic shape. A square is good and ideally you are just sewing two
pieces of fabric, about the same size and shape, together, leaving a space for you to
fill with you own scented oils or, you know, flowers, dried flowers you have at home from
your garden will work just fine, especially roses or lavender. We take our specially formulated
sachet filler and we put it in the center, like so, and put it nice and tight and hard
so you came make a firm shape and hard so you can make it nice and firm shape like this.
And you just pack it in there, tie it up, and with this one we just put a pretty little
ribbon on it and a flower, of course. You can also cut this out; put a crystal in the
center to make it individually unique. There’s, you know, dozens and dozens of ways you can
make the sharell.

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