How to Decorate Slippers : Adding Flowers to Slippers

Hi, I’m Judi from and I’m
excited to be here to show you how to take an ordinary slipper like this, either in black,
or in other colors and make it a real special gift for yourself or your best pal. What I
like to do is to take flowers, like this, artificial silk flowers, and you might have
them around, and as long as you have two of them, you can make a beautiful slipper. So
then she’s going to take a little crystal, put some glue on it, and put it right in the
center of that flower, so it makes it awfully special looking. And we’ll dab glue, put it
in there, and then, here you go. And then she’ll put in on the slipper, she puts the
glue on the slipper first, and then you put the flower on there, and you have to hold
it down because you do not want this to be slipping and sliding. So you glue it down,
hold it down, count to, I don’t know, sixty, and there you have it. Easy, huh? And beautiful!

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