How to Crochet: Simple Chunky Cable Crochet Slippers


  • Just found your videos and they are great. When you start the second round , do you dc two times into the slip stitch or the next stitch?

  • Okay. Thank you.

  • I love it!   It is so easy and pretty, thank you for sharing.

  • it toke me atleast 4 to 6 hours to make 1 slipper! XD i feel so slow!

  • I am on round 4, and I'm having a hard time following…I finish the 18dc and then I'm lost. I tried to pull up the written version but that made me even more lost as it looks like completely different steps! :/ HELP!!

  • Great video your voice is so clear and understanding. Never could have done it without your video

  • Wonderful video! I have a question, though. What counts would I use if I wanted the cable to be in the center?

  • Thank you

  • Your video is excellent, as is your written pattern.  You have a pleasing voice and your directions are very clear.  Thank you!

  • I there by chance any way to make the cable part itself a different color?

  • Bravo gracias. ✴✴✴✴✴✴

  • GraçiAs Por tu tutorial me. Salieron muy Bonitas

  • i hve several of ur patterns and love them all

  • será posible encontrar este video en español o habrá forma de traducirlo

  • THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I am a new crocheter and I was able to follow you right through to the end:) you're a great teacher. I just love your pattern, I will be making lots more of these for gifts for my family.Happy Holidays:)

  • Thank you very very much. I am an old crochetter, but watching of your video was a really big pleasure for me. Nobody explains so simple, clear and interesting like you. Greetings  from Bulgaria 🙂

  • The video is great I love it! The written pattern for a wider foot is wrong though, i was only able to do it 4 times. Any ideas to what i can do?

  • Love you instructions easy to follow I manage to get one done but not sure how to do the left foot I do not make slippers learning though do you have a pattern and/or video for how to do the left foot 

  • Buen día lo podrían traducir. Gracias.

  • Me gusta su manera de trabajar. Le voy a pedir un favor. Si es posible, ¿podría mostrar donde mete el gancho?, pues se poco de ingles y no se si mete dos veces en la misma cadena,  o una sola vez. Gracias por todo.

  • what if I have two left feet?

  • Hola lindas pantuflas es posible en español? Gracias 😉

  • Like your video. Saved the pattern, will work on it later today. Working on covering some flip flops. Wish I could do a video,

  • I made these and they are so easy to make and look awesome, Thanks for the easy instructions, much appreciated.

  • this video is fine for someone who is experienced. for a beginner,it goes a bit took fast.

  • thank you so much

  • what size is this and how would you make it smaller? I'm only 12 and I love to crochet but not sure if these will fit

  • THANK YOU!!! These slippers are my saviour! After wasting so much time on "easy slipper boots" that turned out horrible and cheap looking, I am finally content and proud of this pattern. And yes, I am a beginner but the end result makes me look (and feel) like a pro!

  • how would the pattern continue if I wanted to do the ribbon design. Im making these as a gift for someone with lung cancer

  • I wish I found your video earlier. Your instructions and video are much easier to follow than the other videos (so confusing and not clear). Thank you very much for the instructions.

  • can u make this with a red heart super saver 4 medium? I want to do it as a gift but I do not have a chunky yarn

  • Hi Tamara Kelly! Thank you so much for the video and the written pattern on your blog. The slippers perfectly fit my feet (size 9). Right now I'm making the slippers for sb whose shoes size is 10. Do you think the wide version of the slippers is big enough for both of size 9 and 10? Should I stick to the pattern or should I add more rounds and rows?

  • as long as they fit i have swelling problems in my left foot

  • The first fptrc is supposed to go around stitch 20(23) of the third round, but the video shows you putting into the 2nd round. I made one pair of slippers by putting the fptrc where you show in the video, but your verbal instructions and the written instructions in the tutorial seem to say something different, and now that I've noticed the difference the first pair of fptrc on my slippers look longer than the others. Am I just not understanding where to put the first fptrc or did you say one thing but do another in the video?
    Btw, the slippers I made turned out great, no matter what I was actually supposed to have done, and I thank you for your time in making the tutorial.

  • Svp vous avez tellement de beaux modèles retraduissez en français nul en anglais bne soire a vous les anglais

  • Those are really cute

  • Perfect tutorial! Please take a look to my new crochet channel. Thank you very much!

  • Thank you. Will certainly give this a shot.

  • Thank You 🙂

  • I am new to crocheting and was wondering if it was possible to use a different color yarn for the cable only ?  If it's possible could you show how to do that ,please.

  • Óhh! Que bonitaa!

  • x favor puede explicarlo es español ,m gusta tejer ,pero quisiera entender lo q explican

  • thanks Tamara. very nicely explained.

  • Thanck Yuo!

  • I enjoyed your video so much. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Thanks

  • Tamara Thank You so very much for the perfect crochet slippers video tutorial.Your Step by step instructions are clear and easy to follow. An amazing confidence booster too!!

  • I had trouble with the left because I'm a beginner so Iade two rights and gave the to my daughter. She loves them

  • +Tamara Kelly
    How to make these if the yarn you have is 3ply DK 100 gms for US 9.5 size and 4 in wide adult man feet. I m a beginner and i love this design.

  • Very good job i do this but I cannot do the other please i try many times if you record another video

  • Thank you for sharing this video. It is very easy to follow a long.

  • Don't pretend to be good. Struggle with patterns. Not done much crochet. Just thought I'd see if I could still use a hook. Simple pattern, nah! Not without this explaining what was going on. It was the cable what was my undoing. This video was my savior! Thank you.

  • Tamara, great video and pattern. I want to do this, but I don't have the type of yarn your using in your video, can I use any chunky yarn, and if I don't have chunky yarn what would you suggest to use to make these slippers? Thanks.

  • Hi Moogly, I am making these slippers again for my granny who is a shoe size 8 and does not live in my city. It would be really very helpful if you could guide me about the length of the slipper from toe to ankle portion and ankle to heel portion in inches or centimetres for a size 8 shoe. I tried google but everyone gives measures for the entire foot. Please help if possible. Thank you for all the lovely patterns on your website too. Awaiting your response.

  • I haven't crocheted since last year (2018)…but decided I would find your video again and start again this year!! I couldn't find it…anywhere, I was sure I saved it because this is the BEST Slipper ever!! So I had to use a different pattern :(.. I wasn't totally happy with the new slipper and prayed that I could find your video today…and here you are …YAY…I have saved you in my watch list so I will have you forever. 🙂

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