How to Crochet Granny Square Slippers – DIY Tutorial Soft Shoes Booties Bedroom Slipper for Adults

Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from
Today I’m going to show you how to make these easy granny square slippers. You
can find the written pattern on I’m using a total of 400 yards of
worsted weight yarn, a size F hook and these wonderful blocking mats I received
from my friends on Amazon. By the way be sure to click on the subscribe button to
get notified of new videos from me each week. To begin I’m starting off with
white yarn and a magic ring, which is just a loose slip knot. Chain three make
two double crochet stitches chain one make three double crochet stitches for
the second corner of the granny square chain one make three double crochet
stitches this time for the third corner of the granny square. Chain one and
finally make three more double crochet stitches for the fourth and final corner
of the granny square. Chain one pull on the tail end of the magic ring to close
the center hole. Slip stitch to the initial chain three. With my second color
yarn, which is green, I’m first going to make a slip knot on my hook and then
I’ll find one of the chain one spaces and slip stitch within it. Chain three. Make two more double crochet stitches in
the same space. Chain one and make three more double crochet stitches in the same
space. 2 and 3. Move over to the next chain one space, and do the same
process. Start off with three double crochet stitches. And three
Chain one and then make three more double crochet stitches all in the same
space. Move on now to the third corner of your granny square and do the same thing. First make three double crochet stitches then make a chain 1 and then make your last set of 3 double crochet stitches and then repeat the process in
the fourth and final corner. Slip stitch to the initial chain three. By the way if
you’re on social media you can also find me on Facebook Instagram Pinterest and
Twitter. After weaving all of the ends I make a slipknot with my pink yarn attach
it to the space in one of the four corners. Chain three make two double
crochet stitches in the same space. Chain one. As before make three double crochet
stitches in the same space. Two and three. In the space between the corners we’re
just going to make three double crochet stitches. And in the second corner we’re
going to do what we’ve done before… three double crochet stitches and then a chain
one followed by three more double crochet stitches. Two and three. Continue this process around the square. At the end slip stitch to the initial chain. This last row will change depending upon
the size you make. I’ll do the large slipper in this example. For the large
size we’re going to start off with a chain three and then make one double
crochet in each stitch around except for the corners. In the four corners you will
instead put three double crochet stitches in each of them. 2 and 3. Then continue around with just one double crochet in every stitch. You can see in this second corner I’m putting the three double crochet
stitches in it. Continue along in this pattern around the square. At the end
measure your first square for the large. You’ll want it about four inches. This
pattern is stretchy so a square between three and four inches will probably work
for most adult female feet. You will need 12 squares or six squares for each foot.
You don’t have to but I like to block my granny squares a bit so they are nice
and even afterwards. Take 4 granny squares and sew them together like this
Then flip them over so the correct side is facing the table. Place two more
granny squares one on top like this and one on the bottom. Bend up in half the
two sides. You will sew the top along the edges like this. And on the bottom leave
part of the granny square unsewn. This will be the part that rests up against
the heel of your foot. If you want you can do a reverse single crochet or other
type of border stitch along the opening where your foot inserts into. Now
slippers are slippery especially yarn ones while wearing them on flooring. I
would highly recommend you use a product like puff paint. Apply the puff paint to
the bottom of the slipper in dots and let dry. And here are my finished granny
square slippers. I hope this video has helped you. Please subscribe to my
YouTube channel and like and comment on this video. Check out the video’s
description and the info button. Also this video has both closed captions and
auto translated subtitles. And please visit for more tips and
tricks on Creative Self-Sufficient Living.


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