How to Crochet Easy Crochet Slippers/Shoes/Socks/Boots | आसान जुराब लेडीज बूट (English Subtitles)

Hello friends, welcome to crochet craft ki duniya In today’s video we will make a crochet slippers or crochet shoes this is made for the size of adult women you can make this in any size from kids to adults how this can be customized to any size will be explained in detail in this video this is made in a very easy manner here we will make just rows of half double crochets to make this slippers we will not be making sole and the upper part separately but will make it as a single piece if you are interested in easy booties of this kind for small kids the then I will leave the link in the description box since I have made for adult size, I have made a simple contrasting border for this you can use the same colour for the border if you are making for small kids, you can decorate it with flowers, bows, ribbons etc you can check the description box for flower patterns playlist I have made this with 3.5mm hook and a thin 4-ply acrylic yarn you can make this with any yarn and its recommended hook if you are using thick yarn, then you will need lesser rows to finish the slippers I am going to discuss the pattern with measurements now if you want to start the pattern then go the time stamp indicated above this slipper is made with this kind of a piece this is made entirely of half double crochet rows this is not a square, but we are leaving a small gap, wherein the leg goes after you make this piece , we will fold and sew as shown here I have made this for a foot of length 9.5 inches or 24cms it is measured from heel to the toe you might also need the width so measure the widest part of your foot going around to get the width my width has come to 9.5 inches the length and width will be almost equal I have made this slippers for 8.5 inches, giving 1 inch to the elasticity of the yarn the stretch will help to cover the foot depending on the elasticity of your yarn, you can adjust the measurement by 1 to 2 inches I have reduced the length by 1 inch, you may have to reduce by 2 inch, depending on the yarn you choose we will make this in three part we will start with the first strip you should also know the measurement of gap where your leg goes in so measure that for the foot here my measurement comes around 3.5 inches i have made this into half you can also reduce the length of the strip, if you want only your toes to be covered for that you may have to increase the gap length I am dividing my length of 8.5 inches into almost two parts – 4.5 and 4 so we will make the next strip in only one half so I made ch1 and made half double crochet for half of the length the 4 inches gap is where our leg will go


  • Hi please more doilies.thank you

  • Hello mam boys k liye woollen banyan kaise banate hai is video me aap ne jo niddle use kya hai us se please video dalye na please please mam mujhe mere nephews k liye banana hai

  • hi what about a man size I have a to crochet size man foot 13 and women size 8, do I figure that out?

  • Hi Vinita,from nancy in wasaga beach,ontario,canada

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