How to Create a Professional Wardrobe for Men : Shoes: Professional Wardrobe for Men

Hello! My name is Jamie Yasko-Mangum and I’m
with Successful Style and Image. Today on Expert Village we’re going to talk about
the proper shoes to wear with the suit. When you look for the shoe that goes with your
suit there are two types of shoes that are appropriate to go with your suit. Number one
it’s the wingtip or it is the oxford shoe a very appropriate shoe to wear with a suit.
Now, a lot of men like wearing loafers with their suits if it’s a more casual suit,
casual meaning that it is not a black suit, it is not a navy blue suit but it is a taupe
or it’s a lighter colored suit, sometimes you can get away with wearing a very nice
loafer that is leather on the top, has some design, hard on the back. But I would say
if you had to pick for a shoe with your suit go with a wingtip or an oxford and you can
find them at any store that’s out there, but when you wearing shoes remember the sock
need to go with the color of the shoe with the suit. Thank you.

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