How to Create a Ballet Slipper Nail Design

Hi i’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails In this video, i’m going to show you how to
do a ballet slipper nail So i am going to use, Sugar Daddy from the
Urban Graffiti Gel Polish Range I’ve already prepared a nail in the ballerina
shape so we are ready to rock with that I’m using the gel polish as my colour So we want this to look like a ballet slipper So they have like Blocks don;t they a block at the end which i always think looks very painful to
wear I did ballet when i was little but i never
progressed to having blocks So you are going to start by doing this smile
line Which would be the opening of the slipper
where you would put your foot So i’m gonna paint that down the rest of the
nail Gonna put a 2nd coat of colour on to the nail this is gonna give it a true colour make it nice and opaque and pop that into the lamp and cure that then what i am going to do is do the little
straps that cross over they are like ribbons and then we can sure that now i am going to paint some drooping ribbons
that are in the shape of a bow Gonna cure that and then add some definition I’m gonna add some definition with Baby Blush and Oh No She Didn’t We are basically creating a little bit of
shadow where the ribbons will go over each other I’m mixing a little bit of White On with Baby
blush just to make that even lighter make that pink even lighter and we are going to use this as a highlighter
now So i literally highlighting to create a little
more depth and definition to the ribbons and a little bit around the smile just to make that jump out a little bit more Pop that into the lamp and cure that i’m gonna seal this in with mega gloss pop that into the lamp, we are gonna cure
that for 1 minute in LED or 2 minutes UV and a small bead of clear acrylic and i am gonna pop on a pearl straight on to the top of that acrylic not the bead we are putting on, not the pearl I’m gonna put a little dot of mega gloss over
the top of that just to seal that even more pop that into the lamp and cure Thats the finished nail for you, i hope you
like it i hope you enjoyed this video, If you did
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this video, are in the description box below and i’ll see you next time byyyyeeeereee


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  • Although pointe does hurt a lot a lot of the time, it's a different pain than the general public thinks. One thing that's worth mentioning is that you are NOT dancing with a block of wood in your shoe, the block is made of paper and glue built up. Also there is a lot of toe padding that dancer's stuff in their shoes( it still hurts tho) a lot of the pain comes from blisters, bleeding, or long toenails. This is not to correct anyone, just to state some "fun" facts.

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